Pink Secrets & Little White Lies: The Beginning.

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Sleepover

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013






Megan lived about two houses down. So, I don’t know why she was in such a hurry to leave.
She has this little, beige house--smack dead on the corner of the block. Her mother was a landscaping freak and her father was some kind of big-shot lawyer.
Whenever I come over, I try to have as little conversation with either of them as possible.
----Since kindergarten, Megan and I have been good friends. I don’t know how because we don’t really see eye-to-eye with anything. It all began when she asked to borrow my purple crayon, and I went over to her house that evening to get it back. Yes, yes. I know. That’s weird of me.
But, she kept my only purple crayon! So, instead of asking for it back on my own, I whined to my mom about it when I got home. And, she took me to get it. Megan was astounded to have another kid visit her house--even if it was for collection purposes. I was willing to forgive her if she would just give me my purple crayon back… It’s a pretty sad story, but we’ve been friends ever since.----
As the three of us walked inside Megan’s house, she yelled shrilly, “Mom! Dad! I have Cat and Jen over!”
She didn’t even give me time to go hide somewhere… Oh my god…
In minutes, her mother emerged from the kitchen with a hand full of begonias and a broken vase. She looked like a wet cat; her hair was all damp and clinging to her neck and shoulders, and her clothes were soaked.
I tried my hardest to keep myself from laughing, but to no avail. I looked over at Cat, and she looked back at me with glassy eyes; she was much better at holding in her laughs than me, but I could see that it wouldn’t be long before she exploded. To relieve myself and to kill the tension, I started first.
I let out a raucous chortle, nearly snorting in the process, and Catherine chimed in behind me, laughing hysterically without pause.
“Oh my gosh, moooooooom,” Megan whined. “What did you do?”
Megan’s mother bit her bottom lip and turned to welcome the latter of us.
“Catherine, how nice to see you again. And Jennifer,” she gasped, “I haven’t seen you in ages! You look so much like your--your father,” she said hesitantly, smiling as if it hurt.
“Heh… That’s a new one,” I responded calmly.
“Mom, omg, you’re so weird! You’re scaring my friends!” Megan intervened quickly, shoving her mom into the kitchen.
She came back with a box of cookies and some chips and hurriedly ushered us up to her room.
I totally stole Megan’s bed and laid across it as if it were my own. She tried to sit at the foot of it, but I kicked her off.
“My bed,” I whined, eyes half open.
She sat on the floor with Cat, putting together something… beads? I can’t really remember what. But, I did hear her tell Cat how her father broke a vase and her mother chased him outside. And, he sprayed her with the water hose.
I was too tired to pay attention to much of anything else. They talked and talked, and their voices droned on forever. Then, I heard the magic words: “that new guy.”
My ears perked up, and I rolled over out of the bed into Cat’s lap.
“What new kid?” I asked with large eyes. “What new guy?”
“Um, his name is… Michael! I think,” Catherine said, scratching her head.
She had a pretty head of shoulder length, dirty-blonde hair. She squinted her pale-green eyes and pursed her taut, upper lip and her plump, bottom lip tightly together to form a straight line across her face.
“What…?” I responded, a bit offended at her gaze.
Her face turned red. “Why are you so interested in the new guy?”
Megan stared stupidly, and nodded her head in agreement; she wanted to know the same thing.
“Well,” I began, attempting to choose the right words that would make me appear uninterested, “I just--I noticed him today. He just seems a little odd to me.”
“Yea… in a hot way,” Megan bluntly inserted.
“What, Jen? It’s true! You don’t think so?”
I stood up, biting my bottom lip and said, “Maybe he’s… a little good looking.”
I inched around Megan and laid across the foot of her bed, allowing my long, copper hair to spill over onto the floor. I closed my eyes and tried my best to recollect my conversation with him. Damn, why’d I have to be so sleepy earlier? And, why didn’t I pay more attention to him?
I can remember his hair… dark--and falling into his face. Then, he swept his hair back… and, his eyes--they burned like dim lights in his skull. I shivered at the surrealistic appearance of his smoldering, brown eyes placed against the pallid backdrop of his skin.
In my mind’s eye, he was definitely good-looking, but I couldn’t count on recollection alone. I was delirious and sleepy at that moment… How can I remember Mr. Rainey’s lecture about the dress code and thirty minutes of ancient Rome, but I can’t remember how someone looked in 5 damn minutes worth of conversation?
I opened my eyes, just a bit, and I could see Megan staring back into my face. She had large, black eyes and her straight, dark-brown hair rained down beside my face. I yelped and sat up immediately, slamming my forehead into hers.
“Ow, Jen! That hurt!”
“Well!” I retorted, rubbing my face. “Why the hell were you so close anyway?!”
“We were trying to see if you were still alive! Damnit!”
Megan fell back, cupping her forehead with both hands. She rocked back and forth, then laid out on the floor. I didn’t bother her for a while… She needed to regroup.
My eyes searched the room for Cat; and when I found her, she looked over at me completely mortified--shocked like a deer staring down the barrel of a hunter’s gun.
I took my hand down from my forehead and decided to suck it up. I bit my finger and rolled over to lay in the bed correctly.
“Look, let’s just try to get some sleep, okay?” I said softly.
“Good idea,” Megan whined, climbing in bed beside me and pulling Catherine up with her.




I have the greatest set of friends--I know that because we’ve known each other for a significant amount of time. Megan and I have known each other the longest. Catherine jumped on the bandwagon a little later. We met her in First Grade:



It was break time, and we were all on the playground. I can remember it as plain as day. Cat was sorta new there. And, Megan and I--being such good buddies--had no need to make any new friends.


Nonetheless, Danny Rodgers, the jerk of our Elementary days, went pulling on Cat’s hair. She didn’t want any trouble, and she told him that, but he kept on teasing her--picking up little rocks and throwing them at her. So, boldly, Cat stood from the bench and hit him square in the nose! Of course, Danny being a sore loser, staggered towards her and pushed her into the dirt.


Megan and I could take no more. I’m not saying we were a pair of superheroes or anything, but we were something like that. We had been watching too many Power Rangers episodes that weekend.


We picked up a few sticks and came running at Danny, full speed, yelling and chanting something… Whatever it was, it must have sounded and looked quite insane.


I drew that stick back as far as I could get it, and I clocked Danny one good time upside the back of his head. He took off like a bat out of hell, and we stood there victorious like… like--well, like some famous superhero team.


We helped Cat up from the dirt. Her big, pale green eyes danced around all teary. She said thanks, and we both said at the same time, “No problem!”


We’ve all been kinda following each other around since then. And, oh my god, we were so corny.


We took Cat’s hand and walked inside to the teacher, and she sent us to the nurse. Cat got a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid on her knee and arm. I was so jealous. I begged the nurse for a Bugs Bunny Band-Aid for the invisible scratch above my eyebrow.


It was such hard work being a superhero, and the nurse seemed to understand cause she giggled and gave me a handful of bandages.



We all fell asleep in Megan’s giant bed. She was so spoiled, I swear. She had rosy, pink wallpaper all around her room. And a set of the cutest plush toys I’ve ever seen.


Beside her bed, there was a giant window, with long, flowing, white curtains. And at the foot of her bed, there was a large vanity table--thing. It had drawers and shelves connected to it where she housed her pictures and clothing and all other personal things that she thought could fit.


I might have been the last person to fall asleep. I could remember Megan and Cat’s voices fading off, while I was still lying there, eyes wide open and staring through the moonlit curtains.

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