Pink Secrets & Little White Lies: The Beginning.

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - The Morning After.

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013




Early that next morning, I rolled over, and in my sleepy stupor, I noticed that Jessie was no longer laying beside me. I sat upright and wiped the sleep from my eyes.


It was Jessie--He was still there… He was sitting in a chair beside the window.

“Oh, um, good morning…” I said.

“I wanted to leave sooner, but… I didn’t want you to think I ditched you.”

“No, it’s fine… You should have left--before my mom got up for work… I don’t think she’s too fond of guys crawling out of my bedroom window…”

“Yea, me neither,” Jesse said laughing.

“Oh, and… if you don’t mind, I used your shower…”

“Uhm… I don’t mind… but, it’s a little embarrassing that you’re all clean and I’m still… not,” I teased.

“Oh? Wanna get me dirty again?” he said, moving towards the bed.

“Whatever, I have to get ready for school.”

“Alright, I’ll help you.”

I squinted my eyes at him.

“Are you serious?”

Jesse walked towards the bed and took my hand. He walked with me to the bathroom and stood behind me in the doorway. He brushed my hair to one side and slowly unclasped my bra. He pulled one strap down my arm… and then the other…And then, he slowly slid it off.

I blushed significantly as he wrapped his arms around me and ran his fingers from my navel to my chest… Then, he cupped my breasts softly--slowly--and kissed me on the neck… Then, he kissed me behind the ear--then slowly let me go.

“Hurry on in…”

“Are you coming too?” I said, shyly folding my arms over my chest.

“It’s too soon for that. You’re not ready,” he said, smiling his crooked smile. “Unless, of course, you want me to--”

“No, no… I won’t be long,” I said, closing the door behind me.

Jesse wanted so badly to step into that shower--I could tell. But he knew that it wouldn’t be the best thing to do at the moment.


After some minutes passed, I got out of the shower and wrapped up in a towel. Jesse asked me to sit down… and, I did… He picked up a small hand towel off of the dresser and knelt down in front of me.

He patted my legs dry… And then he moved up and patted my inner thighs…then outer… He stood up and loosened my towel, and he patted the nape of my neck. Then, he slowly wiped the towel across my chest and stomach. I blushed…

“You sure we can’t get dirty--just a little?” Jesse teased, kneeling between my legs.

“No, no, I need to get ready for school.”

“But… What if we just… play around a little?” he said, kissing my knee.

“Jen! Get up, it’s time to get ready for school!”

“That’s one reason why we can’t…” I whispered to him. “I’m up, mom! I’ll be down in a minute!”

I pulled the towel around me, and looked in my dresser for some under clothes. Jesse came over and stood beside me. He pulled out a pair of lacey, black underwear with violet lace and a black bra with a matching violet ribbon which adorned the front.

“I want you to wear these,” he said, handing them to me.

I took the undergarments and began putting them on. “

So, whenever I look at you today… I will know that whatever you’re wearing underneath your blouse and jeans, you’re wearing for me--and no one else.”

A streak of red shot across my white cheeks--I nodded and finished getting dressed.

I kissed him once as he prepared to climb out of the window. Then, I put on my raincoat and grabbed an umbrella, and I ran downstairs to greet my mother.


I didn’t say much to her… just "good morning…" Then, we got into the car, and she drove me to school. I could barely even look her in the eye. I felt guilty about Jesse, and the whole “masturbation” talk had me more ashamed than anything.

After she dropped me off, I went into the school feeling--different… I breathed differently… I even felt like I walked differently.

I sat in homeroom, waiting for class to start. Megan walked in… but, still no sign of Cat. I put my head in my arm and laid across the desk.

“So… Cat’s not coming today…?” I asked.

“No… I actually haven’t heard from her in a good while.” Megan said. “ I think she’s having family problems. You know how that goes…”

“Yea,” I said with a sigh, “I do…”

“Oh! By the way, didn’t you get my text this morning?”

“Um… no?”

“I called yesterday, too… around three. And, you never answered.”

“Oh, right, well… you know how I am with storms, Meg,” I said uneasily.

“Yea, sure, I guess I know,” she snickered.

I smiled nervously and Megan caught sight of it. “Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked. “You seem different…”

“Different how?” I asked, clownishly tossing my hair to one side.

“Oh, never mind… there’s the Jen I know,” she giggled. “You seemed distant at first—well.. More distant than usual.”

“Yea, just… a lot of things on my mind, lately,” I said. Then the school bell rang.

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