Pink Secrets & Little White Lies: The Beginning.

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Facing the Consequences.

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013



People were scattered throughout the hallway like little ants. Homeroom was obviously over, and I had a very little span of time to make it to my first class on time.
Head down, I navigated through the swarm of buzzing students. And before reaching the end of the hall, I walked into Jesse. Instead of greeting him when he spoke, I rolled my eyes and walked around him.
“Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down!” he said, grabbing my arm. “You don’t see me here?”
“As far as I’m concerned.” I said, rolling my eyes again, “you don‘t exist.”
“What’s wrong with you?” he asked, clearly stricken with confusion.
“I’m just not in the mood for you this morning, Jesse,” I said, jerking away. “Excuse me.”
I sat through first period, thinking of the different lies that I could tell my mother. Of course, I could just tell her the truth and just face the consequences… That was the adult thing to do… Truth is, whenever I talk to my mother, it’s like she’s not sure of whether to treat me like an adult or like a child.
When I was only eleven, she began telling me that I was old enough to take care of myself: to cook, to clean, and to wash my own things. And when I nearly burned the kitchen down trying to make something to eat when she was away, she tried to justify the incident, correlating it to a normal “adult” mistake.
She wasn’t’ upset, and she wasn’t angry. In fact, I believe the blackened kitchen walls made her feel somewhat proud…
But whenever I find myself getting all sentimental about a guy, she gets hysterical. Then suddenly, I’m just a "baby"… "I don’t know what I’m getting into"… Or, I’m "too young to know what I want." How dare she assume that? I love my mother, but she barely knows me at all.
Sixth period had come, and I was still debating whether to be truthful or to tell my mother more lies. Jesse walked by me, and I didn’t even notice him, until he dropped a crumpled up wad of paper upon my desk.
I opened the wad and saw that he sprawled a few anxious questions across the crinkled sheet of paper. I suddenly felt a little bad for attacking him so unexpectedly this morning… But honestly, didn’t he deserve it? He left a mark upon my innocent neck for the entire world to see! And now, I’m in trouble and I'll undoubtedly have to have many more uncomfortable conversations with my mother.
But on the other hand, Jesse can be very understanding. We have our differences, but at least he tries. And, I would hate for him to transform back into the ass he had been before, just because I was being a tad hormonal.
I sat straight up in my chair with such a quickness that I startled the teacher. He looked at me with worried eyes; and, I apologized for the interruption with a jittery smile. Then he continued to teach.
I rewound my thoughts for a little while and at that point it dawned on me…
“I could be pregnant…”
“What was that, Ms. Brighton?” Mr. Rainey said, straightening his black frames so that they rested comfortably upon the bridge of his nose.
“Did you say something?”
“No, no sir,” I responded, quickly leaning back into my seat.
I took the crumpled sheet of paper into my hands and scrawled across the bottom:
I think I’m pregnant… .
Then, I carefully folded the paper, and closed it within my notebook. With a nervous hand, I stroked my hair and brushed the remaining strands behind my ear.
It seemed like only a few minutes later that the bell rang. I had thought the entire class period away. I hopped up and walked--very--quickly out of the classroom. But before I could get completely down the hall, Jesse caught up with me.
“Jen, wait--”
“I can’t… I’m going to be late.”
“Wait, damn it!” he yelled, grabbing my arm and yanking me back towards him. “What in the hell is the matter with you?”
“I think I need to go home…”
“Home? For what?”
“My mother… I need to go home to talk to my mother….”
“What is it? Are you sick?” he said in a desperate voice. “Talk to me….”
“I can’t talk to you about it…”
"I’m gonna be late for class.”
I handed him the sheet of paper and wriggled out of his grasp. I felt his eyes upon me as I walked down the hall. When I reached the door, I turned slightly and glimpsed him opening the crumpled sheet of paper.
I sat in my chair and looked down at my stomach. Could I really be…?
Jesse had burst through the door unannounced.
I silently gasped out his name--
“You’re interrupting my class--” a frustrated Mr. O'Brian interjected.
“Jen, I need to know--”
“Don’t force me to call the front office,” Mr. O’Brian interrupted once again.
Jesse hopped over a desk and moved quickly down the aisle to my side.
“Are you sure…?” he asked in almost a whisper, a hard gaze fixed upon me. "I mean, really sure?"
“Alright, let’s go!”
It was Coach Bayne who interrupted. He pulled Jesse away from my desk; and while holding him in an arm lock, he dragged him out of the classroom screaming: “Just let me talk to her!”
After that display, the classroom grew silent. I raised my hand very subtly, and the teacher pointed to me.
“May I go to the front office and call home?”
Feeling pity for the previous display, Mr. O’Brian escorted me to the front office. Instead of my mother coming, my father picked me up. It was 1:50 p.m. when he dropped me off at home. Mom wasn’t home from work, and she was sure to be gone until seven, at least.
I went upstairs to my room and locked the door. I dug deep into the back of my dresser and found the pregnancy test that I had bought only a little while ago.
After following all of the directions, I found myself nervously pacing the floor. Soon, it was time to view the results. I closed my eyes and picked up the stick. After taking one deep breath, I slowly opened my eyes.
The stick... It was--blue.

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