Pink Secrets & Little White Lies: The Beginning.

Book by: Jennifer Brighton

Chapter3 (v.1) - Jesse Michaels

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 20, 2013




“Megan, I swear, if you touch me again, I’m gonna scream.”

“Jen, get up, damn it! We’re gonna be late for school,” Megan said, attempting to wake me.

“Fine, fine! Ugh…”

I tried to wake myself up, I sat slumped over on the side of the bed and rubbed my face with both hands. Why can I never go to sleep when I want to…? Damn it.

“I don’t have any clothes, Megan… I left them at home. Guess I can’t go to school today!”

I laid flat on my back, and closed my eyes again. Megan went to her closet and pulled out a hand full of clothes and dropped them on my face.

“There. Pick something out and get your ass out of the bed!”

I moaned. I almost wanted to cry; really, I did. My body was so tired, and I didn’t feel like going anywhere that required me to think--not today.

I pulled out something, without paying much attention to what it was. The color was beautiful though. I didn’t really have to worry about picking the wrong clothes when borrowing from Megan. She had loads of pretty things. Either way, I lazed around and eventually got fully clothed.


I had a purse and a pen. I had forgotten my book bag at home. Oh, well… I’m a good listener. So, I don’t need to take notes.

We walked out of the house quickly, before Megan’s parents could say anything to either of us. It was very windy outside, and it looked like it would rain. I grimaced. I didn’t need this—I didn’t need any of this, not today. I didn’t have an umbrella; I didn’t have a jacket; and, I didn’t have anything to wear on my head.

“Geez, it’s gonna be a long day,” I murmured, pulling my purse comfortably about my shoulder.

Catherine nodded, but Megan decided to make waves.

“What did a little rain ever hurt? Surely, all-mighty Jennifer can handle a little rain, can’t she?” she asked condescendingly.

“Screw you, Megan,” I retorted, glancing over at her with darty eyes.


The three of us had the same homeroom, and when we arrived, Cat gave me her extra notebook so that I could look like I actually wanted to be in class.

My first class was science. Thank God that went by fast. Then there was Physical Ed., Math, computer class, English, then… sixth period Social Studies! Hot damn! I get to see the new guy.

The class came in slowly; student by energy deprived student was ushered in. But, he wasn’t amongst the masses. Well, he did say this was the wrong class… Maybe he had his schedule a bit jumbled.

The bell rang, and just as Mr. Rainey began to close the door, Michael walked in. He stopped the door with one hand, and spoke to Mr. Rainey briefly outside of the door. Then he came inside and stood up front.

“Class,” Mr. Rainey announced, “this is Jesse Michaels.”

Got damn it! Catherine and her half accurate information! So, his name is Jesse! I looked up at him; he stood tall and boldly, looking straight forward into the sea of glaring students all seated before him.

“Aren’t you gonna introduce yourself,” Mr. Rainey inquired.

Jesse looked over at Mr. Rainey and back at the class, “Well,” he began, “that’s about all there is to say. Um… My name is Jesse… and I‘m new.”

Mr. Rainey nodded, and Jesse walked towards the back of the class and took a seat.


© Copyright 2017 Jennifer Brighton. All rights reserved.

Pink Secrets & Little White Lies: The Beginning.

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult


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