A Lost Hope

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Call

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Submitted: October 01, 2010



As Alex and Mayra drove Hope back home they talked about school and the game. The stallions would be going to the playoffs so Alex was more excited than usual.

Hope stared at her friends they made a very cute couple both very handsome.

Mayra was 5'6 slim had short black hair fair skin and blue eyes.

Alex on the other hand was 6'1 was medium built with dirty blond hair and green eyes.

Hope felt jealous because they looked so happy together and she wanted that happiness too.

They finally pulled up to Hope's house as Hope got off they all said their good-byes. She walked in to her house and found her mom sitting in the living room like always.

Her mom looked up from her book "Hello sweetheart how was the game?" she asked.

"Oddly fun," Hope confessed.
"Well that's very good hun."

Hope looked at her mother for a long time. She'd always wondered why her mom hadn't re-married after Hope's dad had died. At the same time she was grateful that her mom still remembered her dad and cherished his memory.

Hope got up to leave, "Well I'm going to shower then get in bed good night mom," Hope said as she kissed her mom on the cheek.

"Ok night sweetheart."

As Hope got out of the shower she got a call from Mayra.

"Hey girl, what you doing?"
"Just finished taking a shower," Hope answered.

"Has Jason called yet?"

"Nope not yet, maybe he won't even call," Hope said sadly.

"Hope don't say that he's going to call I bet you anything he will."
The girls talked for a while longer until they were interrupted because Hope got another call.

"Hold on my line."

When Hope answered she heard Jason's voice.

"Hope? It's Jason."

"Oh hi Jason what’s up?"

"Well I told you I'd call."

"True umm can you hold on real quick I have a friend on hold."

"Ok I'll be here."
Hope went to her other line and told Mayra who it was.

"Cool good luck with him I have to go too Alex just called talk to you tomorrow." Mayra hung up and Hope went back to Jason

"Ok so what’s up?" Hope asked.

"Not much just got home the guys wanted to go eat."

"Where did you guys go?"

"We just went to Mickey D's, so uh Alex is having a party tomorrow to celebrate that we made the playoffs . . . umm . . . do you . . . want to come with me?"

Hope was surprised he asked so she stayed quiet for a little while.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," Jason said.

"Oh umm yeah I'd like that," she finally answered.
They talked for a while about school, friends, and their lives.

Hope learned that besides Justin, Jason had a younger sister.

She also told him she had 3 older brothers, one was studying in California the other was working in Houston and the eldest was living in New York.

She listened intently to everything Jason said. She was curious to know one thing but was scared to ask.
Hope was about to ask when she got a call. She told Jason to hold for a minute as she answered. It was Mark Hope's closest friend.

"Hey Mark can I call you later? I have Jason on the other line."

"THE Jason?" Mark asked.

"Yeah I still can’t believe it. Ok talk to you later."

Before Mark could answer she had hung up.

When Hope returned to Jason he was singing she listened to him for a short while before speaking.

"Good singing" she said "what was that?"

"Oh that was Nickleback didn't think you'd hear me," he confessed.

"Well I did anyways I wanted to ask you something can I?"

"Yeah go ahead."

"Well I've heard some stuff about you."

"I think I know what stuff it is but go ahead ask."

"It's... umm... about you and well. It's just a rumor that's going around."

"Just ask, I promise I'll answer," Jason assured her.

"Is it true you use drugs?" she finally asked.

"I'm going to be honest with you," Jason said. He stayed quiet for a short while.

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