A Lost Hope

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Truth

Submitted: October 01, 2010

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Submitted: October 01, 2010



Jason thought for a moment what to answer. Lying was out of the question. For some reason he could never lie to Hope.

Hope was growing inpatient with the silence, "it’s ok Jason, really you don't have to say anything."

"No I want you to know. The drug rumors... they... they... well they are true."

They were both silent for a moment.

After some more silence Hope spoke, "But why? I mean you're in sports are good at school have a good loving family seems you have no reasons to do that. It seems to me you've got it all."

"Yeah but things aren't always what they seem."

"Wait what do you mean by that Jason?"

"Well . . . yeah I'm good at sports but that's not me."

"What do you mean?"

"The only reason I'm in sports is because of my dad."

"Your dad?"

"Yeah my dad."

"But what about him?"

"He wanted my brother and I in sports. Any sport out there we were enrolled," he paused for a while.

He started again, "Justin is the one who's into all of it not me . . . football basketball or whatever sport it's not what I want," Jason said.

"That doesn't explain why the drugs though," Hope said.

Jason stayed quiet once more thinking how to explain to her.

"They are my escape Hope. I can't deal with my dad and his ideas of what's best for me. I think I know what's best for me."

Hope wasn't sure what to say. She felt the urge to comfort Jason but didn't know how.

Jason thought she was silent because she was thinking about how to tell him good-bye.

In reality that was the last thing on Hope's mind she wanted more than ever to be by Jason's side and help him out however she could. It might be risky but she had to try to get him away from anything that hurt him, if he let her of course.

For some strange reason Hope wanted to protect him, and make him see that what he was doing was only hurting himself.

Hope was sure of one thing Jason wasn't a bad person. No matter what he might be into Hope felt he could leave it all behind for his own good.

Jason wasn't so sure about that he'd tried to quit and get away from bad company but never succeeded.

Now was different, now he had a motivation. Hope was that motivation.

They talked till 2 a.m. and agreed to meet at the mall the following day before hanging up.

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