A Lost Hope

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Just have fun if things are meant to happen they will happen.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Alex's Party

Submitted: April 02, 2011

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Submitted: April 02, 2011



So Jason dropped Hope of at her home. As soon as she was inside her mom asked her who'd given her a ride.

"It was Jason mom, you know the guy I told you about."

"Right Jason that boy you have a crush on right?" her mom asked.

"Yup that's the one and he's picking me up later for Alex's party so I better go change."

Hope ran around her room trying to decide what to wear.

She didn't like anything she tried on.

That skirt was just not rite.

That shirt was too tight.

'Why is so hard to find clothes' she thought.

Finally she found the perfect outfit. Flare jeans a white cami and white flips flops. After all it wasn't a dressy kinda party.

Jason felt nervous once again. 'What is it about this girl that makes me just wanna be with her?' he asked himself.

'Whatever it is i like it' he conclude.

He got ready as fast as he could and headed for Hope's house.

As soon as he got there he wondered whether to call her or knock on her door. He decided on knocking so he got off of his car.

Hope felt nervous... she looked at her phone at least 3 times in less than one minute 'what if he changed his mind' she wondered.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"That's him! Bye mom won't be home too late," she screamed as she ran to get the door.

As soon as Hope opened the door Jason fell silent.

'Wow' he thought, he stood looking at her for several minutes before saying anything.

"Umm you ready?" was all he managed to say.

"Yup, let's go," Hope told him as she walked past him towards the car.

Jason got to the car as fast as he could and opened the door for her. He'd never done that for another girl before.

'Wow he's a gentleman' she thought.

He climbed into the car and drove to Alex's.

As soon as they got to Alex's they saw practically everyone from school there. They walked in and before Jason could say anything some of his teammates took him away.

"I'll be right back Hope!" he screamed.

Hope wondered around for a while before spotting her best friend Mayra and going up to her.

"Hey Mayra," she said.

"Hey Hope," Mayra answered, "so you came with Jason? Where is he?"

"Well your boyfriend and some other guys took him away," Hope replied.

"Oh, yeah guys," Mayra said rolling her eyes. "So what did you do today?" she asked Hope.

"Went to the mall and hung out with Jason for a while," Hope said smiling.

"Oh," Mayra said surprised, "so technically you're on your second date?"

Hope blushed, "hardly," she replied looking over at the group of guys at the far end of the yard.

"Oh," was all Mayra replied instantly understanding.

Jason paid little to no attention to his friends. He kept looking over to where Hope stood with Alex's girlfriend, what was her name again?

He then asked Alex if they'd known each other for a while.

"Oh yeah dude," Alex started to reply in between bites, "Mayra met Hope like her first day of school or something."

How could he not of noticed Hope before? Had he been blind? No he was simply too caught up in himself.

It wasn't just that Hope was physically attractive to him, there was just something more about her that attracted him. Her smile, her eyes or the way she didn't approach him because of his popularity.

Hope wondered if she'd get a chance to be with Jason at the party.

He didn't seem to make a move towards her. Did he even want to?

She scolded herself for thinking like that after all they'd gotten to the party together hadn't they?

'Just have fun if things are meant to happen they will happen,' she thought to herself.

Mark walked towards Hope as soon as he got to Alex's.

He'd known she'd be there because he'd talked to Mayra earlier.

"Hey cutie," he told Hope.

"Oh hey Mark," Hope answered distractedly.

"Wanna dance?" he asked.

"Huh? I mean yeah sure lets go," Hope answered as she walked behind Mark.

They walked over to where a group of kids were dancing and started doing the same.

Jason saw Mark and Hope dancing and felt jealous. He'd been trying to get away from his friends wit no success.

'She probably thinks I don't wanna be with her,' he thought.

If she only knew.

To Jason Hope seemed to be having fun.

It started to get late so he finally managed to get away from his friends.

He walked over to where Hope was to ask if she'd want him to take her home.

"Yeah I came here with you so of course I'm leaving with you," Hope replied.

"I could take you no prob," Mark cut in.

"It's fine Mark I'll take her. She's right you know she came here with me so the right thing to do would be for her to leave with me," Jason said smiling.

Mark was about to argue when Hope started walking away with Jason.

'Well there goes any chance I could have had with her,' he thought as he saw Hope and Jason walk away.

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