Aurora Wolves

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The most desirable dreams he has ever had... he'd almost do anything in his power to gain access into the world of his dreams... Even visiting his ancient family.
How will he be able to find his true destiny?
this was just a random idea i got, and i will continue when i i have time. but this is as far as i got

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Aurora Wolves

Submitted: May 27, 2013

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Submitted: May 27, 2013



The Aurora Wolves




It was a dark eerie night in the cold woods of Alaska. You could hear the wolves cry in the distance as they got ready for a hunt, a hunt that would be indeed bloody and sacred. The bats flew out of their secret caves, Owls sat on branches like they did every night. The wind was rising and crystal like snow fell from the sky making every animal pause with realization. They themselves did not know what that realization was, but they froze, froze as if their lives depended on it and as the first snow flake fell onto the white sand, they scurried to doing their nightly business, They lurked in the woods sensing the fear of the scared animals;  they fed of the fear of innocent beings. They were in control of everything. It was time that their sacred hunt would have to begin and they needed a new leader before that hunt could start. The poor innocent were unaware of the darkness that roamed that forest. Unaware of the danger they were in. 


“…The gaunt wolf gasping his expiring groan,

Are all the kin of your cold solitude,

Where silence stands in dread—as death had chill’d his blood…”

By: Dugald Moore (1805-1841)










'What a lovely land we are so humbled to live in, Do you not think so son?’ there was no reply from my side, my father had lived  a long life and was a great man, known to be kind and very much gentle. I do fear that my father got stuck in the past, he and his little village had no idea what a car was or what the use of a new hair cut had on a persons looks.

“Dad, I don’t really know. I mean, firstly I have no idea how you guys live in this kind of condition. You all look pretty terrible.” I could see the disappointment in my father’s eyes, but I couldn’t help being the only child of all his four children that actually went and made a living for myself. Through the years that I’ve left home, I’ve learned so many new things. Never once did I think to turn back home. My brother’s and sister’s hadn’t had much of a life. Most of all my sisters are married now and have children of their own, so goes for my dear brothers. They all would get up in the mornings get ready and then they’d spent the rest of their days scavenging for food. What kind of person would live a life like that? One with no education, the poor kids there didn’t even know how much fun it was to ride a bike; they didn’t know what music was… Nor did they know what a toothbrush was. They were literally stuck in the past.

People would ask me a million times why would I want to go back home and my answer would be pretty stupid and rash. People there would gossip as I walked from home to work and back again, just minding my business all the way. Only having one thought cross my mind all over again. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for that stupid dream. I was determined to do whatever it took, to make sure that dream of mine was as real as it felt.

“Son, what business has really brought you here and do not tell me it is because of which you miss us” my father said as he stared at me with his white-Silver eyes filled with wisdom.

I looked down my heavy black eye lashes warming my frigid eyelids; I looked up at my father and saw that the years have made him an old man.

“Dad, it is because I miss all of you… I just could not bear that something might happen to you guys…” I probably looked very uncomfortable because my father had a huge frown on his face. With quick hast I finished my sentence, “I do mean, like, you don’t have guns or a real house, you don’t have any form of security. You have huts and so forth. How the hell are all of you still alive, here in the unknown?”

My father narrowed his eyes at me, seemingly battling with his inner thoughts as to give me an answer, he thought for a long while and it seemed that he wouldn’t answer me for a while, so I did the only thing that I thought was logical enough, I turned around about to leave, my father grabbed my arm so tight that it felt as if a thousand needles were engraving me in their midst.

“Darius, Son, Sometimes the decisions we make is for the sake of our safety, this is our way of life and we choose to be safe and happy. We're not a part from the world that you have made your home. Face it son, you will never really be happy. You’ll always feel empty and I guess you already felt it and now that you have returned home you feel whole again. Son, we are different from other people, our destinies have already been planned for us. Written and planned in the book of Treash. To the book of Treash You were perfidious. You can’t fight those dreams any longer and that’s why you’re here, right? To get the answers you're looking for answers?” I couldn’t come with the facts that what my father was telling me was partly true but what I had to face was that I was going to stay here longer than I intended.

The following days went by in a blur, we had festivals, which they celebrated the home-coming of the Rebel Prince, which apparently was me. The people of the village showed me that they didn’t just scavenge for food the entire time but actually did useful stuff. I was really starting to get a hang of this entire Tribe thing. I got along with most of the village people and my little experience was much more exciting than I thought it would be. We went to go do some fishing in the big icy lake of the unknown and caught loads of fish that would most likely feed the entire US Navy, We ate so much fish it was hard to be famished.

One morning I woke up in a daze, sweat falling from my body as if someone had turned the heat up in Alaska, I went out bare chest, snow melting beneath my scorching feet. It had felt as if I was dreaming, but I knew I wasn’t dreaming. Dreams didn’t feel this real and wasn’t this vivid. As I walked through the dusky forest, I realized that it was too quiet; there were no sounds, nothing. Not even snow falling from the azure sky. I was walking towards the dense woods that looked pitch black, but I kept walking and I could not stop. I heard some rustling in the woods, a growl and then a blinding light … As the woods enveloped me into the darkness, I saw those two eyes that have kept me awake so many nights, those eyes that haunted my every memory.

I was so furious, it was another damn dream. I was getting sick and tired of these dreams. They felt so real that I couldn’t ignore them, what was I going to do? Maybe I was going mad and had no idea how that happened. I lay in my little hut breathing while my mind was having a huge argument with my common sense; I probably had to get up and go outside and pretend that I had the greatest night of my life.  As I stepped out into the frigid air, my brother Cane was sitting by the fire, so I decided to go sit there with him and bore myself with conversation. Cane, was the eldest of us; the next leader of the Tribe. His hair was waist-long and red with light streaks of silver making the red stand out even more, He really looked like one of those old school Vikings. He was about thirty-nine, I thought. It didn’t even matter because our village didn’t celebrate birthdays and none of them knew how old they were. It was something to do with that old lady and this old lady and all our ancestors who didn’t know what they were doing. I sat down next to my brother on the big tree trunk they used as a couch or chair, at least they had fire; I smiled.

“Where have you been last night, Darius?” my brother asked me while staring at the fire.

“I was in my hut sleeping, why?” I asked him, I didn’t know what he meant, after dinner last night I went to bed telling Old Lady Zalea that I was bedridden and was going to excuse myself and retire to my hut and then I was enveloped in that terrible dream.

“After all of us retired to our huts, I had to stay behind to hang up the fish so that the bears wouldn’t get a hold of it. I saw you getting out of your hut and walking to the woods, without shoes or a shirt, So yet again I am asking where did you go?” my brother asked me in an fatherly voice.

“Cane, I did not go anywhere. I was sleeping in my hut!” this was all too mind-wrecking. So that wasn’t a dream, if it wasn’t then what happened last night? When did I get home?

“Dear Brother, I think it would be polite to let you know that the woods are forbidden. You are only allowed to roam in the unknown.”

“I didn’t go anywhere, Cane” I said, my voice faltering, not making my statement sound so honest.

“Say what you will, Darius. I will not tell anyone but if this kind of behavior happens again, I will be forced to let the elders know of your disobedience towards them” with that said, Cane stood up and walked away, Leaving me quit angry and confused. I was angry because I was confused and confused because I was angry. Cane and I never did get along, even when we were kids, He always though that he was in charge of us all but he was always the one to belittle me. One of the other reasons I left home in the first place, I was but mere sixteen and after the tragic death of our mama things got too hard for me to handle, so I decided that I  didn’t want any part in that family. I went into the real world and made a living for myself and I was happy the way things had turned out, until very recently… When I had that dream.

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