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Sequel to SAVED! Nicholas Castellow finds himself in the same position his dad was years ago. Helping a helpless victim, only to fall in love with her troubled sister. What will he do?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - SAVED 2!

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



"Get your lazy ass out of bed, NOW!!!" Noah jumped on my bed, and started shaking me frantically.

"WHY!" I pushed him to the floor.

"It's Monday Nick, so you tell me what that means."

"No it's Sunday, isn't it?" I rolled out of bed.

"No, yesterday was Sunday. Today we have to work." Noah picked himself off the ground.

"It's so boring. We don't ever get to do anything." I picked my clothes off the floor, and walked into the bathroom.

"Cause we're noobies!" he yelled.

"It's still boring." I mumbled.

I'll fill you in on the past…ten years? I'm 23 now, a college graduate, and single, I don't really care though. I have an apartment in Seattle Washington, Noah's my "roommate", he feels the need to not pay rent though, and I'm too nice to kick him out, he's been my friend all my life though, I can't be expected to just kick him out. We're both paramedics in training at Seattle's Fire Department, this will be our second day. Noah only does it to get girls, and it actually works for him to me surprise.

"We're gonna be late Nick!"

 "Shut up! I'm coming!" I walked out of the bathroom.


I sat there, bored as hell, waiting for something to do. Noah left with some other paramedic on a call, apparently all I could do was sit around and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

"Castellow! Follow me." some beefy dude of which I've never seen before snapped me out of my thoughts. I stood up and followed him outside. The guy was probably around 50 years old. "I'm your new supervisor." he said before getting into the front seat of the ambulance.

Contemplating whether or not to get in it, I was interrupted. "Get in! We got to go!" he stuck his head out the window and yelled.

I quickly got into the passenger side. Before I was really even in my seat he sped off.

"You can call me Randy." he said while turning the sirens on, and driving even faster.

"And I'm Fletcher." he popped his head into the front. "We're a team, You, me, and Randy." he held out his bloody, gloved hand. This made me feel even awkward, I didn't want to shake his bloody hand. "I was just testing you." he paused. "You passed."

 "Good to know." the ambulance came to a sudden stop, and I went flying into the dashboard.

Randy and Fletcher laughed harder than I've ever heard anybody laugh. "Always wear you seatbelt, Rookie." Randy said through a laugh.

I don't think this day can get any weirder.


It was dark and rainy. Never once did we stop, we just kept doing circles around the city. It was probably midnight. "What are we doing?" I asked as Fletcher drove faster. Randy was the one in the back now.

"Don't worry kid, you'll get in the middle of some action soon."

We turned down a street. I could hear several sirens, and see the lights from the cop cars as we neared an apartment complex. "What exactly is going on?" I asked.

"Some kid got stabbed." Randy answered.

"Why do kids have to go and open doors, when they're not supposed to?" Fletcher asked.

"No idea."

Fletcher stopped the ambulance, and immediately jumped out. I followed after.

"Since this is your first time, Rookie, you're going to be the one asking all of the questions." Fletcher told me.

I nodded as him and Randy took the gurney out of the back. "Where is this kid?" Randy asked one of the cops.

"She's still in the apartment."

"Why the hell is she still there?"

"Just to make your job harder."

"Well rookie, looks like you get to go up there and get her. Gurney's don't go upstairs well, and you can probably move faster than us. Get going!" Randy commanded.

I jogged to the front of the building and followed the trail of cops that led to a door and the end of the hall.

"Is the kid in there?" I asked a cop that was standing outside the door.

"Yep, its a pretty serious wound, you better get in there fast." she told me. I opened the door and looked around. There she was.

A girl about 10 years old was sitting all alone, crying in the middle of the floor. I walked over to her. "Help me?" she asked more than stated.

"Yeah, come on." I scooped her into my arms, and took her back outside.

"Were you home alone?" I asked while setting her down on the gurney. She nodded.

"Where'd your family go?" I was trying to keep conversation as Randy and Fletcher lifted her into the ambulance.

"I live with my sister, she's probably as old as you. She left me home alone, because she had to go to work." she said with a frown.

"What does she do?" I asked while poking her with an  IV. She jumped a little bit didn't scream, like mist kids do.

"I don't know, but she makes a lot of money, and she only works at night. She won't tell me what she does." her frown never left her face. "Do you have sisters?" for someone with a stab wound, she's very calm.

"Yeah, I have two."

"What are their names? How old are they? What are their jobs?" she started coughing.

"Audrey's 20, she's in college, and Emilie is 14, she goes to school too."

"My sister's name is Katherine, but I call her Katie. My name's Aurora Anderson."

That name was dangerously familiar. 



What do you guys think? The title kinda sucks, i may change it when i think of something better.

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