The one for me

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Jetamio goes to live with her Aun't Anibell on her horse breeding ranch and falls in love with horse back riding. She chooses her very own horse, and a special bond between them unfold. Read this tale of wonder, excitement, and friendship.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The one for me

Submitted: July 19, 2008

Reads: 156

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Submitted: July 19, 2008



 I could feel the eyes staring at my back while I sat down where the teacher told me to. I could almost hear their thoughts, 'Why is she here? Where did she come from? Is she emo, she sure likes black and lime green together.' That's what everyone usually asks me at the 6 other schools I attended. It grew to where I didn't really care, and that I didn't want to make friends because I was sure I would have to leave them.

 I can understand why all of them thought I was emo or gothic or something, because most of what I wear is black and bright green, sometimes dark purple or red. Today, on my first day, I wanted to make an impression on everyone, because first impressions matter. I usually act so distant, everyone thinks I am a psycho. Anyway, I am wearing black skin tight jeans with the color green I love as the stitching crossed as an X-pattern on both sides, my knee length black boots which I had them custon made to have green on the siding as well, a bright green long sleeve shirt with black as the collar and the cuffs. Even my hair was straight black with green highlights. I know, I am obsessed with those colors.

 As I got my stuff together, I got a note from the office saying my Aun't Anibell had come to pick me up. When I saw her I told her, "Can we go by the hotel? I forgot a few things of mine there."

 "Yeah, sure Jetamio. Do you like school?" I gave her a skeptical look. "Right, sorry." Anibell said. Since I havn't really ever met her, I don't think of her as my 'Aun't' yet. But in public I call her that. In my mind, she's a stranger who took me, a 17 year old girl, in spite of because my parents had just died in a horrible boat crash, while they were vacationing. Without me. But, now I am glad. They are out of my life, and I don't have to worry about Anibell. From what my Mother told me before she died, she's a real push over.

 I also learned that they buy and sell and breed horses. I have never ridden a horse, or really seen one in person before, so I guess that might be fun. I can ride one on a trail Anibell told me about on the phone. It was supposed to be real solitary, and a lot of animals were on the trail. I love animals, they have always made me happy. They make me fell happy-well, sometimes. I remember one time that my Grandma had a fluffly dog, and it bit me on the nose. I don't think I like it very well.

 As we got into her car, I asked her, "Can I rife a horse when we get there?"

 "I think I knew you were going to ask that. I was thinking, and we have a lot of horses. Would you like to pick your own?" Anibell said. She laughed as she seen me nod my head slowly with wide eyes. 'My very own horse? Yes! I can go where ever I want, as long as it's not to far to travel with a horse. I got out of the car and walked to the hotel room and got my camera. I loved taking pictures. Then I went back to the car and we were on our way. As we pulled into the driveway, I saw all the horses and the land. I didn't know Montana looked like this!! It's so beautiful, and the horses make it more beautiful. I wonder what kind of horse I want?

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