It Won't Happen Again

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Chapter 5

I was putting my English book into our locker (Jessi and I share her locker since its close to both of our classes and my locker is all the way on the other side of the school) when someone poked me in my side. I squeaked like a mouse and nearly jumped out of my skin.

“Calm down. Now I know that you didn't run into me on purpose. She really did poke you.”

I spun around. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't hearing things. That it was Tyler, and that I wasn't daydreaming again.

Tyler grinned shyly. “Hi.”

“Hi yourself.” I decided to try something that my friend Makaila said to do. She was like “play hard to get, it'll drive him crazy trying to get your attention.”

He laughed. “So what's up?”

“I'm trying to get my History book, without jumping into my locker.” I grinned and poked him in the same place he poked me. Except on him it was like poking a rock. All muscle. Damn, this hard to get shit is going to be hard.

He winked at me. “You really shouldn't have done that.”

“Oh really?” I grinned slyly. “And why shouldn't I?”

He grabbed my stomach with both his hands and started to tickle me. But it didn't hurt like it usually does when I'm being tickled. His hands were gentle and cautious. “Because then you give me the chance to tickle you back.”

I smiled, “So? What if I wanted you to tickle me?”

“Then all you had to do was ask.” His voice had gotten deep.

I could feel my heart pounding. My breathing was shallow. I watched him lean in. He pressed his forehead to mine. His breathing mimicked mine, fast and shallow. He slowly began to close the distance between us, clearly giving me time to back out. Our lips had barely touched when I heard a gasp behind me.

Cj was standing behind me. His face covered with shock. Then it turned to anger. “You know what?” He raised his arms up and slapped them back down at his sides. “I'm done. Forget it.” He stalked off angrily.

Tyler just stared after him for a second then at me. The moment felt so awkward. We was about to kiss but was interrupted by another guy that probably wanted to talk to me about the same damn thing.

He cleared his throat. “So. Are you going to ride the bus this afternoon?”

“No, I have to stay after school with my cousin. Our aunt's picking us up after her band practice.” I frowned.

“Hey, no that's cool.” He was smiling again. Which made me feel so much better. Like the awkward moment was gone. “I'll just tickle you in the morning then.”

I laughed, “We'll see about that.” I shut my locker.

“Sooo, I'll see you tomorrow?”

Oh god I hope so. “Yeah, I'll be on the bus in the morning.” We just stood there awkwardly. I don't think he's going to try to kiss me again. Maybe another kiss on the hand? A hug?

“Good. I'll see you then.” He gave me a small kiss on the cheek. “Bye Z.” He walked off after that.

I stood for a minute, just touching my cheek. I heard giggling and turned around. Sure enough, there stood Jessi and Bethany with big eyes. I know they seen Tyler and I talking, I wonder how much they seen though. Did they see him try to kiss me? Did they see Cj? “Sooo, just how much did you see?”

Jessi giggled. “We seen him give you a kiss on the cheek. Why what else did he do? Ooooh!”

I laughed. Good, they didn't see the Cj episode. “Nothing. He just asked if I was riding the bus this afternoon.”

“Well you are aren't you?”

I sighed. “Nope, remember I got in trouble. I have to ride home with Blaire.”

“Well hell. What else did he say?”

I laughed. “I'm not telling.”

“Oh come on! You have to tell us.” Bethany whined.

“Nope. It stays between me and Tyler.”

Jessi giggled. “Oh so that's his name. Does he know that we call him Tapout?”

“No I don't think so and I hope he won't.” I laughed. Now that would be embarrassing wouldn't it? “I would die from embarrassment.”

Bethany was still whining. “Come on please tell me?! What else did he say?”

I sighed, “okay, he called me Z.”

Jessi nodded furiously. “Nicknames are a good sign. Anything else?”

“Well he tickled me but that was about it.” I was grinning ear-to-ear.

Bethany laughed, “Did he poke you?”

“Yeah, and I about went into the locker.”

Jessi and Bethany about exploded. They didn't say anything else. Well they couldn't really, they couldn't even breathe. They just kept laughing all the way to their fifth period.

The bell rang and I hurried to my most hated class. World History with Ms. Sanderson a.k.a. Crazy bitch.


I know it's short but I didn't have much time on this one. Sowie peoples XOXOXO



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