So Much Alike Yet So Different

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OKay so the prologue is basically the summary :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - So Much Alike Yet So Different TEMPORARILY ON HOLD; MORE SOON TO COME

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011




Ethan Cordova is a 19-year-old super hot, tall, smart, tan, and muscular. He's got luscious dark brown curly hair and icy blue eyes that look ice cold or like blue fire. He gets the girls and the money. Basically he has everything, or that's what people think. Ethan's parents are rich and snobby. They can't stand that their son chose to sing and go to a school of arts instead of law so they disowned him. His father being a little more sane than his mother, gives him enough money for an apartment, food, and clothes of his preference. But Ethan would trade it all for regular caring parents.

Lacillia or Lacey, is a beautiful 18-year-old girl with full red hair that falls down her back in gracious waves. Her eyes are a piercing gray that shine like the moon. Every guy wants her, and disgusts her. She can't stand the immature mind of teenage boys who have never had any problems like the ones she has to face. She's smart, clever, and talented. She can sing like she was put on this Earth for that very reason. Her parents are snobs and want everything and everyone to do as they say. When Lacey follows her dream of singing instead of joining her mother's stock market, her parents kick her out. No money or anything. She lives with her Grandpa in New York City. She attends the Jamey Hollis School of Fine Arts where she meets the cunning and beautiful Ethan Cordova. Who courts her like every other guy, but will she fall for the not so perfect guy that seems to have the same problems as her?

Chapter 1

Lacey's POV

“Lacillia darling you can't make a living by singing I hope you understand this. I still have an opening for you in my Firm. I think I can squeeze you in. Of course you'll have to go to law school first.” My mother's voice persuaded through my cell. She's once again trying to convince me that my career choice was a bad one. “Besides, your father would have so much stress relieves from his shoulders if you worked for us. You know how his last check up with the doctors went.”

Now she's using guilt. That's how she gets everything she wants, plus the fact that they are almost millionaires. This just pissed me off. “Yeah I know how his last check up went and you know what? You can both go to hell for all I care. You and James is nothing but rich soulless snobs. I won't ever work for you, James or anyone else that you know. Fuck you.” I hung up the phone. I can't stand that bitch. Lilian and James think everything revolves around them. I flung myself on my bed and dialed Corey's number. Corey Sullivan and Holly Newman is my two best friends. I think I would die without them. But Holly is away vacationing with her parents in Hawaii. So Corey is my only sanity right now. Grandpa isn't that bad, but I can't tell him anything really. He just gives me food, shelter, and money for school fees and shopping. He has five rules: 1) can't get pregnant2) no stealing 3) I have to cook and clean for myself; he provides cleaning products and food 4) no drugs 5) I have to tell him if I'm going out.

Corey picked up after about four rings. “Hello.”

“Hey Corey. Want to check out the new coffee shop a couple blocks from my place? I have to get out of the house.”

Corey loves coffee. “Yeah. I'll be over there in a jiff.” He hung up the phone. Corey's not much of a over-the-phone-talker, if he's going to talk to you he wants to talk in person.

It's August and it's warm enough for me to wear my new short shorts I got for my birthday from Corey last year. I slipped on my shorts and halter top and put my makeup on. My hair looked good so I just ran my brush through it. I grabbed my messenger bag and put all my stuff in it. My phone started singing Jesse McCartney's Beautiful Soul, Holly's ringtone. I opened her text and it showed her with a fine ass Hawaiian guy. I texted her back Who da fuck is that?!?!

Landyn Alonou we met at a party yesterday. He took me out again today!!!

You lucky hoe!!! lmfao

IKR!!!! lolol

There was three knocks on the door. Corey just got here.

Hey girl ig2g Corey’s here we're gonna check out dat new coffee shop. uk how much he loves coffeeee!! lol

“I'm coming! Holdup damn.” I ran downstairs and opened the door. Corey stood there with his hand in the air about to knock again. His light blonde hair hanging down over his sea green eyes. Corey would be a great boyfriend, if I didn't think of him as my brother or closer. “Want do you want?” I said in a disgusting voice, but I smiled afterward so it kinda ruined it.

“You know what I want.” He raised one eyebrow.

“Was that an innuendo? Bad Corey.” I shook my finger at him.

He laughed, “Come on Lacey, it's you. Now our we going to go to the coffee shop?”

“Yes we are! Let me get my leather jacket.” I ran upstairs and grabbed my mid-drift black leather jacket. I stopped by Grandpa's room and knocked. “Hey Grandpa. I'm going with Corey to try out that new coffee shop a few blocks away. Want me to bring you some coffee back?”

“That would be fine. Thank you sweetheart.”

“Okay, be back later.”

“Wait. What time later?”

I didn't know when we'd be back. I wanted to go to the new dance club like a block away from the coffee shop and it doesn't open until six. “Well after we leave the coffee shop Corey wanted me to try out his new video game with him. We'll drop by before we go to Corey's and give you your coffee.”

“Okay well, don't stay out past midnight okay. If you can't hail a cab, ask Corey's mom to drive you home.”

I nodded, “Yes sir.” I heard Corey yell from downstairs. I grabbed my money and my messenger bag and ran downstairs. I turned around the corner in the staircase and collided with Corey. We both fell the rest of the way down the stairs. When we reached the bottom I had successfully managed to land UNDERNEATH Corey. He was heavy! I tried to yell at him to get off but my voice was muffled through his shirt.

“What?” Corey asked.

I tried to scream “get off me you fat fucker!” but it was muffled by his shirt and sounded like “det off me you pat pucker!”

I think that he finally realized that he was squishing me. I love him to death, but sometimes I could kill him. He quickly got up and offered me his hand.

I took it and pulled him down with me. Or I tried to. When did he get so strong? He ended up pulling me to my feet after my feeble attempt at pulling him down. I smirked at him. “Since when have you gotten stronger?” I made the expression that I had figured it out. “You finally hit puberty!!”

“Haha very funny. Can we go now? I want some coffee.”

“Yes. Onward, to the coffee.” I giggled and punched Corey in the gut and ran out the door. He ran out after me. He'll never catch me, I was on our high school's champion track team. If shocked the hell out of me as I watched Corey steadily close the distance between us. He caught me and started tickling me at me sides. I started laughing so hard it hurt. “Okay okay enough Corey!”

“You are a lot stronger than you used to be.”

“Yeah I am.”

I can't believe I haven't seen how much stronger he's gotten! Or changed altogether. His teeth don't have that one crooked tooth anymore and his jaw is more sharp and defined. His face tanner and smoother, no blemishes. His shoulders are wide with muscles and his arms have gotten bigger. He's gotten taller too.

He smirked when he saw me looking him up and down. “Hey now, I thought we was going to checkout some coffee, not me?”

I punched him in the arm. “We are, come on.” We started down the block, walking in comfortable silence. When I realized that I'd forgot to mention that I wanted to try out the new dance club a few blocks away from the coffee shop. “Hey.”


“Do you want to try out the new dance club a few blocks from the coffee shop later? I told Grandpa we was going to your house after we bring him his coffee back but I want to try the club.”

“Gee, sorry Lace, I can't. Mom wants me to go to the pharmacy after we get done at the coffee shop. I got to pick up her meds,” said Corey.

“No it's cool. I'll just come home after coffee then.”


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