Eternal hope- chapter 10

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the continuation of chapter 9 in Eternal hope....enjoy!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eternal hope- chapter 10

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Chapter 10:

After what I saw, I began to avoid Takumi everytime he visits my room. I was stuck in total silence,reading a book. "Is there something wrong,Yuki?You have been avoiding me.Please tell me if something is wrong...".

Like before, I avoided him and I continued to read my book. He felt silent and he left the room.

One day, I decided to go for a walk around the mansion. Servants started to gather around, It made me curious and I heard a lady talking in the middle of the crowd, it was Takako. She was boasting about her new jewelry that Takumi gave her.

I didn't want to get into the conversation because I knew that she would criticize me again.

As I walked away, I bumped into someone, It was Takumi.

"Oh...If it isn't my dear Yuki, were you heading your way to the garden?"

"...That is none of your business!"

"Yuki, why are you being like this?nevermind...Come, I will introduce you to Takako!"

"I don't want to met her!"

"her?"."yes,HER!".Takumi started to laugh,"Takako is not a HER, It is more like HIM!"


"Takako is a man"."But...but..."."I know that he dresses that way but he is 100% man".

So, all of this was a misunderstanding?!Takako is not a SHE but a HE? My head started to spin.

"If Takako is a guy, then why did you kissed him?" I finally said.

"kissed?I didn't kiss him". "but... I saw you guys kissing each other in your room..."

"Ooohhh!You might have misunderstood, Takako was blowing my eyes because I got dust in my eyes. Were you jealous, my dear Yuki?"

my face was flustered,"Me?why would I be jealous? the way, Why-"

"Takumi!!!!!", Takako came running when HE saw me and Takumi together....

to be continued

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