eternal hope chapter 11

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a continuation of chapter 10

Chapter 1 (v.1) - eternal hope chapter 11

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



CHAPTER 11: "Takumi!!!", Takako came running when HE saw us talking.

"Takako! What did you tell Yuri?", Takumi said in a harsh voice.

"Hehehe, I am sorry, I just wanted to see how she reacted.I am sosorry, Yuri!", Takako said after he grabbed both my hands. "Don't touch her like you know her, she is MY fiancee!", Takumi quickly pulled me away from Takako.

Takako and Takumi started to glare at each other, they looked serious.After a moment of intense glaring,"I have decided", Takako said,"I will steal Yuri from you, Takumi".

"WHAT?!", both me and Takumi said. Takakopulled my arm and hugged me,"From now on, I will be one of your suitors, Yuki". I felt chillsgoing down my spine. "Waita minute, Takako, Yuri is already MY fiancee", Takumi protested.

"Well, not anymore. It depends if she chooses one of us, Isn't that right, Yuri?" I just felt silent, I was too shocked. First of all, Takako is a HE in a women's clothes, second, Takako likes me? what the hell is going on?

(to be continued) HAT""ri Yustreioi, ,..taATT""""

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