Eternal hope : chapter 2

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a continuation of chapter 1: eternal hope...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eternal hope : chapter 2

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Chapter 2: my father became busier on his work, he didnt even had time to visit me and it seemed that my father was going through with a crisis in his job. i heard my servants gossip about my father being accused of theft and he was going to go to jail. i was afraid that it was going to happened, what will happened to father?did my father really stole something?will no one will visit me again? i dont care if my father was the only one who visits me even thought he occasionally visits me. i was going to ask my father about it when he arrives, but he never came back. it was almost a month when my father left, is he really going to come back? when i was about to start crying the door suddenly slammed open and men with weapons started to enter."what are you doing?who are you people?" i began to ask."we are here to take you to our master, he would like to see you, miss Yuri."."what does your lord want to see me and where is my father?"."your father is with our lord and your father had ordered us to escort you to our lords mansion"."why?"."we do not know, your lady, all we know was that we are to escort you safely to our lords mansion". "if that is what my father wishes, then wait for a moment while i prepare myself for departure". the men started to head to my door and stayed outside my door.i am nervous to be able to step out of my room for the first time of my life.i began to change my clothes and prepared myself before i leave. i bought with me one of my favorite book, i loved it because it tells a story about an aristocrat that ended up giving all his belongings to the villagers and it made me realized that he may be foolish but he was the most caring man in this cruel world.when i was finished dressing myself, i opened the door and began walking with the men to the carriage wheni noticed that the one of the men were staring at my eyes when we were on our way. i asked him "is there something wrong, sir?". he looked away and said "im sorry for staring,miss Yuri,but i have never seen such eyes like yours before.". "its okay, im used to it". the carriage became quite and before i knew it, the carriage had come to a stop. we arrived to the mysterious lords mansion. the men helped me get out of the carriage and the servants guided me to the room where my father and the lord was staying. like before everyone was staring at my eyes, i didnt want that so i closed my eyes on the way but i noticed in the corner of my eye that the mansion had expensive furnitures in every room we passed. i became nervous and i started to bite my lips. finally, i arrived at the room, my father and a man under a curtain was in the room. maybe it was the rumoured lord, i sitted next to my father and father started to talk, "Yuri, your finally here!I want you to meet Takumi Kobayashi, from now on he will be your fiancee". I was shocked of what my father told me. this mysterious lord is my Fiancee? be continued

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