Heartbeat- HSR (High School Romance)

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A girl experienced a high school love in her new school...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Heartbeat- HSR (High School Romance)

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



It was monday, I hate modays! I wonder if something fun will happen today.

I was walking on my way to my locker.

My name is Francine Barliso and I am Filipino and I just have currently moved to chicago from the Philippines for the last 1 and a half year, but I am still not used to the life style here in Chicago. I am now a freshmen in high school in Steinmetz College prep.

Even though I am new, I gained a lot of friends. I didn't want to be left out in my class, so, I always find a way to get close to the girls who seat close to me.

One of my bestfriend is Kienna, she is wonderful. She is also aFilipino like me. She is kinda short, small hair, and she is very nice. Another bestfriend of mine is Yuni, she is cool, she dyes her hair, and she is just fun to talk with.

I call Kienna my cousin and Yuni as my sister. I always treat them more than my friends!I treat them as one of my family.

I have always been lonely in my childhood. I was always bullied by my classmates because I always put my hair on my face and because I am quiet. Everyone would tease me as" the grudge" because of my long black hair.

Sometimes, when I am really depressed, I would always take a pair of scissors and just slowly cut some of my hair."The grudge" huh?Do I really look like her?Am I really that scary?

That really didn't matter to me because right now ,I have these wonderful friends to support me.I never regret leaving my country because it changed me on how I view my life.

"Francine!", a voice called me out .

"Oh!It's you, Kienna!Good morning!", I said with a big smile in my face.

"Ohayoo!",Kienna answered.(Ohayoo means Good morning in japanese, just to let you know!)

After I gathered my things in my locker, me and Kienna talked in our way to our classes because we had the same first class period.

Our first class period was gym. I always loved gym!I especially love volleyball.I just love how the ball bounces when you hit it hard,and, If I'm lucky enough, I may be able to hit another person again.Hehehe! My friends think I am weird because I love hitting people with the ball. I don't know why, I just love it!

"Rinnnnggg!!", the bell rang.

"Where is Yuni?", I asked Kienna. "You know her, she's always late!",replied Kienna and we started to giggle. Me and my bestfriends had the same first period class but Yuni always comes late.

"Class!we are playing dodgeball today, seperate into two groups and start to do some warm-ups!"

"Mwahahaha!Another excuse to hit people with the ball!", I thought to myself and I smirked.

"Francine", Kienna poked me,"I know what you are thinking, Francine, and you know well enough that you can't hit people hard with the ball remember?".

"...I know,I know, geez!".

Me and Kienna positioned ourselves and started to do some warm-ups.

"One, two, three , four, five, si-Ah!!!", I was interupted when someone poked my waist. I am very ticklish.

I turned around and saw Yuni and Kienna laughing,"When did you get here, Yuni?", I asked.

"I came two minutes ago, but you were too serious excercising", Yuni said after she laughed.

Our gym teacher slowly placed the ball in the middle of the court and said,"Okay guys!Get to your position and start playing when I blow the whistle!Understand?".

"Yes!!!", everybody in the gym responded.

"one, two, three,~blows the whistle~", everybody started to run and gathered the ball.

In only in a matter of seconds, people were throwing balls everywhere. People were getting hit ,and, finally it was only 4 of us in our group and 5 of them on the other side.

Kienna and Yuni was already out at the middle of the game. Now, It's only me and 3 other boys that I don't know. I am really bad at talking with guys, because, I always feel nervous when I get near a boy. Maybe the only guys I talk to, is my brother, dad, and my teacher.

"Uh-oh!", I mumbled to myself. Three oponents were walking closer to me and I started to walk balkwards.

I kept walking backwards until I touched the wall. This is not good!I will get hit.

One of the guys threw a ball at me and I barely dodged it. Then, the other person threw a ball at me and I closed my eyes,and then suddenly, somebody pushed me down.

I opened my eyes to see a guy on top of me.

He was one of the guys who were in my team, I wonder why he helped me.

Now that I think about it, He looked soo handsome and I couldn't help but stare at him.My heart started to make some weird noises, am I sick?

"Um...", I shyly said, "Can you please get off of me?".

"Ow! I am soo sorry!", he quickly got up and he offered me his hand.

I reached for his hand and he pulled me up."Thank you!", I said with a smile .

"You are welcome", he smiled back at me.

Because of that incident, I couldn't concentrate in the game and ended up getting hit.

After a while, the game continued.

It was only him and two more oponents.The other two people threw a ball at him but he succesfully dodged them in incredible speed.

"Jeremy!Jeremy!Jeremy!", the crowd started to cheer when he both hit the remaining last oponent.

So, his name is Jeremy?I thought to myself.

When I looked back to see him, I noticed that he was heading in my direction.

"Are you okay?", He asked me.

"Yeah!Thank you for helping me awhile back there!", I replied.

"That's good!...Um...may I ask for your name?", I was surprised when he asked for my name.

"My name is Francine, Francine Barliso. How about you?", I asked him back.

"My name is Jeremy, Jeremy Brooks!".

From that day on, my high school life changed forever.

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