Faking Daylight

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A story of love, broken hearts, twisted fate, and bloody fists. High school girl Tess Clark is soon wondering what exactly she is, and if she can live in the truth.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Faking Daylight

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



Faking Daylight



When people think of Highschool, they think of fun. Highschool is the prime of life, or so they say. It’s filled with team sports, clubs, music, romance, drama…the list could really go on and on… but for Tess Clark, it’s so much more. With the high tide dream to become her city’s greatest MMA champ, she’s right in the fray, experiencing something beyond a prime, and trying to maintain school grades at the same time. Her life couldn’t go wrong.

Until she met the girl who had it calm and easy—Kathryn Henderson.

In the blink of an eye, everything seems so much harder. With emotional conflict running into her life, she is faced with a difficult situation; either pursue true love, while struggling to make it big and dragging her name in the mud, or become a fake to her personality, suffering true heartbreak.

When school is over and done with, I'll start writing this seriously, along with Cattails. It's my first romance novel, let alone a Lesbian fic, which is inspired by my current feelings (Yes, I'll be honest, and I'm a real freak of nature, huh.). It will also have a lot of action, since for a fact, I can't NOT write action. While It's currently rated R for restricted, I'll probably bump it up, since I plan to put some erotic scenes. Below I'll post images of each character, but be warned that these ARE NOT exactly how they'll look. It's just a rough thing, to help in the mean time.




Ignore the shirt. Tess is 16, kind of an outcast, but a real touch chick.

She's got kind of a punk look, with dark brown hair with a violet streak,

and usually wears a variety of silver jewelry to partner her many piercings.

Because of her MMA addiction, she often obtains many scars and




Kathryn is also 16, and has a more innocent, introverted appearance. She's

a bit of a poet and an artist, with red-brown hair, green eyes, and tons of freckles.

Her shy personality makes her likeable, though sometimes the dream-struck

edge to that makes others think she's strange.



Greg is 17, got held back a year, and is a city guy. He is Tess's best friend,

and he helps her organize and get into the fights. They hang out, but during

school, they try not to communicate. They know everything about each

other. He leaves his hair and facial hair long, thinking it makes him look both

more manly, and more mature




Jason is a clean, straight A, high honor role and popular guy, who just so

happens to be both Kathryn's childhood friend and boyfriend. He is fairly rich,

and seems to have an amazing reputation. Because of that, Kathryn has both a

likeable reputation and a spiteful one.

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