Dead Faith - Initiated

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An odd group of people are called upon by the Mighty Ones for a mission that could save the world from an evil created by the said Mighty Ones. Can this group of six battle their way through werewolves and dark magyks, pass titans and other mystical beings. Will they be initiated into the holy circle of the chosen.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011



PROLOGUE - vita ante acta

When forming new worlds and new planes, it takes a while for life to come to terms with itself. To know it exists, and to evolve. It could take days, weeks or months, years, decades or centuries, maybe millennia. However, what if there were ultimate beings waiting for the creation of a world. A world designed for them to watch and control, beings that eventually be referred to in myths as gods by religious believers. What if beings like these, were given names from the inhabitants of the world they observe? Some call them 'the Mighty Ones', some may go as far as to call them faeries, and others could have other names given to them. The 'Mighty Ones' watch over this world and whatever inhabits its surface. Fenyx: who helps the journeys of the souls from one vessel to another; Dystyn: who writes the story for each individual soul; and Samiaza: who eases the soul’s sufferings after they leave one vessel. Samiaza seems to possess the most difficult role as some souls find themselves bound to carry on, so he gives them either time to wonder around or leaving a little bit of the soul, like a memory, allowing them to come to terms with their fate. It is said that if you are around at a time of a wondering soul, you can sometimes see its imprint left behind. The likes of which referred to as ghosts or spirits.

For life to start on this newly born world of rock, sand, ice and water, there is a requirement of souls. Souls have been around for as long as the universe or so some people like to believe. Souls are impossible to be created from nothing, so sometimes souls are split to expand populations of the universes. Eventually after life dies from other worlds, the souls will make their way to this new planet creating grass, plant life and flowers; filling the world with vegetation. When that overpopulates the world, they will create newer life like those that could swim, to those that can fly and eventually those that can walk on four legs to those on two. As a whole, the 'Mighty Ones' watched and supervised as the world grew. For these ultimate beings, time is practically non-existent. They can go back an era or forward, but time on their plain is always going forward. The creations and destructions that take place on our world to them, could take a long time or no time at all. They live out on a plain that exists, yet does not if someone was to look for it. Some individuals could have seen it in dreams, stumbling from their waking reality into an emptiness of hope, but also fear.

Other beings, as powerful, more powerful and less powerful than the mighty ones came to watch the world’s progress and sometimes contributing. Not one of the three saw it as a problem. If anything, it was encouraged. New species evolved from the old and the population grew keeping the balance in the universe that as one life dies (flora or fauna) another will soon be born. Some of the older creatures completely vanished, some stayed, some left remains to be found. Some wore scales and others wore feathers. Some had fur, where some would either gain more or shed most of it. These beings came and went but one decided to stay behind. An interest grew in his mind. He knew he could gain from this world. Samael decided in giving a few species knowledge. These were able to think and decide for themselves, they had the ability to question what they thought was wrong or right. He took himself amongst the creatures but only in a guise, he knew they could comprehend.


Eventually one species advanced forward and became dominant, putting the other species below them. The 'Mighty Ones' looked upon this with interest, an interest you would see in a child as he/she opens a long awaited gift. These creatures started to rename everything and eventually a new beginning had been re-written; “the beginning of man”. Ignorance and laziness settled into their minds, disregarding and forgetting their duties to the 'Mighty Ones'. Those that had not forgotten them gave them new faces and some gave them new names. In some cases, they created other beings, new gods. Then certain groups of people tried to rule out possibilities of original beginnings and processes. Trying to dictate they are the ultimate people.

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