The Amateur Actors of Orange County

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Sam notices and angry stare and later a familiar face. But he just can't place it.

Chapter 21 (v.1) - From Off the Sidewalks of Balboa

Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017



From Off the Sidewalks of Balboa:

As soon as the intermission commenced Sam Witherspoon immediately left his seat in the third row.  This time worn tactic was executed simply to avoid being trapped in his section by autograph hounds and selfie seekers.  It consisted of Sam removing himself quickly to the aisle, where he began to slowly make his way up its length to the lobby beyond.  There he could reposition himself more logistically to deal with the adoring public that was certain to confront him.  When people tried to politely impede his progress to reach the lobby Sam would then kindly suggest that they all follow him to the lobby.  That way they wouldn’t be blocking the aisle, which would otherwise create a safety hazard by blocking normal traffic.  So like the Pied Piper of old, Sam deftly led this newly formed procession of the excited curiosity seakers right up aisle and out the double doors.  This being accomplished he then turned around to face all of the smiling faces, which were now coalesced all around him in the center of the Lobby.  There he could more efficiently sign their programs, pose for their selfies, chat, answer their questions, then humbly except their praise and well wishes.  A task he had performed countless times before at other public events that he had attended.  And like all those other times, everyone in the lobby who approached him seemed friendly and appreciative.  Except one.  A young woman who kept staring directly at him with a rather angry look upon her face.  Sam was puzzled by this, so after he finished greeting with his last well wisher, he closed the ten foot distance between him and the angry looking woman to see if something was wrong?  At which point, she turned on her heals and simply walked away from him in silence, leaving the lobby entirely to return to her seat in the theatre.

A familiar face:

Much like George Rook, over the years Abby Shield's Great Uncle Donny did not own a television set, or even a computer.  In fact, he did George Rook one better and went completely off grid by not even possessing a cell phone.  His reasons for being so elusive were much different from George's however.  His purpose for exiling himself from modern society were due to his homelessness and inability to cope outside of prison life.  George's reasons for his limited contact with most of society (not all of society of course) was due to his disinterest in it.

Now getting back to Donny, something had changed in him over past few weeks since he had accepted Sam Witherspoon's hospitality of a plate of freshly grilled corbina.  He suddenly began to cope with society quite well, and all the while by also reconnecting with it.  Even to a point where he was no longer homeless. How had he managed to do this? Call it Devine Providence, call it sheer luck, call it what you want, but he had help getting off the streets.  And that help had not come from kindly Sam Witherspoon either, well not directly.  That hand up to get off the sidewalks of the Balboan Strand had come from a completely unexpected source; the very same woman who had recently barred Donny Shields from coming into her food and drink establishment to visit the men's room.

Although Sam Witherspoon had never openly accused Mandy Lukens of being heartlessly prejudicial against homeless Donny Shields, the night he had accidently, on purpose, interrupted Donny's banishment from her saloon, she could tell by looking into Sam Witherspoon's steely blue eyes that he had weighed her in scales and found her wanting.  She brooded over Sam's steely blue eye'd gaze for days to a point where she felt judged and then felt anger for being judged.

"Big shot movie star.  Who is he to judge me", she grumbled to herself, while wiping down her antique wooden bar one morning while trying to get ready for the midday lunch crowd.  Then she noticed Donny Shields pushing his shopping cart down the sidewalk past her saloon.

"Hey you?!"  She yelled outside of an open sliding glass window from the inside of her saloon.  "Shopping cart man!  Want a job?!"

And now, only three weeks later', Sam Witherspoon, just as he was about to return to his seat to watch the second act of "Little Women", noticed an elderly gentleman.  A very well dressed, clean cut, elderly gentleman standing just inside of the main entrance to the lobby.  And he had a very familiar looking face, but try as he might, Sam just could not place where, or when, he had seen that face before.

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