The November Reflections

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Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013




One Voice




Final Reflection


I can’t pretend I have all of the solutions. I am still only one voice, limited to my experience through my short existence in one world. I believe one voice is a powerful thing though. One voice can inspire action, change, and revolution among many other things. I guess it’s all about how you use yours.


I believe my world has its very own special, unique set of issues. I believe there is one missing variable that brings them all together. That factor is love. Everyday love slips farther and farther between the cracks. Already about half of our marriages, eternal vows of unconditional love, end in divorce. If we cannot love at least one person, how are we supposed to remember to love our neighbors? How can we be expected to teach our kids love, compassion and kindness? How are we to turn all of our “me” into a whole lot of “we”? Love is the glue that holds us together, as sappy as it may sound. The problem is we are almost out of glue.


What happens when the bonds loose hold? Will everything fall apart? If we no longer have appreciation for love, for each other, where will we be left? Scientists are predicting left and right the shortages of natural resources we’ll have by the end of the century. Still, I am worried that before I die, before my grandchildren have a chance to even get a start in life, the love will run out before the food or the water or the space. Already men take each other’s lives daily. Even teens shoot up schools before they have the chance to reach adulthood. The effect is trickling down. My fear is that when an entire society does not know love, neither will their leaders.  The world could very well tear itself to pieces, in an attempt to get on top.


It may seem ironic to you that I began these entries by telling you all I have to be thankful for and ending it with all of the things that I have to complain about. That’s how I choose to use my voice though: to protect every blessing that I have to be thankful for. Because if I don’t speak out to protect what I believe in, who else will? If I can’t stop the pattern here, maybe you can stop it there.


So ultimately the purpose behind this paper is not to demonstrate the broken parts to the machine I am a function of. No, anyone could see our flaws. I’d like to point out that everyone also has the power to fix them, to use their voice to make a difference. That is what I will leave you with dear reader. You have been warned of the danger and now you have been informed on how to stop it from happening to you. Don’t be silenced. Enjoy your freedom. Be an individual. Use your voice.


“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?”

“Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.”


-Bob Marley

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The November Reflections

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