The November Reflections

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Submitted: March 17, 2013




Big Numbers Inside the Triangle


Time is Money


Reflection 6


From as far back as I can remember my family has taught me to throw paper and water bottles in the recycle. From there they are taken to plants that have methods of reusing them so that we don’t be wasteful. As I got older teachers taught me that on the bottom of every recyclable container was a triangle with a number inside of it. They told me that if the item had a 1 or 2 they were usually the only items that were recyclable. If there was a bigger number inside the triangle though, it was harder to get them back because there were only special ways to recycle them. Not many people bother with the bigger numbers so usually they get thrown away.


I’ve always viewed time as an item with a big number in the triangle. There are only few ways to get it back and most people are just wasteful about it. If it’s not given back to others, has it really had purpose in the first place? In my country we are so entirely lucky. Overall, and especially as teenagers, we have more free time than nearly any other group on the planet. You would think this would lead to extra productivity. No, in fact quite the opposite occurs. Most teens spend their time watching TV, causing problems for other people out of sheer boredom, playing sports, attending clubs or possibly doing drugs or other illegal things. Not all of these things in and of themselves are bad, though some definitely are. The fact of the matter is there is too much redundancy that goes on. If a kid plays sports that is most likely all he spends his time doing. Likewise is true for the kid watching TV after school. My generation lives in fear of trying new things and being engaged in multiple activities. I can only imagine if everyone took a bit of their extra time and devoted it to something new, something not about just ourselves. How different my world would be.


I always wondered why animals use their time so proficiently and we don’t. An animal works to survive 24/7. When it isn’t physically working, it is resting to gain energy for more work. Every activity has a purpose of some sort. It’s admirable in a way and raises the question whether I am greater than the beast or the beast is greater than I. Perhaps I have the greater intelligence to comprehend social usage of free time or maybe I complete my daily tasks necessary for survival faster. Yet then again maybe the animal realizes that every moment is valuable and not one should be wasted on unproductive habits. An ant works all day to benefit the colony while we work for a much shorter time simply to benefit ourselves. Still, we have the nerve to call this work.


Time is exponential. The closer we reach to being out of it the faster it seems to progress. Faster and faster and faster it goes until it blurs into the asymptote; life into death. One would think dear reader that we would grip to life with all fear of losing it at such high speeds. Instead I think a lot of the time we let it slip by us without true appreciation of it. Not every moment should be work but most of them should be spent with others. That is the only way to use it and guarantee that it gets recycled.


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