Rising Darkness: The Awakeing

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 02, 2011



CHAPTER 19: Hostage.
When I woke up today everything felt different. I was noticing little things in life that I hadn’t for the past months because everything felt like it could be the last time. I decided to take a bubble bath today, which I hadn’t done in years. And as I showered I remembered my childhood, when I was about five years old. I was in this same tub and mom was giving me a bath.
“What do you want to be when you’re an adult?” she said smiling warmly at me as she watched me wash myself.
“I want to be a princess!” I answered enthusiastically. “Can I be a princess mommy?”
“Of course you can sweetie, you can be anything you want to be” she said giving me a hug getting her wet in the process. But it didn’t matter, because clothes were dispensable. The love of a mother wasn’t.
Of course now I know that I can’t be a princess, but I know that I could be anything I wanted. Of course I could work at my father’s company Connor Pharmaceuticals, dad left it for us after all. But my true passion is acting, and someday I want to be an actress. Besides I think the company is best left in the hands of Aunt Marie and Aaron.
When I finished getting ready I decided that this morning I would sit down and get breakfast with Aunt Marie and Aaron. And it was just lovely; for once I felt some sense of normalcy. We ate, and we caught up with each other. I was happy the conversations didn’t lead to anything supernatural it was just topics like school, work, our romantic lives etc. So I didn’t have to lie this morning to anyone. It all felt so good that I made a promise to myself, if we survived this I would never again take anything for granted.
When we finished I decided that the natural part of my day was over, so it was time to handle the supernatural. I was heading towards my car when I heard footsteps following me; I stopped and turned to see how it was. Uncle Darwin was approaching me, the raven walked so tall and confident that it was almost too intimidating to be in his presence. And the way he looked at me wasn’t the way an Uncle should look at his niece. The way he looked was the way a business man looked and at its competition, fierce and determined to win.
“I suggest you don’t go to the Crystal Lake Day celebrations this year, we might confuse you as one of them.” he said, his gaze softer than before.
I didn’t know what to say to that, try to change his mind was all I could do. “I am begging you Uncle Darwin to not go through with this, let us handle it. We know where they’re hiding, we’ll handle them there.” He seemed unfazed by my attempts to change his mind. “Please”
His face went straight back to being the face of an efficient businessman. “You have until the end of the Crystal Lake Day beauty pageant to stop them. If they don’t we will go forward with our own plan”
I felt like I could breathe freely again, because we had time to do this. I had time to save my boyfriend, that is if I survive this first.
“Thanks you” I told him giving him an unexpected hug. At first I noticed he tensed but then relax as he put his arms around me. It felt like it was supposed to, it felt like it used to be. This was my uncle, not the businessman that just gave me an ultimatum. Suddenly I felt his body tense up again and I knew it was time for part was.
“I have to go” he said turning towards the house.
“Me too” I responded to late.
I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t told no one about the conversation I had with Uncle Darwin yesterday. Not that it had escaped my mind, but I just didn’t find the right time. And after Aaron’s display yesterday every conversation we had for the rest of the day was about him.
As I got comfy behind the steering wheel of my car I heard the messaging tone of my blackberry torch go off. I took it out of my small black purse which was in the passenger’s seat of my car. As I slid my fingers over the smooth surface of the touch screen I saw the text I had received.
“No need to pick me up. Already as Lucian’s” It was Carla.
“Okay, got something to tell you guys. I’m on the way” I replied.
I put the phone back in my purse and went on my way. I was supposed to pick up Carla today but I guess she decided to go ahead and help them with the final details of our plan, which I didn’t feel that confident about. But having a plan was better than going against them relying solely on our abilities.
When I arrived I saw Damian stocking up weapons into the back of Lucian’s black SUV that was parked in front on the house. I parked next to it. I got out I went to see what Damian was packing into the trunk, he had every weapon one could imagine that could disable a vampire. Wooden stakes, stake launchers, crossbows even guns.
“This is for you” he said giving me a crossbow that could be loaded with four stakes.
I took at and felt that I had to put in more strength than I thought to carry it. I lifted it up to eye level to I could practice my aim. I was so concentrated I practicing that I didn’t realize until it was too late that I was aiming straight at Damian’s throat.
“Don’t point it at your friends!” he said quickly catching the perfectly whittled stake.
“So we’re friends now?” I said taking back the stake and reloading it into the crossbow.
“Aren’t we though? I mean what do you call this?”
“I call it a partnership of convenience. As soon as we’re done it’s over”
“Ouch” he said closing the trunk door. “You aim straight for the heard don’t cha”
I just shook my head and went inside knowing Damian was following me. As I entered into the living room I found Carla going over some spells in a book while Lucian was packing some blood bags into a black bag. He must have noticed my questioning gaze.
“In case we get hurt. So we don’t have to drink fresh” By the way that he said we I knew that he meant Damian.
“I figured out that much” I told him planting a quick kiss on his soft lips.
Before I could separate from him he put his arm around my waist holding me close to him and whispered in my ear. “You don’t have to do this”
“I have to” I told him planting a firm kiss on him. This one lasted longer and if we were alone it would have left to more; someone was bound to get uncomfortable.
“Let’s go over the plan, shall we?” said Damian after a fake cough. And then he continued. “They are staying at a cabin near the cemetery. There’s a human in the house so Evangeline and Carla go into the house and invite us in. From my surveillance I noticed that the backdoor would be the perfect way in. After you invite us in me and Lucian will go in first with the torches and light up the place from the inside out to draw them outside. You two will wait outside and when they come use your weapons and abilities to finish them. Got it?”
“Got it?” the rest of us said in unison.
“Let’s go then” Carla motioned faking enthusiasm. But I could feel that she was scared more than she was willing to let on.
As the guys went ahead I grabbed a hold of Carla in the house entrance. “Were going to be okay, don’t worry”
“I know we are but...” she told me trailing off.
“Today I woke up with this feeling that....that I won’t make it past this day”
I hugged her immediately, holding her tight. “Nothing is going to happen to you. I have your back”
After a few second I felt her nod and we broke the hug. I closed the front door and got into the car. The four of us rode in silence to our uncertain future.
Before we reached the cemetery Damian who was driving took a left and continued on a dirt road barely wide enough for the car to go through beneath the shadows of tall trees. And soon I realized where we were going; it was the cabin of Mrs. Clearwater. Mrs. Clearwater was a lady in her mid sixties, she and her husband lived in town but since he died a few years ago she moved to the cabin. She was also my teacher in second grade. I felt horrified that the sweet petit lady was trapped in her own home by vicious monster, possibly being fed in daily.
We reached a meadow about the size of a baseball field, and the cabin was at the far end of the meadow. I couldn’t help but admire its beauty, at its edges the meadow was surrounded by tall trees that perfectly contained the lush green grass. The dirt road cut through the meadow and led straight to the small yet charming wooden cabin. Somehow it seemed to fit perfectly with how I remembered Mrs. Clearwater, small but charming.
Damian parked the car at the edge of the meadow under the shadows. He instructed us to pick our weapons and follow him. Carla had the stake launcher, looked like a knight gauntlet that could shoot one of the three loaded staked on top of it every time she closed her firsts. Damian took and flame torch and Lucian took the gasoline needed to like up the place. And I had my trusty crossbow. We walked quietly under the cover of the shadows to the back of the cabin behind Damian. Together the four of us sneaked out of the shadows, and up to the navy green back door. It was already a little open so it was only a matter of me carefully pushing it further so I could get in. After I successfully invited them in phase one of our master plan was complete.
Damian and I carefully entered in the kitchen through the back door. I wanted to say something to comfort Evangeline but our plan had a strict no talking rule. The kitchen was empty and there was a door covered by a curtain right in front of us, and I knew that through that doorway lied our fate. Damian signaled me into the direction of the doorway and I nodded following him.
We looked at each other and busted into the next space simultaneously, Damian torching everything that came at us.
“Stop! NOW!” screamed a commanding voice.
My body came to an involuntary halt. I didn’t have control over my muscles anymore; it was like I was glued to the floor with my arms tightly besides my body. I struggled to break free but couldn’t and when I looked at Damian I saw that he was experiencing the same phenomena.
“Goede morgen jongens. Long time no sees” said a man in the back ground.
Through the immortals that were surrounding us I could see the top of his blond head approaching. I figured that he was the head of this coven, and as his minions parted for him to slip through I saw his familiar face. A sudden flash of memory made me realize who he was.
The man turned up, and my opinion quickly changed. He was no man, he was a monster. He had Damian’s blood all over him. His eyes were darker then the night and the veins underneath his porcelain skin were visible even in the dark.
“Who’s your daddy?” he asked the man that turned me and my brother.
“How are you doing this?” Damian asked frustrated.
“It’s simple boys. The maker gets to control the actions of his children. See, because my blood still runs in you. I can do that; I can even find where you are. And I knew you were coming here”
“It’s too bad we didn’t come for a family reunion” I said.
“Now let’s get down to business. Boys remove their weapons!” he commanded and as if on cue two members of his coven came and removed every single weapon we had on us. “You can walk in the sun, we can’t. And that’s a big problem you see. How did you do it, I mean they’re so rare”
I could hear footsteps approaching; of course they wouldn’t stick to the plan. This wasn’t going to end well and I couldn’t stop it from happening no matter what. To stake flew by between me and Damian, they hit two of the immortals straight in the heart. The third one that flew by was intended for the intimidating blonde in front of me, but he quickly caught it. I heard Evangeline and Carla scream but I couldn’t my head to see what has happening. But in an instant the blonde was gone in and the next he was back holding Evangeline in front of me.
“Let me get this straight, bring me the Nephilim that made you a day walker, or she dies” said the blonde.
I was back in control of my body and so was Damian. I looked around for Carla but she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. This meant she must have run outside. E pulled Damian out of the living room back from where we came. We had to do something fast. Before. I didn’t even want to think it but I had too. Before they found out that it was Evangeline. She is the Nephilim.

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