Into My Forest 2

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Forest Blackwell falls for his enchanting young companion and takes his relationship with her to a whole new level. Will everything be okay? or will everything he did to make her happy just go to waste?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Into My Forest 2

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Forest Blackwell sat in the backyard of his rather large mansion as he worked on a surprise for his darling young companion, Kensington. She was much younger than him and looked it, too. It still didn’t make her any less beautiful. With her heavy brown hair and striking blue eyes, she was nothing less than perfection, and Forest thought so, too.

Forest’s small friend held his interest from the first time he saw her. She now was considered his best friend. She knew all about Forest and his endeavors. Every woman he had ever been with, she knew about. She could name every pair of trousers he owned in his wardrobe. She even knew the names of every maid in his home. Of course, when Forest had met her he hadn’t expected anything such as the friendship they had now, but it had and for his boldness, he was grateful.

It was summer time when he had first laid his eyes on the most beautiful creature that had crossed his existence. Forest meandered oddly around the park in his dress suit. A hard day of work had done in on his mood and he was exhausted, but he continued on through his normal every day walk. He came across the small pond where the children stood pulling out fish before tossing them back into the water, then being reprimanded by their mothers. His eyes twinkled as he watched a small boy tease a girl by pulling at her pigtails. She’d whine then shove him to the pond, leaving him soaked and crying.

Forest loved children. He didn’t have any, being at the age of twenty-five, that was unlikely in this time. Forest was the most eligible bachelor in his town and he was constantly pushing women away in hopes of getting some alone time for himself. With his business that he thanked his mother for- she had struck oil twenty or so years ago- and taking care of himself, he didn’t have much time for love or children or anything he really wanted. Now don’t be mistaken, Forest had his fair share of fun with one night stands and such, but never really took much time to find the one person who he would give everything up for.

It wasn’t that Forest didn’t want that, he did. He just hadn’t found himself looking in the right places. With his high status in town, it was hard to tell who was with him for him, or for his money and soon he found himself giving up on love and a happily ever after. Now when he needed relief, he’d call for one of his normal girls and they’d be at his doorstep in no time, hoping that maybe this time he’d ask them to marry him. It never happened, but they always came when he asked. Maybe this time will be different, they would think. It never was.

Forest continued his daily walk through the park hearing the birds chirp and the laughter of children, but one certain laugh caught his attention in particular. It sounded like wind chimes. Forest felt his head involuntarily snap to the right to find the source of his distraction. A young girl sat in the grass rolling around with a black lab as it tried to lick her face. Her flowing navy dress was spread around on the ground as the dog pounced on her playfully. Forest smiled as the young brunette’s hair flailed around her face in attempt to her get away from her dog.

Forest found himself walking towards the young girl, her small giggles still passing through his ears. When finally making his way over to her, the girl looked up and her giggling stopped, probably shocked by his handsome looks. Forest was not surprised by her reaction to him. He knew he was an attractive man with his dark brown hair that was left unkempt on top of his head. He never brushed it or did anything to it besides washing it. Without any care to his hair, it was left to fall down and into his eyes. Forest’s eyes were a pretty hazel, but not really. They were beautiful, almost yellow and cat-like, but pretty all the same, with thick long eye-lashes framing them.

Now that Forest was closer to her, he could see she had bright blue eyes and that her hair was not only brown, but when put into the sun it had a slight reddish tint to it. With her attention no longer on her dog, he stopped trying to lick at her flawless face. The girl stood and dusted off her navy dress before speaking.

“Hello.” Was all she said and Forest’s eyes twinkled in delight. He smiled down at the girl. She had to be at least a foot short than him. She had to crane her neck just to fully see his face.

“Hello.” Forest spoke back. The girl’s eyes furrowed in confusion. Forest could see she was puzzled by his presence and could not understand why he was standing there. He didn’t really know why he was there either.

“Is there something I can help you with?” She asked, squinting her pretty eyes and looking up at him.

“Yes, actually. I would like to know your name.” Her eyes widened at his forwardness and then she nodded.

“I will tell you my name if you tell me yours.” She spoke seriously. Forest felt himself begin to chuckle with laughter and when he saw that she was still serious, his smile fell.

“You are joking, yes?” She shook her head. “You must know my name.”

“I believe I have never seen you before in my life.”

“But, I am Forest Blackwell. Haven’t you at least heard of me?” She smirked and twirled her luscious dark hair around her fingers.

“No, but I am Kensington Ellis. Haven’t you at least heard of me?”

“Well, no.”

“Well, Forest, if you don’t know me, why should I know you?” She said, rather snappily.

“Because…I’m me. Everyone knows who I am.” Forest’s face was set into such confusion that it showed all throughout his body language. He stood there shocked for a moment before he noticed that Miss Ellis was gathering her things and her dog and before he could say anything to stop her. She spun around and spoke to him.

“Just because you are the most eligible bachelor in town, Mr. Blackwell, does not mean that everyone knows who you are.” Forest stood starring shocked at the young girl. She had known who he was the whole time. “Maybe you should think about that before you go around expecting women to fawn over you.” And with that, Miss Ellis walked away.

That was two years ago. Forest had later found out all about Miss Ellis. After finding out her address he went to her house and asked to go for a walk. She had been genuinely surprised, but had said yes and it was then that he found out that she was fifteen, loved dogs, her father had died in war, had two sisters and a brother, and wanted to become a veterinarian. Being that their walk had occurred two years ago, Forest’s darling Kensie was now seventeen and him now twenty-seven. Their ten year age difference never bothered them and their bond was only seen to grow stronger.

Now sitting in his backyard, Forest was still working on his surprise for his lovely companion and could not wait until she arrived. Today was her seventeenth birthday and she was quite excited for it. She had told Forest such for the past month and a half.

“Fee!” Forest heard from his house. He looked over to where French doors on his house were wide open. He heard her voice before he saw her. “Fee!” She called, using her embarrassing nickname for him. She had come up with it out of no where, but he could never tell her not to call him that. She was just too adorable.

She ran through the large backyard and jumped into his awaiting arms. She threw her body onto his so forcefully he almost fell. For her to be such a tiny thing, he thought, she was pretty strong.

“Fee, I am seventeen today. Can you believe it?” He smiled then pecked her nose as she giggled.

“No, sweet girl, I cannot.” He set her down onto her feet and looked her up and down. She was dressed in a soft, flowing white dress that had a large red ribbon under the bust line. She had matured so much in the last two years. Her pretty brown hair was longer and the covered her breasts that had also grown since she was fifteen. She was slightly taller and the usual look of adolescence she had once had was gone. She was no longer a teen girl, she was a young woman and she was beautiful. “I have a surprise for you, Kensie.” She smiled and jumped happily.

“Oh, Fee. I didn’t ask you to get me anything.” He gently took hold of her small hand and led her farther into his backyard. He was excited to show her his gift. The one he was working on before was just a small accessory to the real thing he had planned. As they made their way through his backyard, Kensie held his hand and leant her head on his shoulder. They were extremely comfortable with one another. She had even spent a few nights at his house. She even had her own room there that Forest had designed with only her in mind.

“I think you will like this gift, my darling Kensie.” She shook her head and laughed.

“Oh, not as much as the gift that you got for me last year, Fee.” He had bought her all new furniture for her room and a wardrobe full of new dresses. Yes, that was an exceptional gift, but this one, she’d go crazy for. Sometimes Forest liked to think that he only lived to please his sweet Kensie. He was constantly showering her with new dresses and makeup kits. He was always trying to top his last gift. For Christmas, he’d take her on shopping sprees in Paris and New York City. For birthdays, he found himself coming up with innovative ways to tickle her fancy.

“I think this one just might top last year.” Before she could say anything more, they came upon a clearing and where there used be nothing, it looked like a small barn. Kensie looked up at Forest curiously before letting her gaze return to the small building. She rose her eyebrows in question, asking Forest permission to check it out. He nodded and nudged her forward.

She ran forward, her long brown hair blowing past her shoulders and her beautiful white dress he had finally remembered that he bought for her was flowing languidly passed her body, outlining her new womanly curves. He walked behind at a slower pace than her and then stopped ten feet before the door of the small building. She pulled open the large wooden door and gasped at the wonders inside before screaming in delight. Before Forest could say anything to her, she had disappeared behind the door. He walked closer and then was surprised when she ran back out and jumped into his arms.

“Oh, Fee!” She cried, wrapping her arms and legs around him. “Fee.” She cried into his shoulder, tears falling down his soft white t-shirt. Forest bent his knees and sat them down onto the soft grass. He spread his legs out and sat her on his lap. He rubbed her back in soft gentle strokes.

“Don’t cry, Kensie.” Forest spoke softly.

“Bu-but you got me horses, Fee! You built me a stable for the horses! How can I not cry?” He chuckled and continued to stroke her back.

“Aren’t you used to my showering of gifts by now?” Forest didn’t really know why he did it. He just knew he loved the feeling he got when he would present her with a wrapped box or something as extravagant as the gift her had just given her. Maybe it was because she never asked for anything. Kensington wasn’t a selfish girl. She never asked Forest for one of the things he had given her. He thought that if he continued to give her gifts, she would eventually start expecting things from him, but she never did. She took her head from his shoulder and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you, Fee. They’re beautiful.”

“Anything for you, Kensie.”

After a couple of hours, Forest and Kensie had ridden her horses and they were sitting in his bedroom. Kensie had decided on names for the horses. There was a boy who was black and a girl who was white. She had decided on the names, Sol for the girl, which was sun in Spanish, and Luna for the boy, which was moon in Spanish.

Now, Kensie was jumping on Forest’s bed while he worked from his beautiful mahogany desk. Forest hated paperwork, but he had to do it since his assistant was out sick and would be for the rest of the week.

“Fee, look! I can do a back flip.” Forest glanced up from his paperwork to watch as Kenzie jumped once, then twice, then threw her legs back. He saw a glimpse of her white lace panties as she flipped back onto his large bed. Forest felt a slight stir in his trousers and found himself dealing with inappropriate thoughts of his best friend. “Did you see me, Fee?”

“Yes, sweet girl. I saw you.”

“Fee, I love you. Do you love me?” Forest continued writing.

“Of course, sweet girl.” He answered without looking up from his paperwork. He had known this from the first walk they had ever taken. It was easy for him to admit the love he felt for his best friend.

“Fee, Momma says I will get married soon.” Forest stopped his writing abruptly and listened for her to continue. She continued to jump on his bed, so it made her voice wobbly. “Do you think a boy would marry me?”

“Of course, sweet girl.” He continued writing. He heard the squeaking of his bed cease as she got down from it. She came around his desk chair and sat on his lap, completely blocking his view from his paperwork.

“Would you marry me, Fee?” She asked, brushing his messy hair from his yellow eyes. His loud laughter filled through the silent room. She could be so adorable sometimes.

“Of course, sweet girl.” He sat back, his hand resting on her thigh. “How about you stay the night tonight? I’ll have Maria prepare dinner.” Kensie nodded and got off of his lap and walked out of the room. Forest watched as she made her way down the stairs, him following her and hearing his stomach rumble. When they made it to his large kitchen, she hopped onto the counter.

“Hello Maria.” She greeted Forest’s cook. She was a pretty woman in her mid forties. Her bright red lips were painted and dark hair was piled up on her head.

“Miss Ellis, how are you?” Kensie rolled her eyes.

“Maria, please. Please call me Kensington.” Kensie smiled. “Just because Fee here makes you act all formal and proper, it does not mean you have to be that way with me.” This time Forest rolled his eyes. He found his way toward Kensie and stood between her legs.

“My darling Maria. Would you please get started on dinner?” He asked, sweetly, not looking away from Kensie’s bright blue eyes.

“Yes, Mr. Blackwell.” She said and began to walk from the kitchen.

“Maria” He said, looking her way. “It’s Forest for you.” He winked and she giggled all the way out of the kitchen into the actual cooking area which was where dinner was really prepared. This kitchen was for when Forest wanted to eat something quick. Looking back into Kensie’s face, Forest smiled. “Is it your life’s duty to poke fun at me in front of my staff, Kensie?” She giggled and shook her head. “Please, enlighten me.”

“My life’s duty is to take care of animals. If I cannot do that, poking fun at you in front of your staff will be my backup.” He laughed, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer to the edge of the counter.

“Then I will make sure you are able to take care of animals, sweet girl.” This time Kensie laughed, throwing her head back, making her brown hair fall over her shoulders. After two years, her laugh had stayed the same. “You have such a lovely laugh, my darling Kensie.”

“You are the only person who calls me that, you know?”

“Calls you what, sweet girl?” He said, running his hands over her thighs.


“Do you not like my nickname for you?” He asked, squeezing her thighs gently.

“I like it, Fee.”


“Fee?” Kensie asked, wrapping her arms around his neck. Forest found himself burying his face into her sweet, soft hair. It smelled like honey. He wondered if she knew her hair smelled that sweet. He wondered if she knew her whole body smelled that sweet.

“Yes, sweet girl?” He asked, his eyes closed, as he inhaled her scent. He felt her small fingers stroke through his hair.

“Did you really mean it when you said you would marry me?” He chuckled into her hair.

“Yes.” He whispered softly. That was the truth, though. If he had the chance to marry his Kenzie, he would. She was exactly what he had been looking for. She was gorgeous, she didn’t want him for his money, and she understood him and took the time to get to know him before doing anything else. He brought his face from her hair and looked into her eyes. Glancing down at her lips, his eyes softened. Kensie watched his eyes and found herself looking down at his soft lips. He leaned closer to her.

“I’ve never kissed a boy before, Fee.” She whispered, hastily.

“Really?” He kept his eyes on her lips as she nodded. “What about a man, sweet girl? Have you ever kissed a man?” Kensington shook her head. “Would you like me to teach you?” She nodded her head vigorously.

“Teach me, Fee.”

“I will.” He brought his face so close to her that their noses brushed against one another. He could feel her sweet breath fanning across his face. He soon felt intoxicated by her lovely breath. He had never ever tried anything like this with his lovely little companion, being ten years older than her, but tonight she was just too beautiful to pass up. He had always known how pretty his best friend was, but he never thought to try and get with her. It had all came to him today as he stood in between her legs. She had matured so much since the first time he saw her and he no longer thought of her as a younger sister. When he looked at her now, he saw a lover, a wife, mother of his children.

His face was so close to hers, he felt like he would explode, but he knew he had to go slow with her. He knew that this would end badly if he didn’t take into consideration what she was feeling and how she felt about this, but he didn’t get a chance to do any of that because Maria soon walked in.

“Dinner is ready, Mr. Black-” She stopped abruptly when finally looking at the position Forest and Kensie were in. Forest didn’t even move his face away from Kensie’s. It was still as close as it could be without touching.

“Thank you, darling Maria. We will be there shortly.” She nodded and walked away. “Later, I will teach you, Kensie.” She nodded and let him set her down onto the tile floor of his kitchen. They went into the dining room and sat down at the large table and ate. The silence they held wasn’t awkward or tensed. Forest knew they were both rushing to finish eating. He had never felt the need to feel his lips pressed to someone’s like this before. Soon they were finished and were telling Maria good night. As they ascended the stairs, they said nothing. Forest found his way to his room while Kensie went to hers to find a set of pajamas.

He wondered if she would actually come to visit him so they could continue whatever what was going on in the kitchen. Knowing Kensie, she wouldn’t. She was a shy girl and never took initiative. Forest undressed until he was down to his boxers and climbed into his large bed. Before falling into a deep slumber, Forest thought of his sweet girl probably laying no more than one room away from him and felt his body stir with need. He hadn’t had one of his nights with his usual girls in a while, being busy with work and Kensie’s birthday present, but the thought of one of his mistresses did not excite him the way they used to. Only the thought of the seventeen year old innocent in the next room could do that.


Forest awoke hours later to the sound of thunder, lightening, and a light rapping on the other side of his door. He sat up slightly and looked around his room to his grandfather clock. It was two o’clock in the morning.

“Come in.” He croaked softly, but sure enough that the person on the other side could hear. His door slowly creaked open and he was met with the sight of his Kensie clad in silk shorts and top set that he had distinctly remembered paying one thousand dollars for. The off white color of the set complemented her pale white skin. Her hair was wild and untamed in loud flowing waves over her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes shown brilliantly even throughout the dim room and her small petite body was flawless in the moonlight.

“Fee, it was thundering and the floor was creaking. Then the window in my room wouldn’t close and it was getting cold… C-can I sleep in here with you?” Forest nodded slightly and beckoned her in. She began walking slowly towards his bed and then the sound of thunder hit again and she quickened her pace to hop into the bed with Forest. Getting under the blankets, she snuggled close to his warm body and laid her head on his chest. Wrapping his arms around her small waist, he pressed her body against his and fell asleep all over again, except this time, he didn’t sleep so restlessly.


Forest awoke in the morning to beams of light shining through his windows. He was happy it wasn’t raining anymore. He was hoping he would be able to take Kensie out for a ride with the horses. Speaking of Kensie, he looked down at his chest to be met with the sight of his innocent sleeping soundly. Running his hands through her chestnut hair, he thought of what it would be like to wake up every morning with Kensie’s body pressed flush against his. What it would be like to call her Mrs. Forest Blackwell. The thought of her soft, ivory belly swelled with the makings of their first child, then their second. He thought of their two children, a boy and a girl running into their room to jump and prance on their bed, screaming mommy and daddy’s name.

With all of those precious thoughts prancing through Forest’s mind he realized something. He realized something so big that his heart began racing inside his rib cage. With Kensington pressed so tightly to his body, he realized excitedly that this was it.

He was in love with Miss Kensington Ellis and he was ready to let her know.

After them both getting up and having breakfast, they found themselves near the stables with Luna and Sol. Forest was teaching her how to take care of the horses. They didn’t speak of their almost kiss the night before so he just told her what a responsibility horses were and how they needed a lot of maintenance. She listened intently and nodded when needed, but she seemed slightly off, like she wasn’t all there.

“Kensie?” Her head snapped up from where they were picnicking for lunch in the fields with the horses. She held a cheese slice in her hand and nibbled at it delicately.

“Yes, Fee?” She asked, looking into his yellow eyes

“You seem…distant. Are you feeling alright?” His concerned eyes grazed her soft, flawless face for any sign of sickness. He found none.

“Yes, Fee. I’m quite alright.” She answered, still nibbling on her cheese slice. Forest searched her face again before getting onto his knees and nudging himself closer to her. Watching his actions, Kensie got onto her knees as well and looked up at him. He was illuminated in the sunlight, it bouncing off of his skin, making him look almost god-like. Reaching up, Forest removed a stray hair from Kensie’s face.

“Kensie, how I love your hair wild like this.” Kensington’s face reddened at the sincere complement.

“I could not find my gold brush you bought for me last year.” She said, looking down as if ashamed.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of, Kensie. I shall buy you another gold brush and a thousand more if you like.” He nudged himself closer to her, his chest pressed against hers, his thighs flush against her thighs. Placing his hand on her neck, just under her jaw, he felt her soft skin on his hand. Gently, he massaged her pretty neck and watched as her eyes closed and something of a whimper of approval fell from her sensual, virgin lips. As the bright sun cast its rays against her face, he noted how beautiful she looked. “How radiant you look in this brilliant sunlight, Kensie.”

“You speak so fondly of me, Fee. I am nothing but a deceased soldier’s daughter.” She spoke with her eyes closed, making her long, chocolate lashes fan against her face.

“Oh, my sweet girl. How you are so much more.” Forest spoke passionately. Moving so his face was extremely close to hers, Forest blew softly against Kensie’s lips. “I am so ready to press my lips to yours, Kensie.”

“I think I am ready, too, Fee.” He looked on at her face and leaned forward. When their lips met, it was like a fire had been lit in Forest’s body. His lips moved in sync with Kensie’s her fragile arms wrapping around his neck. Licking her bottom lip, Forest found her mouth opening to welcome his wandering tongue. His mission was examine every detail of her body, know every contour of her mouth. Wrapping his arms around her waist he lowered her down onto the soft, green grass of the field. Looking at her slightly red lips, he admired the swollenness of them and leaned down to capture them once more.

Forest found himself gathering her expensive dress he had bought for her into his hands in order to reach her soft, smooth legs. Rubbing his hands on her thighs, she moaned.

“Fee, I’ve never felt like this before. I feel like I’m on fire.” She spoke innocently.

“Shh, sweet girl.” He shushed her. “If you would give me the chance, I will put out that fire.” Nodding, she ran her fingers through his silky, dark hair. As he kissed and nipped at her untouched neck, he reached up her dress and pulled at her lace panties until they were tugged off of her. Pushing her dress to her waist, Forest watched Kensie’s face redden as she was exposed to him completely. Eyeing her bashful face, he moved up and kissed her swollen lips. “You should not be so shy, Kensie. You are stunning.” He continued to kiss her as his hand wandered down her body. It rested softly on her mound and began exploring her there on the clearing floor.

His fingers ran softly over her and elicited the most delicious moans he thought he’d ever heard. With her hips thrusting up to meet his hand, Forest found himself thinking he might go mad with this beauty lying under him. Quickening his pace, Forest felt Kensie buck harder against his hand. Her legs were clamped around his wrist and he wouldn’t have been able to remove it if he wanted to.

“Fee, oh, Fee.” Kensie moaned out. Never had that silly nickname sounded so sexy coming from her succulent lips. He kissed her deeply, just as she was about to peak and felt her moans and whimpers flow from her mouth, straight into his.

When Kensie was relaxed enough, her legs released their grip on Forest’s wrist and she fell limp on the field floor. Looking down at his innocent, she had never looked so beautiful, her hair wildly flowed out onto the grass, her dress gathered up at her waist. He pecked her lips once more and grabbed a cloth from their picnic basket and some water. Dampening the towel he dabbed at Kensie delicately before she put her hand on his to stop his actions.

“Let me.” She said, reaching for the cloth. Forest moved the cloth from her reach and shook his head.

“Let me take care of you, Kensie. All I wish to do is take care of you.” In resign, Kensington lie back on the grass and let Forest continue to dab at her core. When he was finished, he put her panties back on her and pulled down her dress. Moving back up to Kensie, he ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her closed lids. “Kensie I have fallen in love with you over the last two years.” She opened her eyes to look at his face, almost as if she was checking on his seriousness. “I wish to marry you when you turn eighteen.” Kensie gave Forest the brightest smile he had ever seen and sat up to rest her head on her knees.

“You tell a girl you love her and you expect her to come running into your arms?” Kensie teased, smiling at him brilliantly.

“When the girl is you, yes.” Forest spoke seriously. Her chiming laughter which caught him two years ago, ran through his ears.

“What kind of girl do you think I am?” She asked, slyly, before becoming serious. “Of course I will marry you, Fee. You are everything I could ever want in a man.” She said, softly. Forest smiled brilliantly before pulling her up into a large, loving embrace. He kissed her lips repeatedly.

“Oh, how much I love you, Kensie.” Forest whispered into her ear.

“You love me too much, Fee.” She whispered, sadly.

“No. Never enough, sweet girl. Never enough.”

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