Love at Last?

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Jenna moves to a new town with a new life she meets the guy of her dreams but is he all he says he is or is there more then meets the eye............
Nick Jonas Fan Fiction and with PG-13 content at some points!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love at Last?

Submitted: February 21, 2010

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Submitted: February 21, 2010



I can't believe it! Is it true I mean he says it is but is it? UGH! Why me? I mean I'm a normal girl with a stuipd but normal life right? I love him so much he is

my soul mate I know he is but why would he say something like that to me If its not true right? I just don't know! Hes so different but so ugh! The sweet

music came to me as I sat on my roof.

"Nick if you can hear me I love you!" I whisper in the wind

"Well I love you too Jenna" I whip around and see the love of my life on the center of my roof!

"Nick!!!!! I thought you went home? To England!" I almost shout as I hug him to my body

"I would never leave you Love! Your crazy to think that!" He kisses me sweetly as I deepin It. We get more and more into it but then his cold hand then

brushs my bra I pull away

"Lets go inside" I raise my eyebrow as I slide down into my room through my window and Land with a soft Thud

"I like your ideas but love aren't you a....................." He starts and lets the sentence just end

"Yes I am but I love you I'm willing to give that to you since you told me your special secrect you have told no one else! I feel special so you should too!" I

I grap him and lead him to the bed as I sink down with him shirt collar in my hands.

I know this is short but I'm just starting so please be kind about it they will get longer and I'll try to post every day! Comment and I may post earlier!

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