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After the devasting events of the so called "the end of world" in 2012, the planet evolves and a new divided society forms. In 2215, as natural disasters begin tormenting the planet once again, the new Earth inhabitants are about to learn that the events of 2012 may not have been a coincidence, forcing them to turn to untrustworthy 'allies' to help them against a new enemy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - New Friends or New Enemies

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011



"Since the beginning of time this planet had travelled through the ages. The Prehistoric age, Ice, Dark, Middle and so forth. With each passing age the inhabitants adapted, evolved to suit the new surrounds. Man being the powerful, violent and adaptable of the species. Until the age of Information. Things changed, as some had predicted the world would end in the year 2012........ They were half right.

Late December of that year disaster struck. Tsunamis, earthquakes, bush fires, landslides, cyclones, volcano name it, it happened. But the world did not end, the planet had changed again, continents had separated, merged to form new ones. A new world.... a new age. They called it the age of Evil. Some human beings survived, so the race lived on. However it also marked the dawn of a new creature which would threaten that existence. Demonic beasts emerged, mans' worst nightmares came to life.

As they seemed to have throughout the years, a new race of man began to evolve - stronger, faster, more athletic and agile. These new 'mutant' humans served as protectors for the rest, as society began the slow rebuild. Two hundred years later, in the age of Unity. Society was stronger more advanced than it ever had been. The humans and the mutant race they dubbed humanoids worked and lived together. There were no longer issues with race or origin for they were all united against their demonic foes.

Humanoids made up the majority their defence forces, police, fire-fighters and so forth. Whilst the humans generally ran the rest - the supermarkets, businesses, science labs. Things seemed back on track, attacks by their enemies were few and far between. Natural disasters were rarer then they had been through any point in history and for the first time people had all come to accept one another.

The year is 2215 and change is on the horizon once again. Natural disasters are slowly becoming more regular. Whilst reports of a new enemy from the skies. Uncertainty arose if mankind could survive into the new age, if there was to be one. So it is decided change is not acceptable, whether a new age or the end of the world. They could not sit by and do nothing. So how do they survive the disasters - and a new alien opponent?

My name is Cacus. My own existence on this world is under serious question, am I a new hope or an abomination of god. I am however a crucial component in the awakening of the new world. Should it be changed for good? Or for evil?......well I'm yet to decide..........."


1 -"New Enemies or New Friends"



The year was 2014. Hail poured heavily down from the pitch black night sky, while the wind blew violently. An all terrain carrier vehicle blasted along hard sand covered surface. The grey armoured vehicle was large but well with two large thick tyres, one at either end. Inside was a small military group of humanoids, off to investigate strange sightings.

In charge of the unit was a towering man, with thin balding white hair and thick bushy eyebrows. His nose was bent, having been broken so many times, his skin pasty and covered with blemishes. While like all humanoids his eyelids were on the sides of his eyes, rather than above and below. Their hands were seven fingered and webbed much like their feet and toes. "Commander Wevir, we’re nearing the sight," the driver called out from the inter-com.

"Acknowledged," the leader replied before signalling to his lieutenant to ready the rest. The lieutenant was a younger female humanoid, a thin figure with blonde hair tied back ever so tightly. She had all the usual humanoid features but was easily distinguished from the others by a large scar running down the right side of her face and the fact each of her eyes was a different colour, one blue the other green. She went by the name of Kara Luner.

The speed of the vehicle quickly reduced before it came to a grinding halt. The hail had eased back but the rain was still relentless. The team of armed soldiers scrambled out of the carrier, itchy fingers placed over the trigger of their machine guns. Thunder and lightning bellowed through the sky. They were placed underneath a massive cliff, which was split in the middle allowed some of the nearby ocean to trickle in forming a shallow stream. Wevir signalled to his team to head into the towering archway.

Since the changing of the earth in 2012 they had become accustomed to battling demonic creatures and the like, which they had named Chronadons, however this is not what they were expecting to see on this fateful night. Wevir and Luner led the troops deep into the archway, they walked far through twists and turns, while the trickle of ocean seemed to get deeper and deeper until it was up to their waists.

"I don’t see anything boss, maybe it’s gone," said Andrew Hopper, the fitness obsessed, cocky red head. "Keep your eyes open Hopper and your mouth shut," Luner ordered.

"Over there," came the sudden cry from one of the soldiers. Everyone’s’ eyes darted over to the cliff wall. Sure enough a tall dark brown figure could be seen. Spikes ran along its back, a slender figure with sharp claws on the ends of its fingers and toes. It’s teeth sharp, forehead large while its eyes were glowing red. It had not noticed the humanoids.

"What the hell is it? And what’s it doing?" whispered Andrew. The creature stood nearby what seemed to be a crate of some kind. Green glowing crystals were inside. A device in its hands crushed the crystals into a fluid which it then injected into various parts of the cliff-face and ground beneath the water. "Halt, stop what you’re doing," Wevir shouted out. The monster quickly reached for the weapon which was sitting on top of the crate and fired a blast of yellow circular rings in their direction.

It was well off target, but once the blast hit the side of the cliff everything began to tremble. Rocks began to fall from the top. "Fire, Fire," Wevir ordered. Every single soldier began to fire their machine guns at the creature. It was resilient and took many slugs, before finally falling to the ground. Everyone took a moment to collect themselves, it appeared to be dead. The rain began to ease, but the sound of thunder rattling through the sky was still deafening.

The Earth began to shake and debris began tumbling from the walls. "Oh, that’s just great.....grab the body, grab the crate and we’ll head back to headquarters," Wevir ordered.



December 13, 2215. A large alien spacecraft was detected entering the solar system. It was a circular massive machine and was armed to the teeth. Earth satellites tracked the vehicle from the moment it was spotted by their radars right until the moment it stopped just outside Earth’s atmosphere, where it came to a standstill and just sat without any attempt to make contact. Three days later a troop of alien creatures attacked a beachside village. The military responded, but it was like sending lambs to the slaughter sixty soldiers went, seven returned.

December 17. The large metal doors slide open at World HQ, the top military research facility on the planet. The seven survivors from the beach village attack trudged down the long, bland corridors until they reached the meeting room. Awaiting them were the army generals, world leaders and best scientists and researchers on Earth.

Heading the meeting was Edward O’Riley the planets current leader. "Commander Mark Wevir, please explain the events of the Karnburry village attack."

"There’s not much to explain, we’d gather information twenty odd of these aliens had attacked the village. Killing most but for some reason others were kept alive, captive. We still believe that some may still be now as well. I led a team of sixty soldiers in they jumped us before we knew what was going on and as you can see the few survivors are all in this room," Wevir explained.

"We were no match for we’re absolutely screwed," Hopper interrupted, before receiving dirty looks from all in the room.

"We don’t have enough experienced troops to fight these things off, Mr. O’Riley. We could probably muster up another twenty or so top class soldiers to go with the seven of us, however everyone else hasn’t had enough combat experience or are rookies still in training," Wevir explained.

"How do we fight them? Humanoids are the most powerful, skilful species on Earth and they are no match, but why are they here?" O’Riley said with his pudgy face buried in his hands.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news," said the thin, grey haired scientist John Hadley, "but we think this could be the start of the end. All the way back in 2012, just before all the natural disasters that nearly ripped this planet apart there were reports of similar occurrences. Of course after the events nobody remembered, but satellites still took images of the alien ship outside our atmosphere. Very similar to those we’ve received in the last few days. We have tried to make contact and they’ve replied with a single word........ Death. "

"Fantastic. So what do you think they are going to do?" Luner asked.

"We don’t know, we’re not sure whether the aliens were linked to the disasters it could be a coincidence," said another scientist, the young blond haired Marcus Harn, "But we’ve tried to hack their system through our satellites but we’ve only got hold of one thing. A timer counting down to ten o’clock exactly on December twenty six.......roughly the same time as the mass disasters occurred in 2012."

"Well we need to find answers and we need to find a way to fight them to get those answers," Wevir stated. The great scientists and researchers of the room all looked around at each other before Harn piped up, "we have a way to fight them, numbers will be against us but we can fight the aliens with their own resource."

He confused looks on everyone else’s faces said it all and Hadley continued to explain. "You know the green crystals that you found in the alien container. Well we were able to crush them down into a fluid, there was enough for eleven syringes. We discovered that the chemical can create life, powerful life at that up to five times stronger and more agile, athletic and so on then a Humanoid. Life forms stronger then the aliens themselves. We called the fluid Supercide. Unfortunately when injected into existing life forms they are consumed by evil."

"So why was it pumping it into the Earth, and how does it help us?" Hopper interrupted once again.

"I don’t know the answer to your first question but if we created our own life forms using the chemical they could be born free minds. Able to make decisions and learn on their own," Harn answered.

"Humanoids?" Luner asked.

"No....," O’Riley replied, "we would have to create our own aliens, with what we learned from researching the deceased body you brought to us, they are the only creatures that could absorb Supercide and not be completely consumed by the evil that exists within the chemical."

"I don’t like the thought of putting our lives and the fate of our planet in alien hands, I mean that’s who we’re fighting against," Wevir said.

"We don’t have much choice, we don’t stand a chance against them any other way, there are nine syringes left, and we can create nine of our own aliens to help the humanoids. If they turn against us we’re no worse off, but they could be the difference for our side if they don’t," the scientist explained.

"This just leaves a bad taste, I can’t stand the thought of this," Mark Wevir reinforced.

"Nonsense I’ve put millions of dollars into this project and I trust my men have done the job properly," said O’Riley, "how long would it take to grow these things into fully developed life forms?"

Harn and Hadley both glanced at each other, their faces covered with pride. "They’re already developed aren’t they," said Luner. The scientists both glanced at each other, nodded their heads and signalled for everyone to follow them. They all began to trudge through the building corridors into secure areas accessed only by key cards. "They’re nearly two weeks old," Hadley began to explain, "though they are still very young and with an estimated life span of one hundred and twenty years, they are physically ready to go. They’ve spent one day training with weapons, one day learning Earth history and another practising hand to hand combat. They’ve picked it all up incredibly quickly, the only thing is that they are yet to define themselves, learn who they are and what they stand for.......and they can only do that on the outside world."

"What if they don’t stand for the same things we do," Hopper whispered to Luner, who was thinking the same thing herself. Hadley continued, "Given the nature of supercide, despite already possessing unbelievable ability we’ve also been able to boost one certain ability or skill, if you will, to create the ultimate team."

They reached a large steel door. Both Hadley and Harn had their hand prints scanned and the massive door opened up to reveal a row of numbered cells. By each secure metal door was a small window. "Don’t worry we can see them, they can’t see us," Harn said. They approached the first cell. "Gaze you eyes upon the team commander, the special skill we chose to boost was his leadership skills. Strong and loyal he will keep this team inline. His name is Arion," Hadley explained.

They all gathered around and peered through the window to see Arion. Pacing around the room was a strong and solid figure. His nose was large and flat to face, while his skin was a pale beige colour and littered with scares and bruises. Mouth filled with straight, sharp teeth. His fore-head was large with two devil like horns on top. His shoulder blades were also covered with spikes, with sharp claws also on the ends of his fingers and toes.

"He doesn’t look much like the aliens we’ve been fighting," Luner said.

"No they won’t, their bodies have adjusted for our planet some of their features may look similar to beings already living here," Marcus Harn replied.

"He sure is ugly," Hopper smirked, "doesn’t look to friendly either."

They moved onto the next cell where they would see Cacus, who was a trim athletic figure. He had short, sharp, flexible, sparkling white claws for fingers and toes. Two menacing green eyes sat abroad a large mouth filled with shining jagged, pointed teeth and between very large upright bat-like ears. His rough, leathery skin was a light blue colour with a few spots of grey.

"His agility is second to none his senses as sharp as razor blades, he will be perfectly suited for stealth missions and will be very hard to hit with fist or weapon," John Hadley grinned. While kneeling in the middle of the empty bland cell, Cacus’ ears pricked and he slowly lifted his head to stare right in the visitors’ direction. "I thought you said he couldn’t see or hear us," O’Riley said.

"They can’t, but Cacus can sense he’s being watched. He will be a real asset," Hadley answered with a smile still spread across his face.

In cell three stood Cynocephalus, the sharp shooter. His dark blue, thick plant like skin seemed to have small snipped stems coming from various parts. His face resembled that of a Venus fly-trap with small angry, staring yellow eyes on the sides. Strong-thick orange toes and fingers extended from his hands and feet, they were not bound by bone structure like the rest of his body and could bend and twist in any direction.

In the fourth cell they gazed upon the slender, Dactyl. Smooth green skin with black tiger like stripes on his back, arms and tail, his chest and stomach was a pale yellow colour. He had reptile-like look about him including a long skinny tail and long thin snout lined with clean straight white teeth that most would be envious of. Small sharp, spikes ran along his spine from the top his head all the way down to the mid-section of his tail while a longer, even sharper one extended from each elbow. He was the master of hand to hand combat as well as being exceptional with hand held weapons.

Fenris occupied the fifth cell and he looked a ferocious, strong hairy beast. His body was covered with thick brown fur, while he had paws for feet. His face - the only where his skin was exposed – was flat with red glowing eyes, large nostrils but no nose and a mouth which had two rows of pointed teeth. Two large ears extended from the side of his big head. With his strength further enhanced by the Supercide chemical he was the muscle of this alien team.

Next in line was Hydros the oddest looking of the group. A large bill was his mouth on his bird-like face, while oddly having a scruff of bright green hair at the top of his head. He was another who had flexible claws for fingers and toes, they were also webbed. His chest and belly a silver colour, while his fish-like scaled skin was a sparkling purple. He was well built with a lean, fit look about him. "His special skill will be more then handy," Harn explained, "he is capable of operated any vehicle in existence and those yet to exist he will be able to learn very quickly."

Wevir and the other six soldiers all continued shaking their heads and murmuring under their breath. These new creatures looked far from trustworthy and would be very hard to stop should they choose to turn. The proud scientists couldn’t take the grins from their faces, while Earth leader O’Riley was just bemused and silent with disbelief.

The seventh cell contained Talos the saboteur, he was second to none when it came to explosives and demolition. Two large, curled ram-like horns sat on top of his large fore-head. At the end of his short snout were a dog-like nose and his small tooth-less mouth. His skin was pale white with black splodges here and there. He had a short up-turned tail, his knees were also bent in the opposite direction. His shoulders were broad and arms quite muscular, while he also had long flexible claws for toes and fingers they were rather blunt.

In cell eight was Strix who had an amphibious look. His slimy toad-like skin was a light brown and covered with warts particularly on his back. A frog-like face with crooked human teeth came out of rotting gums. While his long slender toes and fingers were webbed with sucker- like ends. Given his slightly hunched body structure he hopped to move, rather than walked like the rest. He was a strong swimmer and could breathe under water.

Last up was Satori the shortest, ugliest member. His off-centre mouth only opened on one side, while each puss, covered eye was a different size – with the left much larger than the right – he had no nose but large flared nostrils- these were some of the features of his flat hideous face. Strands of stringy bright red hair tried unsuccessfully to grow from his head. His leathery skin looked completely warn out and was very wrinkled. His toes were all joined together and while he was very stocky in his build, he barley stood at five foot, by far the shortest of the group.

"Disgusting, what’s wrong with this one," Hopper asked.

"Satori, didn’t quite come out as planned," Hadley explained, "he was our first attempt and as you can see didn’t develop as planned. He didn’t gain the strengths the others did and is no mightier than myself or Marcus. However his intelligence, the strength we tried to enhance, is through the roof so he may still come in some use."

"He looks like he’s in pain," Luner said as she stared at the hopeless looking creature.

"He is and always will be, but he’s got a lot of spirit," Hadley replied, "so you’ve seen them all....any questions or thoughts?"

"I’ve got one. What’s with the fruity pink wrist band they’ve all got on?" asked Wevir.

"Very observant, that is so we can keep track of them. Where they are, all their vital signs and so forth," Harn answered. "I’ve got one as well. Do they know they’re aliens?" Hopper butted in.

"No, and I think it is best we keep that bit of information to ourselves," Harn snapped back.

"I’m still not sure about this," Wevir once gain reinforced his opinion.

"Sir, there are questions that need answering. These guys will find the answers, what is the worst that can happen....they turn, we’re screwed anyway so it won’t make much difference," Harn reinsured him.

"That’s right, Wevir get yourself a team ready.....I get the feeling we can’t waste any more time," said O’Riley who finally piped up, "As for these things suit them up and send them in, we’ve got nothing to lose."

Mark Wevir and the other six survivors geared up for battle. Andrew Hopper, Kara Luner, the old, bald veteran Gary Nahas and the skinny tanned rake Jason Tanner were the humanoids of the team. The other two survivors were humans Roger Quinn, a chiselled muscular man and the slender, brunette Laura Oaks. They all were dressed in the traditional camouflaged clothing and armed with high-powered machine guns.

Meanwhile the Supercide team was being fitted with their gear. They wore metallic grey armoured vests and shorts, which had a slightly medieval look apart from the green glowing seen coming from the joins of the suits. This was because the last dregs of the Supercide chemical were pumped into the armour making it particularly strong. Each suit was slightly different varying on each alien to make room for exposed spikes or tails or anything else that couldn’t be squashed under the armour. Every team member was armed with a machine gun which clipped onto the back right shoulder of the suit, two pistols one clipped on each hip, while Arion, Strix, Hydros, Fenris and Satori all had a shotgun clipped onto the back left shoulder of their armour. The rest all had a special weapon suited to them Cacus with a hand held Gatling gun, Cynocephalus had a sniper rifle, Talos a small grenade launcher and Dactyl had two slender slots on his back left shoulder for two swords.

The humans and humanoids waited in the air hanger by the helicopter they were about to board. "Alright guys, these things will be down here soon. It’s the seven of us and the nine of them supposedly working as a team. However keep your eyes on them, don’t turn your backs on them. They aren’t to be trusted," Mark Wevir warned them.

"So boss we’re we off to?" Hopper slurred as he chewed as noisily as he could on his gum.

"Back to Karnburry, we’re supposed to find out what the aliens want and also field test these so called Chronisticks, but I want to make sure we get those prisoners out alive."

The sliding entrance doors of the air hanger suddenly shot open. "Remember keep your eyes on these guys, they’re armed with state of the art technology," Wevir once again hissed to his troops. The nine Chronistick soldiers marched down the stairway and down to the other warriors. Both parties stood in a line opposite each other and there was silence in the room as they all eyed each other off. "Gee these humanoids are ugly looking things," Hydros smirked as he broke the silence, his voice was rather high and nasally.

"Ha, your one to talk," Hopper snapped back.

"Did I say you could talk back to me," Hydros hissed.

"Try and stop me," the smart mouthed human replied. Without any hesitation hydros unclipped one of the pistols on his waist and pointed it straight in Hopper face, who quickly replied in kind.

"Okay that’s enough," Satori cried, "we’re here to work together. This doesn’t help anyone there’s no need to stir the pot." He found it difficult to talk, the pain constantly he felt could be heard behind each word. "How can you talk like that?" Cacus growled, "Look at you Satori, their kind made you like this."

After gasping for breath Satori answered, "Maybe, but I wouldn’t exist at all if they didn’t." Cacus just shook his head, he would rather not exist at all then live in the constant pain Satori did.

"Enough you freaks," Luner ordered, "just get on the helicopter we’re wasting precious time." The Chronisticks didn’t take to kindly to the insults and there was plenty hissing and growling as well as some not so pleasant replies, but Arion quickly got his team in line and everyone boarded the helicopter.




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