Cheating Life (As He Knows It)

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A test subject is used for another subject and must convince him the life he is living is real. But when enough is enough, mild betrayal becomes more severe when she is asked to put him through the test that she had failed. What will she do?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Cheating Life (As He Knows It)

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



11815 is my number.  There hasn't been a number after me for 25 years.  Because 11815 was their priority.  I am not now.  I am supposed to do what they did to me to 11816.  They must know it is impossible for me to succeed.

My life is a lie and they made it so.  I thought it was true until the day I almost died.  I was living amongst things.  The correct terminology, I do not know, but I shall call them people for now even though they are not.  I was in an odd predicament, cornered by people.  Not exactly cornered, because there was no corner, but on the edge of a cliff.  They hated me.  I didn't know why, but I do now.  One stepped forward and put his hands on my shoulders.  I didn't think he would push, but he did.

I started falling and kept falling.  There was no need to scream; I was going to die.  I flipped over to face the ground to estimate the amount of time I had left.  Maybe 20 seconds.  But it took much longer than that.  I descended slower and slower and hit the ground lightly.

Everything went black.  Not in a passing out kind of way, but it was just dark.  Lights came on, and I found myself to be on a glass floor surrounded by electronic screens.  One section of a screen became transparent and I saw science-y people looking at me.  One man walked through a door I hadn't noticed before.

He held out his hand.  "Congratulations."

I left my arms at my sides.  "On what?"

"Your performance. 25 years! Much better than we expected."

At that moment I was confused.  I didn't get what was going on.  I was in a box, supposedly 17 years old, and should have died.

They explained everything to me.  My life was a test.  They were trying to build a stronger human race, so they were testing my strength mentally and physically.  This enough was driving me insane.  Everything I had ever worked for was pointless.  "But you see, we couldn't tell you that you were building a fake life.  No one would volunteer to do that," they said.  Any people or situations they gave me were only stimulations and tests.  And there was more.

At that point in time, they could freeze people's lives.  But everything was top secret.  No one outside the lab, except for government, knew about it.  Since they wanted to observe my sleep patterns and not hire a night shift, they would pause time in my world.  And me.  So because of this, 4 months my time would be more like 6 months their time.  And even though i aged 17 years, 25 years had passed.

Then they told me about their new upcoming test.  11816.  He was still in his mommy's belly.  They wouldn't want me helping at more than one point of time in his test so they chose for me to come in at his age.  Which meant being frozen for 25 years.

I am awake now.  Which brings you up to date so far.

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