Nameless Hero

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The story of a group of nameless heroes fighting to save a quarantined city from the infected people known as Kodiaks

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nameless

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



I.) Nameless I’m alone here in my hospital bed, trying to remember what happened to me and how I got there. A few minutes later a nurse came in and said I had a visitor. I was glad to hear that, hopefully this guy could tell me what was going on. In walks a tall guy in a suit, he had this weird secret-agent look. He sat down next to my bed with a serious look on his face. Then the guy says the one of the last things I would have expected to hear. He tells me I’m one of the only men who can save the city and whoever isn’t “infected”. At first I was confused as hell, then things just got worse. He tells me I’ve been been in a coma for 2 years and that I’m a member of “The Nameless” some crazy team of freaks with powers or whatever. Now I’m really confused. He gives me a change of clothes, they looked pretty normal for someone who’s supposed to be a superhero or whatever I am. He took me down to the hospital’s garage, into his car. Then he started driving, saying he would “take me home”. When I look out the window, everything I saw was nothing but chaos and death. I only saw a few actual humans out there, everyone else was a freaking monster. They had blood red eyes, and were like 6 feet tall. They had skin as pale as corpses, and looked like they could throw a car halfway across the block. The fuckers were everywhere, killing whatever was still alive and had the balls to go outside. We arrived at this crazy underground fortress, where I was greeted like a father coming home from a war. I had no idea what was going on and who these people were. I asked what going on, and they told me everything. Apparently we were all immune to “the disease”, but this gift was also a curse. Apparently we all had the same power as the beasts outside, but we stayed part human. They called the monsters “Kodiaks”, not sure why they called them bears but it sounded right. We were the nameless, we were taken at birth without names, just numbers. There were seven of us, I was number One. Before we could finish the conversation, the guy in the suit comes in, he introduced himself as Abbadon. I’m pretty sure that’s a Hebrew thing for “Chief of Demons” or something. He said I had to catch-up on my skills. He brings me to this big room with cars and dummies and all sorts of training junk. He made me do all kinds of things I didn’t think was possible, like throwing a car all the way across the room, or almost literally smashing a dummy into a million pieces. When I was done, I was led out of the room and back to the main room. We were informed that we had a “big one” outside.

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