Nameless Hero

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Baal

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



IV.) Baal About a year passed, everyone is stuck at home, cant go outside or they’ll die. I was growing stronger, getting my skills back. I was the strongest of all of us, we wiped out most of the Kodiaks in the city. I was incredibly strong, but was I strong enough to face Baal again? I had to find the answer soon because we were taking Baal on again soon. I spent all the time we had preparing. Then the day came, we went out and took out all the Kodiaks getting in our way. Then we reached Baal. He was this big hulking 14 foot mass of pure evil. It was evil that you could see in his jet black eyes. It was evil that you could hear in his growls. It was evil you could feel in his soul. He charged at us and the guys went rushing towards him. I was stuck dead in my tracks, not sure if I could take him again. Then he started getting wild, smashing and throwing things at my team. Still, I was stuck there speechless with too many thoughts racing in my brain. Then I saw a truck heading towards me, it hit me in the torso and I blacked out. When I came to, I couldn’t believe what I saw. My team, my friends, my only real family, DEAD. Baal killed them, and was about to kill Two. He had Two’s neck in that huge boulder of a fist. I had to stop it, so I rushed towards the bastard and hit him with all I had. I knocked him down for a while, and rushed to help Two, but it was too late. Two was dying of his wounds and told me I had to stop Baal before he’s able to spread the disease outside the city. Then he just faded. I let out a huge scream of anger so loud it ripped the bridge above us apart. That’s when the rush came to me and just went ballistic on Baal. I charged at him at him over and over, harder each time. I went on until he was covered in blood. Then I took a big metal pole and smashed him in the torso until I was sure his ribs were dust. I pounded away at his face and body until he was nothing but a big mess of flesh, bones, and blood. I kept on for almost 5 hours just smashing away at the huge blob of what used to be Baal. Then the rush just faded and I broke into tears.

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