The Legend of The Elemental Master

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The world of magic will be drawn into darkness. All hope lies on the child of destiny. Mastering all elements to battle the darkness. He is the key.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The conspiracy behind

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Submitted: May 12, 2012



Act 1: The conspiracy behind

All of the master ranked mages held an important meeting at the great hall of the magic council. The atmosphere were gloomy, none of them looks well in their faces. They were lost, confused, afraid, hesitating. Some of them were like attending their own funeral. All were silence. The Elder of the council has finally spoken.

“As you all know. The child of prophecy will be soon born.” He said with a gloomy face. “The Oracle had seen the future that this child brings; Total destruction of the magic world.” He then settles back down on his seat. He held both his hands tight, locking them tightly and lay them on the desk in front of him. “We must make the decision today or it will be too late.”

All others fell into small discussion, discussing what method shall be taken and the assistant of the Elder spoken. “After all the meetings held, we come into a final conclusion. Death is unavoidable, but to prevent the power he posses to reincarnate into a new person, we must seal all those powers along.”

One of the mages stands up from her seat and opposes the idea. “The child is innocent; he has the right to live! We cannot just kill him right after he was born! Don’t you felt guilty about taking an innocent life away? How does the mother feel? I am a mother myself, and I know very well how it feels when your own child was taken away from you.” Tears started to flow down her cheeks as she opposes the decision. Other female mages avoid eye contact with her because they too know how it felt. The pain is worst than anyone can imagine.

“Can’t you understand?” one of the mages questioned her. “By sacrifice one life, we can assure the safety of the whole world. I am well prepared to taint my hands with the blood of an innocent child.” He looks at both of his hands. And then he slams them on the table. “Even if I were called a cold blooded murderer that kills an innocent child, I do not mind at all. Even if my children hate me, so be it. We must taint our hands to assure the safety of the whole world and for our next generation. That is the only way. And besides, the mother already agrees with us.”

Everyone fall into a state of silence. The place went so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. All of them are fully aware of what they are doing and the consequences of the choice they choose.

“Why can’t we guide him instead?” She still opposes. “We can teach him how to control the powers. He might be useful to the council.” She thought up all excuses to persuade the council to retract the decision.

“Why are you opposing the decision?” The assistant asks. “Are you perhaps having ulterior motives for saving this child?”

“Do not accuse me with something so absurd! My loyalty to the council is unquestionable!” She defends herself before the council. Everyone else starts mumbling among themselves, questioning about her motives.

The assistant raises his hand and the council members went silence. “Now, do we all agree with this decision?” The assistant urges everyone at present to make the decision. No one notice but he have a faint smile. He looks at the elder, waiting for the signal. The elder gave him a nod, confirming the next step. “Those that agree, please rise from your seat.”

Some were hesitant at first, but then they agree as well seeing the majority agrees. At last, only one person disagrees. She was unable to do anything because she was the only one who opposes it.

“I thank you all for your understanding. We shall proceed according to...”

The one that oppose the decision called Aht. She is the head of the medical and sealing magic department. Aht have this uneasy feeling telling her that something went wrong along the way. The oracle from the council’s prediction was never wrong. It is not like Aht does not believe in her; it is just this one time that she felt something is wrong with the prophecy. She had to confirm it herself. She rushes towards the chamber of the oracle to request an audience.

*knock knock* Aht knock at the door. The assistants of the oracle always answers the doors but it remain silence for awhile. Aht kept knocking at the door but there were no response.

“That is strange, The Oracle never refuses to meet anyone, even if she is elsewhere, one of the assistant will remain in the chamber.” Aht thought for awhile and came into a conclusion, there is definitely something wrong going on.

When Aht tried to open the door by force, she notice that there is a spell sealing off the door. Since Aht’s specialty is in medical and sealing spells, she recognises the spell and dispels it. The door is unlocked once the spell has been dispelled.

Aht open the door and a foul smell gushing out from the room. She saw the oracle and her assistants were dead. Maggots were spawning from their bodies; blood has hardened up all over the place. Yes, they were brutally murdered and it has been quite some time since they died.

Before Aht call for help, she noticed that there is a small crystal ball at the corner of the room. These crystal balls usually kept the last prophecy reading as a record and were to be kept in the vault. There must be some clue left in that crystal ball, what is the reason that leads the oracle and her assistants to their death.

She locks the wooden door and went into the inner room. She had been learning magic from the oracle as a hobby, so she was quite knowledgeable in this area. She draws a magic circle on the floor and performs the magic spell to read the last vision displayed on the crystal ball. She knows that this is not something that she can handle herself, she must report to the council immediately. But to kill the oracle and her assistants unnoticed, it must be an inside job. If there is a traitor within the council, with her reporting to the council, she herself might end up like the oracle. She then decides what she will do after reading the crystal ball.

“Open the gate of the oracles; activate crystal ball reading art, Prophecy reading magic level 38, Crystal ball reading.” The spell circle on the floor glows after Aht cast the spell. The vision was shown to Aht. What she saw is a very disturbing fact.

“What is this?” She mumbles to herself. “This is not what the prophecy said. What is the meaning of this?” She is now confused, Aht did not saw any child that bring catastrophe but instead she saw the unborn child that had been held captive is the key to save the world.

This is indeed an inside job.

Without second late, Aht rushes towards the chamber where the elder and the others will perform the ritual to erase the existence of the yet born child. This ritual is one of the highest level spell, to erase an existence and seal of their magic power along; one must perform the ritual exactly when the child is born. If that child is born, like the prophecy that Aht saw earlier, strange phenomenon will occur around the council building. But there is still nothing going on, that means there is still time. Aht rushes towards the chamber with haste.

When Aht entered the corridor, she had an uneasy feeling. The lights seem dimmer than usual, the place is exceptionally quiet and there is a slight of a weird smell; smells like iron. Unable to ease her mind, Aht slowly proceed towards the chamber. The smell is getting thicker and thicker. Aht was not sure if the smell is what is it in her mind at first but she can confirm it now. Yes, it is the smell of blood, but where does it come from?

“Yes master.” Aht heard someone talking in the inner hall where they kept Mary and her yet born child. Aht sneak herself and peek through the gap between the doors. She saw someone talking, but she can’t saw the other person. “Yes, it is all according to the plan.”

‘Plan? What does he meant?’ Aht thought to herself.

“Yes, it would be troublesome if they suspect the prophecy. So, I kill them all.” He is still talking not noticing Aht were outside the room. “Ha ha ha, who would have thought the prophecy I made up can fool them so easily. Well, I am the elder’s assistant after all. If I can’t be trusted who else can?”

‘The assistant! So he is the traitor’ Aht was shock to found out who he is. The assistant is normally humble and honest. Aht can’t believe what she heard. Now she really wanted to confirm if he is the assistant but all she can see is his back. Aht tried to open the doors but there is more to hear. “When that child dies, no one can perform the elemental sealing spell anymore.”

Aht tried to leave the place quietly and seek reinforcement. As she turns around to leave, she knocked down the candle holder. Immediately she caught the falling candle holder, but she knocked down another candle holder and it made a sound.

“Who’s there?” The assistant shouted out.

Aht thought of running away from the scene. But it would make her suspicious. Aht tried to act normally and slammed open the doors to confront him but the scene she saw was so shocking where Aht was frozen with fear. All the members of the council that attends the ritual were brutally slain. Some were beheaded, some were dismembered and some were cut into half. Bloods everywhere, the floor, ceiling, window, anywhere that can be seen were stain with blood. Words can only merely describe the scene.

“What happened here?” Aht is trembling with fear but she manages to hide it. She hardened up herself to confront the assistant and ask. “Why is everyone dead?”

“Someone sneaked in and kill everyone! They even tried to take the child away!” He was trembling with fear. “I was fighting them until you came in!” He tried to convince Aht.

“Then where are their corpses?” All Aht can see is the corpse of the council members. Aht notice the sword he is holding, that’s the sword that is missing in the forbidden treasure room last week. And it all makes sense now, so that is what happened.

“It can’t be! They were here just a second ago! Where did they go?” The assistant started to panic and looking around.

“There is something I need to ask you.” Aht asks. “Where did you get that prophecy from? And where did you get that sword? The sword of seals, Runesave.”

“Ah, I’ve been found out.” The assistant stop trembling and replied with a sinister grin on his face, it was all nothing but an act. “You shall not leave here alive, how shall I kill you?” He rests the sword on his shoulder and walk leisurely towards Aht where she stood.

In a flash, he stood before Aht and stab her feet with the sword. “AH!” Aht cried out loud. “Oh, that’s an interesting face you’re showing.” He is teasing Aht with an evil grin on his face. “What about this?” he then twists the sword when the sword still stabbing through her foot. “ARGH!” Aht scream with agony. “You sure have a lot of funny face there.” Suddenly a loud scream interrupted him. The pregnant woman that had been held on the ritual table; Mary is about to labour.

“Oh, it is about time.” Then he pulls out the sword that is stabbing on Aht’s foot. “Rejoice! I will let you witness the ritual that will seal all your fate as I kill the child! Mwahahahaha!” He head towards the inner room where the pregnant women held captive.

Without letting the chance slip away, Aht cast a spell quietly. “Binding spell art level 43, Earth bound.”

The assistant stopped moving. His legs were bind to the ground with a magic spell. “Hmm, what’s this? A binding spell? I can break it easily.” He then swings the sword towards the spell circle around his legs. The sword stops right before the magic circle. As if his arms were chained.

“Binding spell art level 30, binding chains.” Aht cast another spell. She then cast a healing spell on her foot. “Healing spell art level 17, Healing wind.” Although the spell stops the bleeding but the wound is quite deep, so it will need a higher spell to heal it. But for now the priority is that woman how is about to labour. Aht move towards the pregnant women dragging her injured foot.

“Release me at once you bitch!” The assistant cried out. “You think this level of spell can stop me?” He then releases an enormous amount of black aura to strengthen himself. He moves his arms inch by inch, trying to break the magic with brute force. Indeed the spells are about to break under this enormous pressure.

“Holy pillars of light, binds evil with the chain of seals, binding spell art level 87, six pillars of light!” Aht cast a high level binding spell on the assistant making him unable to move at all. This spell is actually used to bind very powerful mystical creatures that are powerful enough to wipe out an entire army.

Aht went to Mary to help her deliver the child. Aht cast a spell around her to help her reduce the pain as Mary is giving birth. As the head of the medical spell department, Aht is the best person in this situation.

“Hang in there Mary, You will be fine.” Aht tried her best to help Mary, but a loud crashing sound caught her attention. The assistant broke free from the ‘Six pillar of Light’ and he is heading towards Aht with bloodlust. “How did he break out from that spell? Not even the Dragon from the mountain of Reyshia can break free in this short amount of time.”

Somewhere on the hills beyond the city lies a mysterious figure watching the event in a magic circle in mid air. “Ah, he over did it. I told him not to over dose on the potion. Well, can’t be helped, who can resist the power they get from drinking that potion. Seems like he is done for, time for me to go back.” He mumbles to himself and disappeared from the branches instantly.

The assistant emitting a large amount of black magic within his body, veins that getting pumped with dark magic surfaces all over his body and started to mutate into an eight feet tall hideous creature. The assistant has become an enchanted ghoul. He has lost all his sanity, all his reasons. He is nothing more than a ghoul that moves on instinct alone. He start eating the dead bodies around him, he is hungry.

Seeing him eating corpses, Aht set a barrier around the room in case he rushes in. With all the effort Aht made, the child finally born. When the child is born, strange phenomenon appears around the council building; Earth rumbles, fire burns brighter, waters overflowing, all the flowers bloomed in an instant, and the breezes become raging storms. It is the same as the prophecy said, ‘When the one is born, elements will went berserk and the world will fall into darkness.’

But Aht knows the truth; this prophecy was altered with evil intention. The true prophecy that Aht read from the Crystal ball says; ‘When the child of destiny is born, elements will dance celebrating and the darkness shall be defeated.”

Mary grabs Aht’s sleeves pulling her nearer. “Please kill this child that bring catastrophe...” Mary said with her last breath. “No, you are mistaken, he is not the one who bring catastrophe, he is the child of destiny, a saviour.” Aht said with tears streaming down after hearing Mary last words. How can a mother ask someone to kill her own child? Mary’s last word really broke her heart. “I will save this child no matter what.” Unfortunately, Mary was unable to hear those words.

Hearing the cries of the new born child, the ghoul raging towards Aht. With the dark magic enhanced body, he can’t feel any pain at all. As he tried to get pass the barrier with brute force, his muscle tissues and skin are tearing apart, bloods gushing out like fountains. Without the feel for pain, he kept piercing his body through the barrier and he succeeded. With the enchanted body, he defies all limitation of a human body.

Warping the new born child with her cape, Aht hold him in her hands and tried to escape from the ghoul. But it is easier said than done; the ghoul reacted towards any sound or movement. With the child’s crying, Aht has become an easy target.

The ghoul tosses anything in its path including tables and corpses towards the source of the crying sound, the new born child in Aht’s arm. Dodging all those flying object, Aht was driven to the corner of the hall. In the midst of its attack, it grabs something metallic on the floor and tosses towards Aht. Aht moves her head to the side when she saw something was thrown at her head, Aht escapes death only by a hair width. If only she dodges a second late, that metallic object would not be sticking on the wall but on her head instead.

“Runesave!” Aht was surprised when she take a look on the metallic object that almost brought her to her death. Without second thought, Aht hold the child tightly with her left arm and pull the sword out from the wall. She may not seem like it but Aht learned some sword skill when she was small. She knows the basic stance, basic steps, and some basic attacks. With a weapon in her hands, Aht now have a slightly higher chance of getting out there alive.

The ghoul charges towards Aht and slams his fist on Aht. Aht dodge with a quick side roll and escapes its fist. Seeing that his fist missed, he reaches out his other hand to grab the baby in Aht’s arm. With a quick reflex, Aht swing the sword to chop of its arm but the sword bounced back. The black magic is overflowing in its body, even though his body is tearing apart, the black magic has bonding them strengthened his muscles like iron.

“It’s the black magic!” Aht noticed. The ghoul kept attacking Aht mercilessly. If physical attack does no effect at all, Aht had to use magic. The higher level of the spell, the more energy it consumes. Aht had been casting a few high level spell until now and dodging the attacks from the ghoul, fatigue can be seen as Aht is starting to gasp for air. As for Aht now, energy is the most essential element she needed. She had no choice but to activate ‘Runesave’. She is fully aware that if she activates ‘Runesave’ now, her energy will most likely deplete to none. It is a fifty-fifty gamble. If she succeeded on stopping the ghoul, it is her win. If she failed, that’s the end.

“Sword of seal Runesave, activate magic sealing properties in combat mode.” Resonating with her command, Runesave vibrates and glows in a green aura. She is one of the few can fully utilize the full potential of Runesave. Finally the sword stop vibrating, it is the sign that means it is ready for battle.

And here comes another attack from the ghoul. It clashes its claws with the wall when Aht evade the attack. Aht perform a basic short range sword attack, upper slash. By lowering the sword to the further back of the waist line on the left, Aht slashes upward with all her might and sliced of the ghoul’s arm in a clean cut. The magic sealing property effectively seals of the dark magic’s flow on the arm and cause it vulnerable to any physical attacks. The green aura that Runesave emitted surrounds its edges, forming an area that cancels magic or seals magic around itself. The wielder is not affected with its effect. This is a very effective magic fighting against magical beasts like the ghoul for example. The only flaw in this magic is that it drains a lot of energy from the wielder.

The arm that had been cut off turn back to its original form, a normal human arm. The stop of dark magic flow causes it to revert back but the tissues were damaged to a point that it can no longer be healed.

Seeing that its arm was severed, the ghoul went on a rampage. This is actually a more dangerous situation for Aht. Since it went on a rampage, you can never predict what it will do next. If the ghoul keep targeting the child, then its movement can be predict with its target as a base. Meaning; by knowing its target, the child, the ghoul’s movement will be restricted into a few. Counters can be made base on those information.

Evading it attacks, Aht found an opening and took its left leg out by slashing it off. Losing its balance with only one leg, the ghoul fell backwards to the ground. Aht took the opportunity to kill the ghoul. She leaps on its chest and stab through its heart with Runesave.

With a loud roar as the last word, the ghoul finally died down. The heart pierce that pierced with Runesave stops along with all the black magic that circulates the body. Aht pulls the sword out of the ghoul’s chest and the black aura gushes out from the wound on the chest. Speaking of bad timing, the council guards finally reach the hall where all the council members at after hearing reports about those unusual loud noise coming from the ritual hall. All they saw is that Aht is holding a sword soaked with blood, stepping on the assistant’s body with the so called ‘child that bring catastrophe’ in her arm. Cleary meaning that Aht kill every council member to save the child that brings catastrophe.

“Arrest the traitor!” The commander of the squad commands his troops. The troops surround Aht with lightning enchanted spears. A single touch of these will paralyze for hours. Aht keep backing up and tried to explain, “It is not what it seems like! Hear me out please!”

“Stop with your excuses!” a roar from the commander following with another command “Arrest her at once!” The guards march towards Aht pointing the spears at her. Aht was backing out along the wall until she reaches the broken window. Unable to explain the situation, her only choice is to escape to protect the child of destiny. Without second thought, she dives out of the window.

“Do not let the traitor escape! She couldn’t be far with a child in her arms! GO!” The commander shouted and rushes towards the main door of the council building.

The trees that out grown with the power of the child of destiny break the momentum of the down fall from Aht. Aht only suffers a sprain ankle. Dragging her sprain ankle Aht escapes into the forest behind the council building.

Running in the woods at night are no joke. No lights, no direction, no sign, nothing can tell where Aht is going. With pursuers tailing her, she had no choice but to run with all her might until she reaches a cliff. The cliff is as tall as seventy feet high and with a raging stream below ends the escape route for Aht.

Aht thought if they jump over the cliff and somehow survived; the magic tracking department will still be able to track down the child’s magic patterns. She herself can conceal her magic at will but the child is unable to, what should Aht do? They can’t run forever like this. In the middle of her thought, Aht then remembers a magic that Runesave can perform. Not many mages know of this spell but Aht is one among those that knows.

“Sword of seal by the name of Runesave, transform into a pendant that seals the bearer’s magic powers.” Runesave transform into a pendant with a silver chain after Aht casts the spell. Aht took the pendant and wear it around the child’s neck.

“There she is!” The guards shouted as they caught up with Aht on the edge of the cliff. Without warning, the guards threw those lightning spears towards Aht and all the lightning spears landed in front of Aht. She thought that they missed but it was intentional. They activate the lightning magic in the spears together at once. It causes a great damage to the edge of the cliff and causes it to collapse with Aht along with it.

“No one could have survived that fall into that raging stream. Everyone retreat!”

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