Chapter 4: Sorrowful Mysteries

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 293

Agony in the Garden: Prayer, The Father's Will 

Prayer lifts our hearts to God: 12,1, 12.2, 12,c

Jesus is our model for perfect prayer: 59,1, 59,2, 59,c

Jesus is our model for perfect assimilation to the Father's will: 60,1

Seek the Glory of God: 62,2

We follow Christ to be perfect as the Father is perfect: 121,1

Palm Sunday: Jesus'  triumphant march to His Passion: 133,2

Judas, the betrayer: 134,2

Jesus, the Sorrowful Servant: 136,2, 136,c

Jesus, the servant at the last supper: 137,2

Contemplative prayer: 145,2

Prayer as conversation: 146,1, 146,2, 146,c

Vocal prayer: 148,1, 148,2, 148,c

Mental prayer: 149,1, 149,2, 149,c

Meditation: 150,1, 150,2, 150,c

Contemplation: 151,1, 151,2, 151,c

We acknowledge God's presence in our soul: 152,1, 152,2, 152,c

Aridity or the dark night of the soul in prayer: 153,1, 153,2, 153,c

Seek God despite aridity: 155,1, 155,2, 155,c

Aridity leads to contemplation: 157,1, 157,2, 157,c

The will to love despite aridity: 158,1, 158,2, 158,c

Progressing from meditation to contemplation: 159,1, 159,2, 159,c 

Prayer as a way of life: 160,1, 160,2, 160,c

Life of prayer and the presence of God: 162,1, 162,2, 162,c 

Prayer of the Church: 164,1, 164,2, 164,c

The Mass renews the sacrifice of the Cross on the altar: 165,1, 165,2, 165,c

Meditation of the Divine Office: 167,1, 167,2, 167,c

Effective prayer: 175,2

Prayer and love: 182,1

Conforming to God's will with the help of the Holy Spirit: 193,2

Prayer and the Holy Spirit: 198,1, 198,2, 198,c

Prayer for the salvation of souls: 325,1, 325,2, 325,c 

Apostolic prayer and sacrifice: 326,1

Sanctification through apostolic work and prayer: 331,2

Apostolate of saving souls: 339,2

Prayer of abandonment to the will of God: 354,2


Passion of Christ: Scourging at the Pillar and Crowning with Thorns

Conformity to God's will: 5,1, 5,2, 5,c

Doing God's will performing duties leads to sanctity: 6,1, 6,2, 6.c

Total abnegation: 7,1, 7,2, 7,c

Doing God's will adds grace, invites indwelling of the Trinity: 60,2

Jesus suffered and died to give glory to the Father: 62,1, 62,c

Purgation of all sin: 78,1, 79,2

Self-denial leads to salvation and holiness: 78,1

Attachments obstacles to conforming to God's will: 80,1

Desire nothing but to do the Father's will: 81,1, 81,2, 81.c

Overcoming attachment to pleasures: 82,1

Jesus predicts His passion: 91,1

Sin caused His Passion: 100,2

Jesus before the Tribunal did not excuse Himself: 118,2

Let us suffer with Him: 126,1, 126,2, 126.c

Suffer, it's good for you!: 127,1, 127,2, 127,c

Jesus, the Suffering Servant, teach us patience in suffering: 128,1

Jesus' sufferings infinitely greater than our own: 130,1

Suffering Savior and Denial of Peter: 135,1, 135,2, 135,c

Jesus suffers alone: 136,1, 136,2, 136,c

Good Friday: 138,1, 138,2, 138,c

We are healed by His stripes: 154,1

Mary shares in Her Son's suffering: 184,1, 184,2, 184,c

We relive His passion through prayer and penance: 324,1, 324,2, 324,c

We must sacrifice for souls: 326,1, 326,2, 326,c

Jesus purifies us through His Passion: 348,2

Help those Thou hast redeemed with Thy precious blood: 376,2

His kingdom is not of this world: 383,2


Carrying of the Cross: Interior and Exterior Trials of Life 

Storms of life strengthen faith and need for divine assistance: 63,1, 63,2, 63,c

Tolerance of evil an opportunity to practice charity: 70,2

Redemptive suffering: 91,1, 91,2, 91,c

Jesus is our model for perfect assimilation to the Father's will: 91,1

Suffering cures self-love: 97,2

We must suffer like Jesus by carrying our crosses: 126,1

Suffering leads to sanctity: 127,1, 127,2, 127,c

Suffering teaches patience: 128,1, 128,2, 128,c

Acceptance of the cross purifies the soul: 129,1, 129,2, 129,c

Abandonment in suffering builds strength and trust in God: 130,1, 130,2, 130,c

Mary suffering at the foot of the Cross: 131,1, 131,2, 131,c

Love the cross for it is your means of salvation: 132,1, 132,2, 132,c

Palm Sunday: 133,1

Holy Saturday: 139,1

Holy Spirit and redemptive suffering: 194,1, 194,2, 194,c

Sufferings are insignificant compared to eternal glory: 217,1

Justice demands trials to convert souls: 237,2

Trust in Divine Providence when suffering makes no sense: 239,1

Don't lose faith: 243,2

Persevere in hope despite obstacles: 248,1

The greater the cross, the more hope we should have: 249,1

It is fitting for the sake of justice to suffer injustice: 279,2

Courage in the face of danger is engaged through the will: 288,1

A generous heart inspires us to accomplish much for God: 289,1, 289,2, 289,c

Generosity in service to God despite sacrifices: 291,1, 291,2, 291,c

Patience to endure trials: 292,1, 292,2, 292,c

Self-knowledge in relation to God encourages self-sacrifice: 310,2

The purification of the dark night of the soul: 347,2

God gives those He loves the most the greatest challenges: 348,1, 348,2, 348,c 

God answers our prayers in times of distress: 350,1, 350,2, 350.c

Spiritual Trials: 352,1, 352,2, 352,c

Spiritual Emptiness: 353,1, 353,2, 353,c

Acceptance and Abandonment: 354,1, 354,2, 354,c

Trials increase love of God: 355,1, 355,2, 355,c

Trials teach us to value God above all else: 356,1

Prayer for the salvation of souls: 356,2, 356,c

True love of God seeks expression in great deeds: 360,1, 360,2, 360,c

Perfect union with God: 370,2


Crucifixion: Abandonment, Dark Night of the Soul

We share in Christ's suffering: 93,1, 93,2, 93,c

To dust we shall return: 94,1

We must accept death as the Lord wills it: 95,1, 95,2, 95,c

Jesus's crucifixion is love personalized: 96,1, 96,2, 96,c

Jesus suffered and died for our sins: 100,2

Through the victory of the Cross we defeat the devil: 112,1

We are transformed by the Cross: 126,c

The Cross glorifies the Father: 127,2

Mary at the foot of the Cross: 131,1, 131,2, 131,c

We glorify God by uniting our cross to Christ's Cross: 132,2

Palm Sunday: 133,1

Good Friday: we become one with the crucified Lord: 138,1, 138,2, 138,c 

Holy Saturday: victory through death: 139,1, 139,2, 139,c

Like Jesus on the Cross, we sometimes feel cut off from God: 155,1, 155,2, 155,c

We bask in the Father's presence despite feeling abandoned: 158,1

We share in Christ's sacrifice on the Cross at the Mass: 166,1, 166,2, 166,c

Jesus bequeaths His mother to us: 173,2

The heart of Jesus was pierced by the soldier's lance: 208,1, 208,2, 208,c

We dwell within the pierced Sacred heart of Jesus: 209,c

Through Christ's death we are made new: 231,1

Christ crucified reveals God's love for souls: 317,2

We must sacrifice ourselves completely to save souls: 326,1, 326,2, 326,c

The dark night of the soul: 347,1, 347,2, 347,c

Spiritual abandonment is a gift of God's purifying love: 348,1

Total self-surrender leads to total self-purification: 349,1, 349,2, 349,c

Lack of conversion makes us enemies of the Cross: 350,1

Patience and faith in suffering: 351,1, 351,2, 351,c

As our love grows, we grow closer to God: 361,1

Purified by the Cross of Christ, we seek Divine Intimacy: 364,2

We are made pure by the blood of Christ: 376,1, 376,2, 376,c



Submitted: December 05, 2015

© Copyright 2022 John Gross. All rights reserved.


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