A Reign of Chaos

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In a world where Human beings rebelled against magic and sorcery, king Henry Thane struggles to maintain an united and peaceful kingdom.

From beyond the sea, the king's bastard son reunites an army and wages a war to claim the throne as his own.

And while men fight their wars, an obscure force is preparing an uprising!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012




I am the keeper. I am the keeper. He must understand. He must.

The old man was waiting for an audience with the king. The black door in front of him, had been closed for hours. The king was a busy man, and in an island dedicated to holding prisioners, there was always someone with a problem.

Roopert was the oldest brother of the Hansen family. His younger brothers had been beheaded for treason. But Roopert had always been the smartest. He swore to protect the island and was put in charge of feeding the prisioners during the morning. Serving in the Crow’s Nest was a true nightmare. It was a huge structure like a tower to hold captive the worst of the worst. But it was either that or death. The man in charge of the island called himself the Crow King.

He will forgive me! I am the smart one! I am loyal to him!

The black door opened.

The king came out and with a gesture ordered him to enter. His office was well lit, compared to the rest of the Nest. On his desk he had maps of the diverse continents that surrounded the island.

“So, tell me food keeper, what makes you abandon your duties and seek an audience with me? I have little time for your petty conflicts. If my convicts are bothering you again, you have my permission to bring the hounds. That would teach them a lesson.”

“My...highness...sir, i b-bring unfortunate... horrible news.” the words were getting stuck in his mouth. “P-prisioner escape, alert the Kingdom!”

The king punched his desk, the maps flew as the desk trembled.

“What do you mean a prisioner escaped? How? Did he have help?”

“No, Sir, they... they vanished from their cells!” He could feel the anger building in the king’s eyes.

It was not my fault, I’m the smart one, The good one.

“THEY? His face was red with anger. How many escaped? How many ships are we missing? Alert the other guards immediatly!”

“No s-ships are missing sir! They, they wouldn’t be enough!”

The Crow King looked in his eyes. Roopert could feel his fury slowly turning to panic.

“What do you mean they wouldn’t be enough? How many prisioners escaped?”

Not my fault, i’m the smart one. The loyal one.

“Sir, all of them. All of the prisioners vanished from their cells. All five hundred of them!”

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