A Reign of Chaos

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1




The cell door opened. The one they called hearteater stepped forward. He was a big man with large shoulders and a big grey beard. “Let’s go little girl, your king awaits!”

  Elizabeth Thane had been captured when the rebels ambushed her and her crew in the copper sea. She was to negotiate peace terms with a small colony previously aligned with the rebels. But it had all been a trap. Now she was a war prisioner Being the king’s only daughter, she was a valuable war asset. He is not my king, as a matter of fact he is nothing to me now.

  The hearteater grabbed her arm. With his brute strenght he almost broke it. “I don’t want to hurt you child, come with me of your own will or i will make you!”

  Elizabeth always hated to be treated like a child, she was twenty years old and capable of handling herself in battle. But she was tied up and face to face to a huge beast who ate the hearts of his opponents.  There was little she could do to make him respect her When my father finds me, he will bleed, they will all bleed!

  She followed him through the unlit corridors of the prison. The rebels took the Blackfin islands as their home. They had previously been the home of the high council of sorcery, but they weren’t going to need them anymore. She crossed the narrow bridge that connected the two main buildings in the island. Beneath all the weaponry and soldiers, she could still notice the building was used to hold men of magic. Men, such a funny Word. When men accused them of being responsible for the massacres, they went from real men to the worst kind of monsters immaginable! First they burned them, then their pets and finally their dragons. With no one to maintain magic over the centuries, it  eventually disappeared from the world! There were two huge candles on top of the council building. One stood for the world of man, the other stood for magic. They always said they had to maintain the balance, no candle could shine brighter than the other. Well, now one of them is permanently unlit! Guess they were handed the shorter straw.

She arrived at the council room, only now it was a throne room, and only one man stood up there.

“Liz, dear sister, how have my guards been treating you? Why the sad face, are you not happy to see your brother?” His confident smile made her sick.

“You are not my brother, only the son of some whore my father happened to fuck”! She saw his face, there was no smile at her reply.

“His first mistake!” The light was reflecting in the golden crown he was wearing. “His second mistake was to exile me from his kingdom! I will bring an age of freedom, the bards will sing about me until the end of times! Want to hear something? Sir Daario please amuse me!”

A small man dressed with ragged clothes stepped forward. “If it pleases you my lord. This one is called Against his own blood!”

The bard started singing about how the evil king betrayed his own son and how he would repay the favor against his own blood. The horrible song went on and on. Her brother didn’t appreciate it, she could see it in his eyes. He only wanted to make her angry.

“ENOUGH WITH THIS MOCKERY!” The sound echoed through the room like if it was the gods themselves speaking.  On the far side of the room stood a hooded man. He seemed to be old, but his face was obscure. “ You will treat our guest with respect!”

She could see the young king wasn’t happy about receiving commands. “ She is my sister, i can do with her as i please! Soon i will sit in the throne and rule this whole kingdom!”

The hooded man lifted his hands. One of the soldiers present in the room started to tremble. Suddenly, smoke started erupting from under the soldiers skin. The smell of burning flesh flooded the room with disgust, as people started covering their noses and mouths. As the hooded man closed his fists, the soldier turned into ash. Her brother’s eyes were shining with fear.

“Need i remind you your place in all of this, little king?”

“Sh...she will be treated well!” With a nod, the hooded man exited the old council room.

Was that magic? No, must have been a trick! Magic is dead, long dead!

Her brother stood from his throne. “Surprised little sister? Do you still think that our father can stand against me?”

“It looks to me you aren’t even in charge! You are no king, just a slave to another master!”

She intended to hurt him, to make him feel frustrated and angry. Instead he just gave her a cold look. “I had to make sacrifices to achieve greatness. Some might even think i have gone too far!”

“It’s not too late, you are still Robert Thane, son of our fath...” He raised his voice, this time he was angry.

“I no longer bear that name! I have chosen a new one, one more fitting to a king. I am Draken. Do you remember this name?”

“Of course i do, the old dragon rider, father used to read us stories about him. Just because you chose the name of a hero, it doesn’t make you one. You are the same person i have known for my entire life and no name changes that.”

“No name indeed!” He removed his shining silver armor and the clothes that covered his chest. What he revealed made her shiver. He had no skin, no flesh and no organs left in his body. In his chest stood only his bones.

“As i once said, sacrifices had to be made!”




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