A Reign of Chaos

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Submitted: June 22, 2012




Chapter 2




“My once peaceful kingdom is now threatened by my bastard son. My only daughter is being held captive by my enemies. Soon we must prepare for war. I fear i can do nothing to stop this madness, but i have hopes that you can. I call upon you, brave knights of the northern lands, to rescue Elizabeth. The odds will be against you, for i need my army to protect the citizens. Battle ships have been spotted moving towards our beaches. Once again i need you to do the impossible, i wish you luck, old friends.”




The Sun was setting. Before them stood a vast forest, covered with snow filled with danger.  The three knights looked at each other.

 “I think we should camp here! Wild things will be waiting for us ahead!”

 “What’s the matter Wayne? Afraid the wolves will bite your skinny ass?”

 Wayne, was an experienced archer, yet he was as skinny as he was fast. And he was extremely agile. Kurt was the strongest of the bunch. He was the tallest and largest man in the whole North. Some called him “the northern giant”.

  “Alright, you’ve had your fun!” Will was the leader of the group. There were four knights officially known as “the knights of the northern lands”. Will, Kurt, Wayne and Spencer. But the last one lived far from the rest, and had been put in charge of finding a fast ship for them once they arrived to the shores. But first they had to cross the forests. “I’m afraid we cannot stop for the night, time is running out.”

Both knights nodded with their heads, they knew there was no point in arguing with him.

The knights advanced through the forest, The air was freezing, and the darkness was covering everything. They were moving with caution, kurt was carrying a torch, but they  were hoping that they could also take advantage of the dark to stay hidden.

“What was that?” Wayne grabbed an arrow. He readied his bow.

“Shhh, stay quiet!” Will grabbed his sword.

Shadows were moving in the bushes. They saw eyes staring at them.

“How many? Can you count them?” kurt lifted his torch.

“More than i am comfortable with! Ready your weapons.”

One of the creatures jumped towards them. Wayne shot an arrow straight through it’s chest.

“WOLVES! Kill them!” Kurt grabbed his longsword. With a wide sweep he killed two of the beasts.

The huge wolf pack flocked towards them. They were vicious animals, starving for days. The knights were fending them off with their attacks. Wayne was shooting 5 arrows at a time and kurt was crushing their skulls with his strenght. Will was strategically cutting them with his precise moves.

“They are too many, we should retreat!”

“We can’t, we have to rescue her!” The group was exhausted, but Will was the leader, and they follow their leader.

Suddenly, a wolf came from behind them.  With an agile and vicious move, he grabbed wayne by his neck. With a his sharp teeth he ripped open his flesh. Blood spread through the ground and staining the white snow.

“WAYNE!” Will ran to help him, but it was too late. The man was gone. Screams came from his back, as Kurt fell to the ground, the wolves feasting on his flesh.

“NOOOO!” The wolves attacked him. He felt his clothes being torn apart, his flesh being eaten, the world turning to black.

When he woke up, it was morning. He was lying in the middle of the forest, no wolf was in sight. There was no sign of his fellow knights. “What happened?”  He couldn’t feel his chest. He touched it, and almost fainted. He had nothing but bones beneath his clothes.

From the top of the trees, an old hooded man, was watching him.






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