Nothing From Nowhere

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A man who never knew what it was to value life, comes to find that value only in death. Yet in death, it appears, there is no savoring of any kind...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: May 16, 2013

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Submitted: May 16, 2013



Chapter I:

In the midst of darkness, there is a secret. Out from the light, we are blind; born into darkness.

Each one of us holds in our hearts hazed recollections of blurry dreams. Ones so familiar to us all, we try to find meaning in these dreams. A déjà vu to our thoughts, we swear we’ve been there before. Our dreams and lives intertwine as if it were a pattern, as if repeated.

But this darkness holds a secret. Our lives seem to be predestined. Our fates seem to be locked. What unhappiness befalls us when we stray from our fates? What is this meaning we all search for? Some inner voice, some instinct to which we follow? We know. It leads us. Our faults planned. Our mistakes intended. We are but puzzle pieces in this game.

But this darkness holds a secret. Once in death comes life again; rebirth into another body. Memories are washed away by the light, but the incidents of former lives remain in our hearts, our minds, and in the inner most core of our souls. We know.

But what doom befalls the soul that is destined for destruction? What consequence follows the soul that has used up its purpose? This darkness holds a secret; only a few won’t return. Some become hollow. Some are destined to be destroyed.

And into the burning fire of nothingness, a hollow soul falls to ashes. From the ashes, recycled, a new soul burns bright again. Incinerate. They follow to bring purpose and meaning to our world.

But from the burning fire of nothingness, when a soul remains cursed, hollow, empty of meaning or purpose, the ashes fade away. The fire stops burning. The soul becomes extinguished. And into nothingness it remains.


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