The N chronicles

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In a world gone wrong, Where the monsters of our deepest nightmares have come alive.

One girl is on a journey to find Sanctuary in America.

This is the N chronicles

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The N chronicles

Submitted: July 13, 2012

Reads: 106

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



N day 1

Early morning, July 11 2012. I am standing on the deck of an antiquated steamship, tasting the salt drops of the sea on my lips. The rust under my bare feet feels strangely comforting. There was no time to grab my shoes. Closing my eyes, I think back to how all of this happened, how it all went terribly...wrong. 

It's a question I have heard repeated over and over again: "Where were you, when the dreamscape shattered?" Where were you on N day?" 

The one clear memory I have was standing in my mother's kitchen, making breakfast. I remember her freezing and dropping a plate when the news came over the radio. The Large Hadron Collider had ruptured! Switzerland was ground they never existed. Europe was in soon in chaos, nobody knew who to blame for the disaster. Governments turned on each other, some even whispered of war.

It was a week later that the first rip reports came through. It sounds like a children's tale told by parents to scare them...but it came true on N day. The barrier between planet earth and the death world (this is what we call their world) it could not take the strain of the Collider's force as it tore asunder. They came through the rips, all the monsters of lore, of our deepest hatred, of our nightmares. 

My father was soon called up for military duty. The last letter we got from him- he told us they were trying to hold the channel between us and Europe but it was looking grim. I never heard from him again. 

We thought he had driven them back...we dared to dream that we had won the war.That was till the London rip happened, it was bigger than anything we ever saw. The monsters poured forth and killed and burnt everything in their wake. We had no chance and soon England was burning.

I remember my mother running to my sister's room. I can still hear her screams echoing through my head some nights. A banshee had come for us. I tried pulling her away from the demon, then the claws ripped her in two. She slumped into my arms and I could feel her blood spilling over me The next few seconds felt like an eternity, turning to run out of the house; hearing the monster gorge itself on my family. Stopping to look back, I saw the first plumes of smoke rising out of our house. I fell to my knees, the tears flowing freely. Somehow I got the energy to drag myself up. 

Soon I met up with a group of refugees, they were heading for the coast. The rumour had spread that America was still safe from the monsters. This was to be our sanctuary and the only hope we could cling to. I was one of the lucky ones,-the elderly, the sick and the cripple had to stay behind. There wasn't enough space for all of us. The looks on their faces...knowing their's a scar I would always keep on my heart.

We are within days of seeing the America coast.Then we will be safe. The monster's can't hurt us any more...they can't reach us in Sanctuary...

My name is Samantha Worthington Day and this is my story.

42.475338,-41.25586 ( Atlantic Ocean, crossing between England and the USA)

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