Silence Shows Strenght

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Silence Shows Strenght

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



Silence Shows Strength

John Stevenson was kid who lived in Miami Florida USA. He was one of the most famous student in his university, everybody known him even in different classroom, but they know him not because of his looks, nor smartness, but because of his brother. His brother was the most academic in their university, his brother even represents the university by going in national quiz bees. He didnt have just the knowledge, he had......looks, almost everybody in his town known him(mostly girls) even older girls liked him, so John was only famous because everybody wants to talk to his brother, he was just used to be the bridge by others, but Johnny didnt mind.

John's only thing that was liked by other people was being very friendly. His brother wasn't that friendly due to being too famous he had developed a lot of ego. Being friendly was the only thing everybody known about John, he was very friendly , all of his classmate are all of his friend, he was the most fun guy in their school, he talks with girls, boys and even teachers, he was a funny guy, he made every subject fun, even mathematics!, he helped his classmates understand math, he was one of the greatest classmates everybody had. Even he was not that smart,it didnt stop him from helping others, his classmates saw the good heart of their friend, but there was only one thing bothering him, his family.

John's family was never completed he never had a father to guide him, his mother was the only one who took care of them, his mother never really appreciated the goodness of John, she would always compare John with his brother(the perfect son), John was always depreciated, all they can see is that John is fat, ugly, just a big joke, his parents think that John always just says jokes and just chats with others, he was mistreated, there was one scenario, when his mother visited his school she saw John talking to a classmate , she eventually thought that John is just chatting, so she pulled him in the school corridor, and she started punching him, John stayed strong, he just let that memory pass away.

John's best and most memorable achievement, Graduation Day, it was the best day of John's life, but unfortunately John was the only one excited,  he thought that that day his mom would be proud of him, but she is not, she even said that because John didn't had any medal it is not worth it to even attend the graduation, she just said that just go to bed early and just sleep and not waste the time, they didn't thought that it would break John's heart(who wouldn't it break), so he just forced his mom to come with him, she even said that she would just come because she would look bad to her friends, so still John stayed strong, even when it finished her mom keeps on telling him that, why is he smiling he didnt got any medal. On the other hand his brother graduated being 2nd honored, he got at least 12 medals, he received scholarship from different school, their mom was so proud of him , but John was just staying strong, he didn't got angry with his parents he just kept silent and alone.

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Silence Shows Strenght

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