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Chapter Nine


“How much longer are we gonna wait, Pride?”

I smiled, ruffling Samantha’s head with a very heated hand. As she began to grimace I stopped, answering her question.

“You’re such an impatient child. You’ve sold so much of your material, yet you wish to leave. I’ll take you to your house, then. You and I both know what they’re talking about inside. Why they keep peeking out their windows. Why they’re taking so long for their next move. They’d likely notice us out of the shadows, but here they see only an alleyway. My siblings would never have been so wise.”

Greed turned to the girl.

“You do know what they’re up to, right Samantha?”

The little one shrugged. Any mortal would find a pet’s ignorance adorable. I took it as an invitation to smack a bitch.

“You insolent little cunt!” I yelled. “Go in there then, and find out for yourself!”

That said, I grabbed her by the arm, slinging her out of the alleyway in a manner that looked almost like she had slithered to the ground of her own accord. She then picked herself up, like she’d just recently decided to act human, but never once before then. But the most rewarding moment was when she actually reached the church. She actually knocked… once. When she rapped those pitiful knuckles on the door, though, she experienced quite a shock.

Almost literally.

It sent her flying backwards head over heels. I chuckled to myself, but to another it would have been sad. The girl laid the for quite some time, not moving, blinking, or breathing. After a full ten minutes passed, though, she perked her head up. I imagine she recollected the incident quite well. I couldn’t help but smile that she thought giving this another try would save her trouble. Luckily for her, though, she was stopped by Father Dub himself. A window shattered, due to a pistol-whip via shotgun. He aimed right for her, but she stopped him with words I couldn’t pick up.

She was begging.

He put away his shotgun.

The bitch ratted me out! She must’ve. But suddenly, as I began to completely lose it and emerge from the shadows, she turned back toward me. I sighed, as she drew her pistol from under the front of her shirt. Dub aimed his shotgun directly for her back, though at a distance, it would still kill her. I waved my hand, never once losing my intellect or insight. My manner stayed as it always would while I puppetted her to turn and fire, nailing the man just so he would fall right out of the window. Now he was mine!

I made a dash so fast that a mortal’s eyes would perform quite a feat to have kept up. I was at Dub’s immediat are in less than a second.

“Good evening, Dub!”

“And die, mother-fucker!” Samantha had her pistol aimed right for his head. “Father” Dub had his eyes closed. He was holding a bloodied shoulder, and praying to save his soul and church from the demon.

I wondered if I could manipulate this girl further. I had never once forgotten what a toy Father Dub was to me. I had to break him from his Lord. Then I would take him.

“Run, Dub!” I screamed, multi-tasking at an ametuars pace as I made the girl fire again with my gift over those I own. I smacked the gun south from her target, but Dub didn’t move. He stayed curled up praying. He was doing it a little more loudly now, but His sovereignty is far “above” saving a dying man, so Dub’s only help would come from me.

“Don’t stop me, Pride!”, Samantha yelled out. “This bastard tried to shoot my ass!”

I sighed, knowing all I’d have to do was knock Samantha to a state of unconsciousness, and take my leave as a hero to get more closely aquainted with that idiot reverend.

I raised my hand to deal a simple blow. That’s all it should have took. Instead, I felt some piercing sensation. I turned around, and, for the first time in my new life, I was surprised.

“You got me”, I smiled, grabbing her by the arm and ripping it clean off. “But you should realize how many questions this raises… Envy.”

The girl looked like a rebelious bitch. Which was fine for me. That’s all she’d ever been to me.

“No, stupid!” Envy shook her green locks of hair. “I have no intention of answering to Satan, God, or anyone else!”

I grew angry. Furious! I ripped the knife inbedded in my back out, and swung it right for the bitch’s corset pierced abdomen.

“You’d call the inferior by their names!?”

She dodged, rolling and picking up her arm from the ground. I wasn’t going to let her attach it or let it grow back at her whim. If she thought that I was, she was crudely mistaken. I charged her with the blade, the air feeling of a heat to the point that all things seemed hazy. Right as I was about to impail her, and her do something to me, I heard Dub scream out.

“Between Bryce and Livingston!” He yelled. I stopped and looked to him. My face was becoming calmer. Not that it was ever very expressive to begin with.

The poor fool was cradling his shotgun, and shoulder at the same time. He had lost a lot of blood, but he would no doubt be fine. The people of the church would savbe him soon.

I lept backward to dodge Envy’s blow, but just happened to have given her time to screw her arm back on. The bitch was hardly worth my time. But she could answer questions of mine.

“Envy, my dearest.”, I said soothingly. “Surely if you’re hear-“…

I ducked a high punch, but took a roundhouse kick to the head. The bitch was livid! ”Stop this shit and let me talk!” I yelled before taking a volley of punches. I blocked many, but not each shot was that easy. I’d have to extract answers from her when she calmed down. She was a very fierce fighter when pissed off in jealousy.

“Girl!” I yelled out. “We have his location. Now let’s make a getaway.”

She picked herself up from her knees. The fear that there were more than one of my kind was likely more than she needed on her mind. Clarity can sometimes further the anguish. That’s questionlessly why she stood firm. Firm save for the shivering. The poor bitch looked like she wanted to turn and run.

“Lazy bitch!” I yelled, making a dash for her. I scooped her up and began running. Remembering that I would be foolish to let her weigh me down, I quickly turned a corner and dropped her off.

“He lives between Bryce and Livingston, wench.” I said, my breathe already regained. “Now make yourself useful and meet me south of there!”

The girl nodded and I was on my way. Just like that.

Submitted: March 13, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Jonathin Dreary. All rights reserved.


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