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Chapter Ten


“So he’s been spotted?” Sloth yawned. After a session of smacking his lips, he then snapped his thumb and center finger, bringing forth a beautiful redhead who was tall, wore heels as well as other fancy attire, and best of all to the demon, was as vicious as a binghal tiger. For that reason, he was sure, Bruno had called her Kitty.

“No boss”, the man before him said, not able to look him in the eye. “Not exactly. We had a boy on the case of buying some of his merchandice, but the kid never came back. The school they attended was slaughtered… partially.”

“Then you can figure something out… Right?” Sloth snapped his finger again and the redheaded “Kitty” hissed, walking toward him step by resistant step.

“The man nodded. “Tony’s pretty partial to the school. He used to always do all his own deals there. We figure he’s a crooked teacher, or a really old student.”

“Very good”, Sloth said, letting his neck roll backward as he relaxed. “You’ll keep a hand this time. This time. Now send someone else to the damned school. Some one compitent” He snapped a third time and Kitty spit on him. When he wiped the warm saliva from his face, her dress was at the floor. He’’d have been to the bursting point with ecstacy, meeting her halfway as she mounted him. That is, were he not so tired. Instead, he’d just take a nap.





I took it upon myself to lose most of my demonic features. My body was no longer furry, but I kept my horns and tail. I couldn’t have them so sinister, though. The horns, that is. I had them made more becoming. More desirable. Mixed with my short skirt and high-heels, mine was the perfect figure for an underly imaginative man. A.K.A a horny bastard.

It took every bit of ten minutes before my powers went to work. I saw a pair of men following me. I could feel it. They removed my clothes in their heads. They caressed my perfect bare figure, and licked every inch of my flesh. I was so anxious to see their choice of action that I was practically drooling. I knew they were following me after I made a trip into an alleyway. A dark alleyway. Many bad things happen in dark alleys. Robberies, murder, and… rape. You’ll never guess which of those would be my favorite.

“What do you want!?”, I asked with spunk. “Get lost!”

The men had no ideas what went on in their bodies. They thought only of penetrating anything with holes that looked attractive. In slum-cities like Cocaine, that was me. In any city, that was me.

They couldn’t speak. Though my powers worked only on the weak-minded, they were already under my control.

The right one giggled. He was relatively small for a full-grown man. He wore glasses and probably slept with his clothes on. He was a loser.

The other one, though, wasn’t so shy. He whipped it out in an instant, stroking it slowly. I would continue the act.

“Ew! Get lost, you sicko!” I yelled. Too late, though. He was already running at me. I smiled. He wrapped his hands around my throat and waist, and the nerd crept towawrd me slowly. I had no use for his sluggish monotony, so I took control of the big one’s soul, a power that went into affect when one made contact with me skin to skin. He, nor his friend, nor any other person in the world, would ever be able to stick it in ME of their own accord. I watched as he went to work breaking the more pathetic of the two from his trance, then everything else. It would be a rather fun existence.

Submitted: March 28, 2010

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