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Chapter One

I couldn't believe my senses. I had no idea my wishes would come true. Only centuries after being spawned. Not even a thousand centuries of this torture, and already I'm given my chance?Exquisite!
I was brought to the attempted torturing of a rather interesting man. His name was Dreary. Literally.Jonathin Nazareth Dreary, to be exact. He had convinced many people to do many harsh things under the title of a god. Chris Angel was a boy-scout compared to this man and his cult. He took pride in his job, too. I found that he and I had very much in common. I didn't regret attempting to show him the world's end of him, though. I never physically touched him, either. Well... I didn't at first. He assured me that he would never crack under physical pain. It was my least favorite kind, so I had to take his word for this. I showed him very minor things as first. You can hold conversation with the stronger ones that way.Between grunts and groans of acting tough, they will talk about accomplishments, or ask questions.I do so hate being questioned.
I had captured who he was in no time at all, unfortunately. A calm weak punishment wasn't enough for a calm strong man of his injustice. He truly thought himself better than me. I had to step my game up. Hours passed. I showed him what his mind shouldn't have been able to take. I showed him what no man should be able to take.Dying children made laughter, even when his own. Banshees and demons intrigued him like some famous painting. It soon came clear that worldly things of his imagination, as well as physical or mental manifestations, gave him an edge on me. They were too familiar to him. He only saw me as weak when I used them. He dared to look down on my powers. I did what a sin should never do at this point. In a fit of ambition and… well, pride, to prove my greatness, I lost my temper. Only Wrath is foolish enough to let true emotion shine through the mask of what we show ourselves to be.
I summoned everything in my power's threshold. I created a being beyond anything worldly. A being of spiritual manifestation only, that could never be described in a worldly manner. He, or rather, “it”, could only be described as "unworldly" or better yet, "impossible". I showed a creature that was impossible to accept to something as frail as the human soul. In an instant I saw all things within this man's essence melt. I had never gone this far before, so one could only imagine my surprise when I watched the immortal soul within him melt. His valor, his nerves, and his senses were all crushed at first. Next went everything worldly, which were things that were possessed only due to the freshness of his soul to the afterlife. The surprising part was the next thing that left. His immortal soul.
When everything was all gone, I used a wealth of power to banish the impossible creature back to nothingness. I now felt new sensations. Things a being of ultimate greatness should never feel. Weakness, for all of what I had was used on a single resilient soul. More than that was fear, for more like him may someday arise. I knew my only purpose was to be the greatest in existence and take pride in just that. Was it possible that by what had just happened a mere peon had defeated me? If only for a second, is it possible that I wasn't the greatest?
My name, my purpose, and the legacy I dreamed of having all vanished with that Nazerith Dreary. I was lucky existences like his would be rare.
It was at this time of weakness that It happened.The doorway opened. It was beautiful. Carved of wonderful substances that had likely never been unveiled to hell. It sang to me. Pulled me in.Unlike anything physically in hell, this doorway called to me. Or perhaps, it was the only thing in hell that didn't repel everything. The door welcomed me within that possibility all the more. I was certain of one thing. My destiny was within this door's boundaries.
I didn't take a second to register what was happening. My body stepped through by itself. My essence followed.
In an instant and an eternity both, my being went through everything but nothing at once. I felt happiness and sadness.Fear and exception. Bravery and foolishness and other emotions that were new to me. Especially enlightenment.
I had never felt them before, but I also felt them leave me, if only for the journey. Like for just an instance, I was un-feeling my essence.

Next thing I knew everything was right in the existence I owned. I was no longer cramped or limited or burning or anything. I knew for a fact that I had left hell. I had left Him. Prince of Darkness.
Nothing was wrong anymore. Everything was right. Everything was going to be easier and with more purpose. That's when it began.

"Who is this essay, Alejandro?" A voice asked. I opened my eyes and looked upon Earth. It wasn't beautiful, but it would do. Rust covered everything and roaches scattered at all times to take cover under things. Worse then that though, there were men.
"I don't know, Elliot. I'm thinkin' maybe we ‘oughta ask him." As this was said the two Latino men pulled out knives. I scoffed at them.
"Lambs of God! Look upon your new ruler. I am a sin. You are lesser by existence. Bow, peons".
"What 'choo ramblin' ‘bout, essay."
"I don't know, Elliot. I'm thinkin' we ‘oughta show him whose territory he's in. You down?"
I frowned. They were a lesser class of humans. I preferred the roaches by far. I would have to kill one to show the other my superiority. There was only one question.
"Which of you will it be?"
The two were no jokers. They both charged at me the instant I finished speaking. They must have found challenge, or invitation, or both within my response. No amount of mice will kill a lion so easily. I would teach them this.
I shattered both blades with a wave of my hand, letting the shards fly into both of them. The survivor would have to prove himself.
Both men's eyes grew wide. They had clearly not expected death by a stranger. I suppose it was this that disgusted me the most. I will never spare one who can't accept what I am. The greatest.
This in mind, I gave them a final chance.
"You may live forever if you could only join those who will soon worship my glory. Accept me as your better and you may live.”
The men didn't seem like they could speak. In hell, few did more than scream after taking what these men had taken. This pair still defiantly glared my way.
"Fuck you, homes!" The left one spat. Blood came out.

He didn't sound tough now that he was bleeding on the cold ground. "Do you know who we are? We're La Zetas. Nobody's better than us, Comprende?"
The other nodded and I could hardly help but grin.
"Intriguing. You may go and suffer in place of me then. I wish you to tell my brethren my greeting.
"With that said, I took a single piece of shrapnel from their weapons, slitting their throats would have been easy. Impaling their temples was my choice of action. They screamed at first, fear wide in their eyes at the slow death of the blade they could not escape. In the end, death overtook pride, and they cried. It was agonizingly slow, excruciatingly painful, and something totally fit for a being of pride. It was fit...for a king. The king I would soon become.

Submitted: January 23, 2010

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Very interesting. Pride's personality is showing through very nicely. I like it. Great writing.

Mon, January 25th, 2010 9:26pm


I really appreciate that. I believe I'm going to add many of the sin s though.

Mon, January 25th, 2010 4:51pm


You write well, I don't think this is for me though: sorry.

Tue, February 2nd, 2010 1:08pm


Damn. It's understandable though. I can't be for everyone.

Tue, February 2nd, 2010 9:10am

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