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Chapter Two
There was so much more than the defiant in this town. I found that out as I stumbled upon the liars, the maniacs, and the whores. It was at this time that I felt that I would one day see my siblings in this land. They could possibly aid me in ruling this land as my own. At the same time, though, I wondered if they could accept this level of freedom. Surely some would choose hell over this great land.
I was feeling atop the world. My world. I had even made something of an idea. Surely with my ultimate spirit I could corrupt this world's devices instead of leaving them like the other life had. Surely I would make a toothpick into a broadsword. The lords of the afterlife's darkness and light both saw fit to leave them at the door.
I looked across the empty street. What I saw gave me a mind of what to corrupt first.
"First Baptist Open Door Church." I felt the foulness just in reading the sign. "Let's see if their doors are open to the likes of me, then."
With nothing more to leave to imagination of what could happen, I took action. I humbly walked across the road. The nearer I grew though, to this church, the closer I felt to my opposite. If something was foul to demons it was Him. I grew sick with knowledge of how close he was to this wretched deity by standing before this holy land. My sickness was nothing though. I forced it to pleasure with a mere rearranging of lights to look at it upon. Any human has this power. To change your opinion of something is all it takes to destroy mental weaknesses. No man could master it, though. Or at least, no man had. My thought was nothing too challenging. Pride can be shown in lack there of with the right intent. All that hit me were simple thoughts. This would be a sport
"What a lovely and humble little home." Pride said cheerily. His sarcasm was thick. "Whatever beauty one could see is nothing past ashes to me. All that opposes me will take that fit little appearance of burned rubble. So is the will of Pride."
"A fiery ambition". A voice called. "Too much so for my tastes. You younger kids should stop glamorizing theirs when and give thanks for what's His. This is the will of God."
"Some day he will not have a will at all." I countered.
"Oh God's will is eternal. He will always have one, for he will always be."
I knew this man's type. Religious junkies. This man was drunk off of his "enlightenment" and would not soon sober. Brainwashed.
"The name's Father Dub."
"Like the way you dub religion's truth by mixing in your own words?"
"No, lad. Dub, as in ' I dub you a lost soul from Christ. Would you like to come in and further this conversation?"
I smiled. I had just been invited. That meant I could enter. There was truth behind some beings living without the ability to enter one's land without permission. I hadn't tested if my power was strong enough to break this protection though. And it was not simply evil that lived this way. It was all powerful things of other worlds. There was no such thing as evil in the afterlife.
"I'd very much enjoy that."
"Then do follow me. It's a trifle colder out here since the rain has passed. I will make you some coffee."
"I do not thirst for such things", I sighed. "But with your offer, I will enter your home."
"My home? Oh heaven's no. This is merely a church who welcomes men and women of all kinds. You and I are both born sinners. Who am I to keep you from this house of God's?"
I wanted to explain that after reaching a certain level of enlightenment over a subject of the other-world, He would enter your soul for real. He was then part of you, and you had use of all things of his. But on the off chance this was just property father Dub had built, I didn't need to sound stupid. I would keep quiet.

Inside there was a statue of one that truly sickened me. I was a greater demon who'd searched for freedom by finding earth. Before me was a statue of the opposite. A man with a crown of thorns, punished by Him for his boldness. This Jesus "Christ" had escaped the light to mislead men from it. He found Heaven to be a world of bores and lies. For being stuck there so long, he had found his way to earth on will alone. He successfully made "miracles" to lead them from the light and truth, and then had a change of heart when a demon of his own origin, the lighter side, bought his affection. He slandered the name until we were no longer on even terms with Heaven. Hell was hated. He told of our superior powers to punish, but that wasn't what we did before. Any who worship God halfway went to our land. And since God was told of lies, his plan backfired, leaving none to enter His land. None knew the truth of religion. I had long since forgotten, myself.
"Jesus Christ" I said, staring into his crying eyes. "He had his days."
"He most certainly did!" Dub replied happily. "He is one third of the trinity. His is the path to follow."
"Do you like fire and pain? If so, then follow that path."
"Fire keeps me warm at nights. It drove the beasts away before God's word touched the land.
"Pain shows us what we're doing wrong. It teaches us when his word isn't available. The pair is truly remarkable, and a gift from my lord and savior."
"Give it a rest", I snapped. "You're not impressing me, or that deity you claim!"
"Impressing either of you was never my intention, my son. I swear that your spirit will be awakened before your days are numbered. You will see a light brighter than all others."
"Then let it be a challenge, Dub." I sneered. "By the time I'm done seeing you, one of us will have broken."
"Agreed, son."
And so we talked.
It went on for hours, and truly amazed me how delicate and yet intense the subject of his immortal soul was to him. He truly was so afraid to be wrong that he tried to flip my truth upon him many times. I had no intention of telling him that the truth was usually very sound structurally and thus hard to tear apart.
It brought me great pleasure, though, to see how weak he was. He attempted with every fiber of his existence to prove me wrong. We stayed in that holy-house for many hours of the night, but when the sun came up, I told him that I needed to find a new place to take refuge. He did not disagree but merely told me to come back any time. I took it this man would spend too much time at church. I'd likely find him there every time I came. Assuming I ever came again.
Things puzzled me though. How were the humans so afraid to be wrong. When my life's existence changed in an instant I felt power and opportunity. Why is it impossibly difficult for the race of man to do the same? Would all be like him? Or like those I'd met before him? Afraid of change. Terrified to worship something new to them? If I'd been presented a new power, it's likely I'd never bow to it. A new deity would likely fall the same way the old ones had. Sheer power alone can even crush a god. But which one would I crush first? And would it be becoming to take their place?
I watched Father Dub leave before I did. I went to his closet and took a robe while I was there. A god would not be seen in the modern day clothes I had been born to this earth in. I was forced to dress in a way that the humans would look upon me as one of them. I had been born under their image, after all. It made sense to dress like them. Now I would make this image one that was revered. I would be a god soon, so it only made sense to dress like one.
On contact with my flesh I used my power to turn the robe a sinister purple. We demons found that it was a very evil color when in the shade I'd just made it. Almost black, but in that light it would shine with sinistry. I would wear it until an even nicer attire came to me. Until then though....
I stopped out and away from the holy building.
I had decided to spend the rest of my night exploring this wondrous city. I had discovered the whores were at night. Better people came out at day, but the roaches came to this city long ago to stay.
The city’s name was Cocaine. It housed it’s own. There were deals and were I not above the things, I’d happily have partaken. I was not, though, without addictions. I had lived for thousands of years in an inferno (as well as myself) that tortured immortal souls of the damned. I knew it would be most pleasurable to hear screams once again.
I’d say the highlight of my morning came right as the sun peeked over a broken down apartment. My fix just happened to come my way. To the side of said apartment was a young little girl. I believe she was selling cookies. Well, that was my first instinct at least.
I figured there was nothing less harmful than selling cookies, other than slaughtering the sellers and buyers of said cookies. The innocent were lambs. Someone had to corrupt them to the path of the black sheep.
“Hello, lass”, I greeted. The skirt of hers was short. Not even covering her knees. Her wagon was filled with boxes, but I smelled a dark powder in the air. This girl hid a secret.
“You work for Tony Bruno?” she asked. Her voice was razor sharp. Her eyes were piercing my existence.
“Why, no.” My response was cheery. “I merely-“
“Then fuck off. These cookies are for Bruno.”
My pupils dilated. I felt my blood warming up. Not quite boiling. This girl had done whatever deals she was involved in before.
“Quite the tongue”, I said rather sternly. Do you want to die?”
The bitch smiled! I saw her pull her free hand out, holding quite a wonderful little tool. A .45mm just happened to be in her hand. I was not happy with her at this point though. She would do good to bleed out her wealth of hatred. I knew I’d do a good deed to assist her.
“Fuck off!” she repeated. “I’m not some girl scout prissy bitch! I’ll-“
She was cut off by a strong backhand. I was sure she’d have gone limp in fear and pain as she turned to land on her knees. Instead, she turned, unloading three shots into my stomach. Each bullet went straight into my stomach, chest, and throat.
“Knave bitch!” I yelled, coughing. Pain wasn’t new to me. .45mms were. They were like getting hit a golf ball. Had I expected it, it’d have been much less painful. Still, this cunt was going to die. Bleeding was too good for her. She would roast!
“Have you ever encountered the likes of me?!” I roared, dawning horns, as a long blade appeared from my palm. From my mouth and eye flames licked the air.
I grabbed the girl by the throat, the blade piercing into her jugular vein. Looking into her eyes I finally saw fear on this miserable plane of existence. I had gone through almost five humans with virtually no fear to drink. Now that I was within her mind and pulling her senses forward with a more demonic form, I knew she was literally burning to continue drawing breathe.
“Bow!”  I growled, dropping her from my outstretched hand back to her knees. She was choking back tears, the defiance gone in her eyes.
“Bow”, I repeated. There was no resistance in her. I watched her drop her weapon and dive the top half of her body into the pavement.
I smiled. “If you want to live”, I whispered in her ear, “nod. This will mean that you accept me as the god I am, and your life will be all mine, to do with as I please.”
I was amazed at how little thought she gave this. She merely nodded vigorously, accepting me as her god, and blessing herself with my existence.
I smiled to myself as her wound miraculously healed. The blood stopped flowing and all things seemed to be okay with her. This was no power of mine. This was at the cost of her immortality. She was no longer human. And never would be again.

Submitted: January 24, 2010

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