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Chapter Three
“Your name?” I asked calmly.
The girl massaged her throat slowly. She seemed very calm now. Her eyes were still wide.
“…Am I dead? I heard you go to some other place when you die. Is Cocaine my hell? Have I been here in hell this whole-“.
The girl was cut off by a violent backhand. By my very violent backhand to be exact.
“Ask me questions? Look me in the eye? I should shoot you in the ear. Unfortunate the damn thing is what you’ll need to understand me now. I. Own. You.
“You’ll never go to Hell or Heaven. You gave up your soul to me. This is your afterlife now.”
The girl didn’t become shocked. This was likely because she was already past that stage. She just sat and stared at a hole in the nearby donut-shop wall.
“So…I’m alive?”
“And you will continue to be alive.”
“And you have my soul?”
“That’s your last question. Yes. You have to follow my orders now. We’ll start like this: Show me what’s in your wagon.”
The girl snapped out of her trance. “You can’t see that! It’s just for Tony Bruno.”
Still, as she spoke, her body moved for the wagon, taking the top off of the little red wagon, and unveiling boxes.
“So you covered your bases? Still, I smell powder. There’s no point in seeing it, but I’d like you to tell me. What were you planning to blow up?”
The girl shook her head rapidly. “No way! I’m just a delivery girl. I do the dirty work for Tony. He’s Cocaine’s number one drug lord. He doesn’t deal with explosives though. This is just-“.
I sighed, putting my hands to her head and getting so close she could see my pupils becoming redder and redder.
“Listen, bitch! Tony Bruno just told you what he wanted you to think. If I say there’s old-school gunpowder in here, as well as who knows what else, you had damn sure better just follow what I say!”
She was quiet at first. Then she pushed me away meekly. “No you listen! Owning me is one thing, but you don’t doubt the boss! People who cross Tony Bruno die, you-“.
Another backhand. This one was a little bit rougher, but she didn’t lose her footing. Her new life clearly made her tougher.
“You don’t seem to register that I’m not human. I’m the one nobody crosses. Tony Bruno will bow to me, or he will die. Those are his options. I have tortured the souls no longer. Now I will rule Earth!”
Samantha didn’t look especially pleased about this. I enjoyed that about the topic. If one worships me, I will aid them. If one loves me, I will accept them. But those who doubt me … I shall show them.
“Take me to Tony Bruno.”
I fought the urge to continue to teach her against questioning me. I did need to figure out how to keep her alive without questions though. Without questions, or murdering her… again.
“Yes, you poor thing. You will take me to Bruno. I will solve everything from there.”
“I haven’t the slightest idea where he’d be, though! He sends people to pick up the goods, and I never meet the guy face-to-face.”
“You’re nothing!” I growled, fighting my temper. If he’s got such a huge name, why can’t he be located?”
“Selling is half the job”, She responded. “But not getting caught is the important thing. He won’t show his face to you!”
I smiled. She had given me more than enough. “You’re a sad thing. Pretty, skimpy, everything a man that you’d have ended up with would have desired. It would be fine that you have no mind of your own. You’d waste it on drugs anyway.
“You see, if Mr. Bruno’s men come for your ‘goods’, I’m sure we can follow them back to Tony. It’s not a hard concept. Why is it that you can’t think of these things, dear?”
“They were supposed to show up at midnight with my money, dumbass. I was on my was home.”
My blood was warming again.
“He has never missed a deal he wanted. Tony’s in charge that way. He is clearly done with me. Now I’ve got to get home semi-quickly, or I’ll be poached by ‘customers’. Are we done here?”
“Samantha”, I said, doing my best to sound comforting. “You have no home now. Go back to it without my permission, and I’ll burn everything you own to the ground. Your life included.”
She didn’t seem scared. She bent down to pick up her gun, and began to turn her back to me.”
“It’s a nice gun. Now be the first of many loyal followers.”
She froze. Just like that she turned back around, and walked back to me.
“Good girl”, I cooed, patting her on her head. “We’re going to your house in a bit. We’re going to start off by finding a friend.”

Submitted: January 24, 2010

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