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Chapter Four
I should have guessed this time would come.My instincts told me I’d have been forced to hunt them down.Like little savages causing too much havoc, it was up to them to fuck up the balance, and up to me to bring them back.If they were to struggle…
I think I’ll try to get them to struggle.Five of them left.Envy and I went to the physical plain to get them.She broke off from me.I’ll likely not see her again until, well, knowing her, I’ll likely not se her again.That was fine, though.I had no intention of holding her now human-shelled hand.
But questions are likely building up for you.The number one, “Who are you?”, or, “What will happen to Pride?”, as well as several other tedious ones.What are we waiting for?
My cloak is as black as a night of no stars.My eyes are as red as Hell’s fire, my ambition just as hot.I carry a number of beautiful toys.Greed fancies knives, so I’m not him.Pride, my first target, carries nothing but his own spirit.A very brutal weapon for a sin of his caliber.
The women use pathetic things like teeth, and Sloth, when awake, fancies the power of suggestion… and guns.That bastard is too lazy to use them though.
Me, I’m none of them.I hold no weakness.I never drop the ball. I eat souls and never burst, fight endlessly with no need for sleep, and can capture one’s heart the old fashion way.With my bare hands.
My name is Wrath.My father told me to find and return all other demons.By their death, though, I lose none of his trust.He understands what I do best.
My first target would be Pride.He was the most formidable, and normally left a trail.I would enjoy his demise if he struggled.
Things were not easy though.I would have guessed that I’d have spawned in the middle of a city.Was this where my siblings had hidden?
I looked around.I was in front of a school.An interesting place to be spawned.I didn’t understand everything, about switching from worlds, but I knew all gateways were in the same city.Father had told me as much.
The school, though, looked to have just started.Children still entered left and right through the large double doors up front.Wrath knew that they were likely to know nothing of his brethren.Still, it was so fucking hard to understand how one could excuse them for running by so heartlessly, when he was clearly out of place.Where could he begin to make them repent?Wasn’t it his job to torture sinners of this earth for their wrongs?They seemed rather wrong by existence to him, so the only remaining question on this side-trip for information was… where to begin?
Across from the entrance was a library.Few books, and fewer people now that everyone had found their places in their classes.Still, two boys seemed to be having a rather good time molesting a rather disgusting woman with their eyes.How crude of them.They likely wished to take turns with her.Perhaps they’d share at the same time, and see how long she’d scream before everything felt good.A disgusting practice, intercourse was.Wrath could feel his muscles tightening.His body heating up.He had to teach them.
“You can’t be in here sir”, a man in a suit said firmly, coming out of an office.He was only so serious because he was clearly hung over.This whole world seemed morally corrupt.
Greed grimaced, but not as much as the man whose throat he had his fingers around.It wasn’t the man from the office, no.This was a teach.With a squeeze he broke this man’s neck and hurled him straight for office-aid with the bloodshot eyes.
“Take this job because you love kids?”Wrath growled.“Or was it just for the little boys?”
The man took a direct hit by the flying corpse.He immediately lost consciousness, and again the halls were quiet.Wrath hated how these students and teachers alike took no time to realize the death in their establishment.Wrath even smelled the sin on their damned bodies!
“I hope you’ve enjoyed your fucking day of perversion!”
The two kids shared no reaction at seein Wrath, or the blood on his right hand as he kicked in the library door and spoke.
The one on the left’s eyes opened widely.The right one, though, showed no surprise.Funny how the right one was so wrong.Funny, or just damn annoying.
“Excuse me!” The teacher scolded after whirling around.“You can’t be on school grounds!”
Wrath stopped, overly pissed at this remark, and yet, a smile was beginning to appear on his face.
“You won’t stop me, you bitch.”
“Yeah, you clearly won’t stop him…bitch”, the boy on the right said in a mellow tone.“But I’d bet this can.”
The boy stood up straight.He was hardly a boy at all.Easily over six feet in height and now reaching for something slowly.I took advantage of his weakness in searching for a weapon and attempted to maim him there with a crippling punch.
“Jeff says ‘I’m too slow’”, the boy mocked.He had grabbed the boy sitting next to him by the arm, pulling him in the way.The boy must have been wearing a cast, because my blow was stopped.It would have wounded a mortal’s knuckles.
The human shield looked winded.He was in shock, and I felt it my duty to grab him by the throat and choke the life out of him.
It was complete pandemonium as mace was sprayed upon my person in torrents.I didn’t let go, gripping all the more tightly from the minor stinging that covered my arms and eyes.At last his neck began to pop, his eyes bulged, and he lost the grip of life.This was only the beginning of my genocide of the resistant.
“Care to go next?”
“Fuck you”, the boy scoffed.“I’ve got way too much weed to sell.”He had pulled out his weapon of choice.It was a can of TAG.
“You’re a foolish child.”
“True.But smart went crazy.”
The boy turned the bottom to reveal a slight piece of cloth.It was with that done, that he made a mad dash away, pulling a lighter from his pocket.
I smiled, giving him a head start while I killed the whore he’d been ogling.

Submitted: February 05, 2010

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