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Chapter Seven
I couldn’t believe this girl’s pace. To walk a mere couple of miles should be no problem, but the girl was going far too slow with her wagon of drugs and gunpowder. I became curious of exactly why she kept it. I’d given her no such order. But so long as she kept up with me, head lower than my own, of course, I would let her do as she pleased.
“Father Dub seems to have a full house today.” I admired the church. “You’ll be required to wait here, Samantha.” I couldn’t help but choke on the show of respect to the unworthy wench by using her name. She wasn’t even worthy of hearing me speak.
“Good”, she heaved. “I need… a rest…”
“You’re such a stupid wench”, I sighed. “You’d travel much faster if you were to drop the-“
“The only form of income I have? I may not be a scout, but I plan to be a little prepared, you idio-“.
Do I need to waste my time telling you what cut her off? I shook thew sting off my palm. I was much weaker near holy ground, appearently. I gulped a breathe down and continued into the lambs’ meadow.
“People so dear!”, I yelled as I entered through the double doors boot-first. I knew they were surprised. The floor beneath me nerely singed with heat. “You’ve every reason to fear, children. But at the same time… none at all. You will listen as your enlightenment hits a new era. You will burn if you reject, defect, or rebel against me. I am your lord and savior. The greatest of all time. And I’ve only one question. Where is Tony Bruno?”
The crowd had been standing. They now seemed very worried. I let short horns sprout from my forehead until they reached a length of three inches. A tail grew, sharp at the end like a spear, but flicking from side to side. I raised my arms quickly, and the biulding heated immensely. My original state of power would have caused the walls to combust. The great wave of heat was more than enough though.
I turned to a family closest to me. An old woman and her mid-aged children. A grin came upon my face as I let my eyes turn completely green.
“Have you seen him around? Bought his goods, or sampled his wares?”
“What do you want?” The older woman gasped. She looked like the heat had already taken all but shock from her wrinkled paathetic face.
“Nothing holy”, I sighed.
I reached deep into my reserve of power, grabbing the woman by the arm and forcing her to flames so intence her skin was obliterated in seconds and she was left a curled pile of suit.
Her family screamed and begged that I stop, but it would never be so easy.
As I let go, I continued, wiping the suit from my hand on a bench. Father Dub was not anywhere to be found. He’d not have recognized me anyway. I dawned the look of a fallen seraphim. A true demon’s appearance.
“Mortals!” I boomed. Have I loosened your lips, then? Have you what information I search for?”
The state of shock left them all as if by spell. They each began speaking as quickly as possible. Shouting even. For hours now, I had so greatly missed screams of information derrived from fear. Now it came at me so quickly, I couldn’t help but tilt my head back and laugh. Until…
I was blown back through the doors violently. I realized immediately that I was mysteriously missing much of my chest. It’d been blown right out the back of me. But outside the church I was strong enough to regenerate from the damage.
“Urgh….aah. Good to see you Dub. Does that shotgun really help you with God’s work?”
“Get out, demon! In the name pof the Lord, I bind you to stay from this Holy Land.”
I couldn’t help but smile as he spoke. He’d unknowingly welcomed me in before. The excorsism of sorts would only be if his banishment was stronger than his welcoming. I was sure that invitation of his was still open. It would be up to him though. Dub, not… his Father.
I gave a demonic hiss, my tail flicking fiercely to one side. I would wait outside the building until noon. I’d heard most churches ended then. When he came out, I would be in a mortal guise. The one I’d donned previously. The only one I could don, unfortunately.
I began my plan by making a dash from the church. Before I could take full leave though from eyesight, I head Father Dub shout out to me.
“Monster! Foul demon! I bind you in all ways in the name of God! So long as you walk this earth, and so long as you serve the Fallen Angels, you may not walk onto holy land”.
Damn… He got me.

Submitted: February 22, 2010

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