Yellow Eyes

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: April 18, 2008

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Submitted: April 18, 2008



The sun was halfway to its zenith when Dale shook me awake, hissing my name loudly in the still silence of the baking car.The rain had long since stopped and the final wisps of steam were rising to the sky.I looked around groggily to her urgent face and her hand that stabbed impatiently over my shoulder.I squeezed my eyes shut and willed the heavy fog in my brain back, if not away.Shifting around and staring out my window, I searched for the source of her excitement.
Far off to our left, in a cultivated field that sloped from the road sharply, was the approaching figure of a man.He was running, his head low, leaning forward and stumbling over the broken ground.I sat up and leaned my head against the glass, watching him.It could have been a yellow-eye.It could have been another survivor.
My shoulder awakened in pain then and I hissed sharply and let out a strained groan.
“Are you okay?Do you need me to drive?”dale asked from the passenger seat.I shook my head.
“I don’t know.Give me a minute.”
Her reply was plaintive.“But he’s heading this way!”
Willing the pain down, forcing my thoughts to unfurl and my eyes to focus, I stared out the window.Something about the way he moved made me thin k he was a survivor, like us.I hated to take off without knowing because one more person in the group might make us that much more secure.He staggered, went down, and scrambled forward on hands and knees looking over his shoulder toward the trees he had apparently come from before regaining his feet.I popped the door open and when I tried to step out, nearly tumbled to the road.Holding door handle for support, I leaned out the car and threw up.
“Are you okay?”Dale’s voice was approaching panic.
I nodded as my head cleared a little.Regaining equilibrium, I pushed myself back into the seat and held my hand out to her.The man (I was sure it was a man) running to beat hell through the fields had lost footing again and went tumbling ass over apple cart through the plowed furrows in the field below.Coming to a stop with his face planted in the dirt, he tried to raise himself with his arms before collapsing.
“Come on then, let’s get out of here!”I turned around to Dale and put my hand on her knee and squeezed.
“I don’t think that’s one of those things down there, Dale.I’m gonna go have a look.”
The howls erupted from the woods behind the struggling man as I stepped from the car.He started crawling forward on his hands and knees, then got up to his hands and feet, like a kid playing horsy, and, after a few false starts that almost pitched him on his face, he made his feet again.Hurtling forms darted from the woods sprinting toward him with long bounding strides that ate up the distance he had gained.Looking back over his shoulders, he cried out some oath that I couldn’t clearly hear.
There were three out of the woods, moving with their upper bodies hunched forward, legs working like springs as, instead of churning as the man did, they seemed to leap with one leg out in front, land on it, bend at the knee and then kick the other leg past as they bounded forward.One leap propelled the other, so to speak, and they made terrifying speed in that fashion.I turned and reached into the backseat for my 30.06 and drew it out.Lifting it, sighting through my scope, I felt my arms waver and the barrel wouldn’t hold steady.I found one in my scope, lost him and cursed.
“What are you doing?”Dale screamed at me.“Shoot!Shoot!”
I settled in between the driver’s seat and the open door, rested the forestock against the top of the door and found one of the yellow-eyes in my scope. His movement was erratic.When he leapt, he held straight, but upon landing, he would shoot off unpredictable in one direction or another, sometimes straight ahead, as he compensated for his footing when he landed before launching forward again.I lost him several times before I knew I would never be able to get him sighted.
I looked away as they descended on the helpless figure of the man in the field down below.He screamed and my ears burned from the agony in the sound and I wished I could do something for him.I turned around, flung the rifle into the backseat and scrambled into the car.I looked past Dale through her window as I was climbing in.
“Get down!”I yelled.
She turned around instead and screamed.I snatched her hair and jerked back.Grasping claws thrust through her half open window and there was a loud bang as the yellow-eye slammed into her door.He snarled, thrust his head through the window and she kicked.His hands found her legs and he sunk his claws in.Her screaming went from fear to stark terror and pain.I was still dragging on her hair, had pulled her head practically into my lap and was fumbling with the strap on the holster for my .38 with my left hand.
I undid the strap, pulled the gun clear and brought it around, over the steering wheel, over Dale’s head and was leveling it.Dale was thrashing.Her arm flew up and hit my hand and the gun swung to the side as I fired.The bullet struck the windshield post and whined, an ugly sound.The concussion in the car left my ears ringing and I swung the gun back down.Dale had stopped thrashing and the yellow-eye was forcing his way in through the window.
He had both arms and his head in.His shoulders came through and he got a solid grip on Dale’s leg right below the knee.I felt her jerk toward the door as he pulled her leg up and sunk his teeth in through her sweats.I could barely hear the ripping sounds, my ears still ringing from the shot.I squeezed the trigger again and this time the top of the yellow-eye’s head erupted.
I was covered by the back-spray of blood and hair and a piece of flesh stuck to the windshield.He slumped forward and I pumped two more rounds into him and the top of his head came off.Bone chips ticked against the windshield and dash, stung my face.Soft, warm globules of pink and gray bathed in scarlet struck my arms and face and stuck to me.
Soldier was huddling no the floorboards between my feet.I felt him squirming to get under the seat.There was a sudden searing pain in my ribs, something scraped the back of my scalp and I could hear a loud grating inside my head just fine despite the partial temporary deafness from the shots.I was jerked backwards and saw the claws coming around my side, up from under my armpits toward my throat and face.
Before it all clicked and I was able to understand what was happening, I had dropped the gun and grasped Dale by the shoulders and she was dragged halfway into my seat before I was lifted clear of the car and a heavy weight bore me face down into the surface of the road.I struck with my nose first, heard it and felt it crunch under the impact.My sinuses filled with heat and then it was leaking out of my face and there was copper in the back of my throat.
My arms were pinned beneath me.Loose gravel on top of the tar and chip road grated into my face.I closed my eyes and managed to get my right arm free.Teeth scraped along my scalp behind my ear and along my jaw then there was fire and needles at the base of my ear, followed by warm wetness running down the side of my face.I gasped, reached for the 9mm and jerked it free of the holster.Something wet fell on my elbow as I bent my arm back blindly and started pulling the trigger.The weight on my back slumped off to my left and I rolled over to my right, onto my back and brought my hand to my ear.It met the side of my head and oozing slickness instead.
I screamed my pain into the blue sky overhead.The sun cast warmth down through slow moving wispy clouds and somewhere, through my remaining rear, I heard birds chittering as they searched for insects in the fields off to the side of the road.Cicadas hummed and a gentle breeze was giving enough movement to offer some cooling respite in the day’s heat.Through the sulfur gunsmoke that was carried away in the wind and the tang of blood and the stench of filth and sweat and death came the odor of the fertilizer spread over the crops.
I heard footsteps or somehow felt the vibrations of the loping stride and craned my head back and saw the yellow-eye leave the ground in a leap and dive headfirst for me.I tipped the barrel of the gun from where it was, in the hand covering the mass of mangled flesh where my ear had been torn off, and fired.His shirt tugged in the middle of his chest, his eyes went round and blood blossomed from his shirtfront but he still landed on me.I felt several ribs snap when he landed, lost my breath in a gushing exhalation and my chest hitched several times before I could inhale.His form was still and he lay over me with his head between my knees and his crotch in my face.
Something exploded with a muffled whumph and Soldier whined and hissed.I squirmed backwards, rocked to my side and nearly swooned as I crawled out from underneath the body on top of me.Looking toward the car, I saw through my open door.There was another yellow-eye there and he had pulled the body of the one I had shot from the window and broken out the glass before shoving his upper body through the opening.
Dale was jerked toward him and then he was leaning back, straining to pull her through the window.He had her feet out then her legs were through up to the knees.Her head jounced sickeningly as it dragged past the edge of my seat and struck the shifter before moving up onto the passenger seat.I lurched to my feet and fell against the front of the car.
He was holding Dale’s legs behind the knees as he jerked away from the car when he heard me.I brought the pistol out in front of me and squeezed off a shot and missed as he dropped his burden and came at me.When he tried scrambling over the hood, I got him and he toppled clear to fall on the opposite side of the car from me.I didn’t know whether he was dead or not.I swung around and squeezed off two quick shots into another yellow-eye, this one covered from face to waist in gore, as he hit the edge of the road beside the car.He screeched and fell backwards and I swung the gun to cover still another as he bounded up the hill.I triggered three misses at him as he ate up the fifty feet between us in those weird lunges.
I dropped the gun and held onto the open driver’s door for support as I drug myself around it and leaned into the car.I fell forward against the side of the driver’s seat as I reached into the back and grasped the shotgun by its barrel.I heard his feet hit pavement and didn’t bother turning around.I jerked the gun forward and held it over my head with the barrel pointing behind me and squeezed off a shot before rolling over to face him.
He was standing about four feet away from me with his head lowered, blood spreading across his shoulder as he stared at me in rage and bewilderment.His face turned as he looked toward the bodies off to his left.Emitting a low growling snarl, he seemed to notice the carnage around the car and recognize his kind as being the dead that surrounded the scene.He backed up a step and glowered at me as his hands twitched his uncertainty

“That’s right.”I told him. “I’m a bad motherfucker.”I pulled the trigger and cut him in half.

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