Yellow Eyes

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Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: April 22, 2008

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Submitted: April 22, 2008



We heard Charlie fire in the back hall.Greg lunged away from the head of the stairs and leaned over the railing of the loft space above the main hall as Slim opened up down below.The Glass shattered and one of our men came through headfirst and fell halfway across the sill of one of the floor length windows standing sentinel alongside the door.Riding his back was small yellow-eye, snarling fury and sinking its teeth into the back of his neck.He let out a choked scream, barely audible amid the rolling gunfire, as the front door slammed open and Ryan came through with a yellow-eye snatching at his arm.
A lifeless body rolled forward in the hall downstairs, Slim’s first shot.There was a screech from the back hallway, another blast from my Desert Eagle and frantic cursing.I sat with my gun poised, not wanting to hit any of our men, and held my fire as I watched Ryan go down under the weight of his attacker.Slim backpedaled and fired again.There was a screech from the open doorway to his right and Greg fired, missed, fired again and scored a hit on both Slim and the yellow-eye emerging from the doorway to Slim’s right.
They went down in a tangled heap and Slim screamed his pain and fear as the front door crowded with dark forms.
Nadia was screaming in the library and there was more firing from the back hall, then a short lull in the firing from there, a scream of pain, a howl and more shots.Ryan was screeching as the head of his attacker twisted angrily around the base of his neck.The yellow-eye on his back jerked their head back and crimson droplets arced from its mouth, blood gouted from Ryan’s neck and I shot the yellow-eye on top of him.The downed man that had crashed through the window writhed on his stomach, trying to shake the mutated child from his shoulders.I swung my gun and fired, heard them both scream as the shot took them both and fired again.
The shadows at the front door charged into the hallway, one veered left toward the stairs and I fired two shots at her, her chest exploding in a splatter of gore that sprayed me at the top of the steps.The one behind her stumbled over Ryan and eluded Greg’s shot at it.I fired at the one behind that, a stocky figure with a bald head and bib overalls.He cart-wheeled sideways and crashed into the wall at the bottom of the stairs.Charlie screamed in agony in the back hall, there was a quick succession of shots, a howling screech of hatred, Nadia’s screaming.The smoke in the hallway stung my eyes and bit into my nostrils, making it hard to see and causing me to cough.Pain racked my injured side, I felt the blood flowing from under the gauze wrapped around my head, scabs ripping in my shoulder and chest.
There were snarls in the hall behind us.We heard a weak whimpering and tearing sounds during our short lull in the firing.Dale handed me a shell and I thumbed it in, saw the yellow-eye that had stumbled downstairs rise and lunge for the steps.Greg’s gun spoke and he spun around, snarling rage and hunger and determination.He managed to keep his feet, lurched for the first stair and I fired twice, sending him crashing back down the steps.Greg’s gun spoke again and the yellow-eye’s form twitched as the load of shot hit his body.
Dale handed me another shell and I slipped it in, then another.Greg was alongside us, accepting shells from Dale as well and feeding them into his gun.Slim struggled to his feet and turned around, his left arm useless at his side.Blood streamed from the side of his head and he looked up at us, flashed a barbaric grin that held no humor.Ginger fired from behind us and there was a scream of pain, the sound of something heavy hitting the floor.I turned and saw her standing in a firing position, she shot again and something crashed against a door, Nadia screamed louder.Ginger was down the hall.Greg accepted one more shell from Dale before following.
Below me, Slim was taking in the damage, his gun held like a pistol in his right hand.Ryan moaned and tried to crawl forward.The floor beneath him was slick with blood and her was covered in it, but how much was his I couldn’t tell.Slim leaned over him and tried to jerk him to his feet.Ryan lurched forward and didn’t even try to get his legs underneath him.Slim looked up at me as I finished loading the shells Dale had handed me and dropped his gun.Bending low, he scooped Ryan over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and stumbled to the stairs.
“We’re holding back here.”Ginger called from the back hall.I pushed myself backwards with my legs, out of Slim’s way as he ascended with heavy steps.Blood drizzled to the floor, marking his progress as he made his way slowly up the stairs.Dale scooted out of his way also.On the floor of the main entry, the man that had come crashing through the window, groaned, struggled to his knees and crawled for the stairs.Greg appeared form the back hall at a fast walk and stopped dead when Slim mnade the top of the stairs.
“Jesus.”he muttered.
Leaning his shotgun against the wall, he stepped forward and got his shoulder under Ryan and lifted his still form from Slim’s shoulder.Slim weaved on his feet and leaned into the wall to support himself.Slowly, he turned and leaned his back into the wall and slid down to sit with his head hanging between his hunched shoulders.Greg carried Ryan to the library and returned a moment later, spotted the man crawling up the stairs and hurried to him.
Making my way to the loft on hands and knees, I took up a position to fire between the railing into the hallway below if need be.With Greg’s help, the wounded man got to his feet and they staggered upstairs.I leaned my head against a rail post and felt a shiver of fever run through me.Dale crawled her next to me and leaned her head against mine.
“We got through it.”She whispered.
I turned my face and pressed my cheek into hers.“There’ll be more kid.”
Nadia came out of the library and let out a cry of anguish when she spotted Slim.I turned my head to watch them as she ran over to him and dropped to her knees in front of him and lifted his head with her hands.He tried to smile, coughed and reached out for her with his right hand and laid it on her shoulder.She leaned into him and hugged him around the neck, drawing a hiss of pain from him.
Greg led the injured man to the library and we heard him talking quietly with him.After a moment he returned, gave us a quick glance, walked to the edge of the steps and peered down into the gathering darkness.After a quick survey of the carnage in the entryway, he spun on his heel, snatched his shotgun from the wall and went into the back wall where he talked hurriedly with Ginger.After a brief exchange, she went into the library.
“I’m sorry.”Slim spoke into the silence of the fight’s aftermath.Nadia leaned forward and hugged him again.“I fucked us.”He said after she released him.
“We ain’t dead yet.”I replied.
Looking around Nadia’s shoulder he managed a grim smile.I nodded toward the hallway below and then back to him.“You’re a tough son of a bitch Slim.”
He laughed, a cracked hoarse sound.Nadia turned around to give me a sharp, reproachful stare.Dale laughed beside me and I whipped my head around to her.
“What’s so funny kid?”
She shrugged.“Nothing.”
I puzzled over her for a second and let it drop.There was no use trying to account for what went through a person’s mind at any given moment when things were normal.Who knew what kind of thoughts could steal into somebody’s mind and make them giggle after what we had just experienced.I gripped the railing and pulled myself erect.
“Can you handle this?”I asked Dale, holding the shotgun toward her.She nodded and reached out to accept it.
With my hand first on the railing and then against the wall for support I made my way over to Slim and slid to my knees beside him.He looked over at me, not offering any words, just breathing slow and letting Nadia’s hands around his neck administer comfort.
“How bad are you hit?”I asked.
He shook his head.“I don’t know.Maybe pretty bad in the arm but it won’t kill me.”
I nodded and placed a hand on his good shoulder.I released his shoulder with a short squeeze and struggled back to my feet and made my way to the library.Standing in the doorway I watched Ginger examining the wounded man from below.She had his shirt cut away and was checking a wound on his back.From where I stood, I could see very little of it.I glanced toward Ryan on the floor and looked away.Blood was ebbing from a tear in his throat and his face was white.His hand twitched once and I noticed his chest rise slightly.He gurgled when he exhaled.
“What’s his name?”Ginger’s head came slowly around at my voice and she stared at me for a brief second before answering.
“His name is Doug.”She told me before turning back to her examination.
“Is he gonna be okay?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, thanks Doug.”I said.I saw his head go up then back down slightly as he nodded his acknowledgement of my words.
I stood in the doorway a moment more then turned away and staggered into the back hall.Charlie was down.Lying across the floor under a yellow-eye, his eyes stared lifelessly at a corner of the hallway.I followed his dead stare and saw that if he had been capable of seeing, he would have been looking at a framed copy of a book.I limped over to it and read the cover and the plaque beneath it.It was the number one first edition print of Louis Bromfield’s novel “Then The Rains Came”.Greg moved up beside me and indicated Charlie’s body.
“Ripped his throat out.They drug Bill off.”I passed a hand over my face as I considered his words.He watched my face while I thought.
“They’ll be back.”I told him slowly.
He leaned in close to me, and spoke in a low whisper.“What are we gonna do?We can’t stay here or we’ll die.Sure as anything even if we can hold them off, we can only do it until we run out of ammo.Then what?”
“I don’t know Greg.”I answered.“We’ve got some quick thinking to do.”
“Well, one thing’s for sure.Whatever we do, it’s not gonna be easy.Shit, everyone but me, Ginger, and Nadia are hurt.When we came in here there were fourteen of us and only you and Dale were injured.How are we gonna get everyone out of here?”
I shook my head slowly as I turned from Greg and went into the bedroom where my backpack was.Lifting it by the straps, I carried it back to the library.Greg watched my slow progress from his post in the back hall.I looked back at him once, before entering the library, and considered his words.He called to me.

“Grab my smokes off the table in the library and chuck ‘em down here will ya?And grab one for that kid of yours.”

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