Yellow Eyes

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Chapter 29 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 09, 2008



Everything was black.There was no light.No form.No pain.No sensation.Just blackness and being.I thought I heard my heart beating but couldn’t be sure.Then, I didn’t care.I was in darkness and I wasn’t afraid.I just was.The only thing I was positively aware of, was that I existed and nothing else mattered.
I don’t know how long I was like that.Maybe a minute.Maybe three or five, I can’t be sure.I tried to figure it out later, when we were gone, but I couldn’t.I suppose it wasn’t worth worrying about.All I know is this.
I was lying on my back in the office of the service building at the junkyard.There was a dead yellow-eye with his head across the threshold and his face kicked to jelly.I was banged up, sick, and exhausted and lying in a dreamless stupor.I heard five shots fired.I know because that’s when I started to rise up from the dark dreamless sleep and each shot was distinct and, for no other reason than that I often feel a compulsion to count things, I counted the shots.
These were my first thoughts emerging from that sleep.
Then there was another thought.
That was gunfire.
And then another.
I became aware of the pain racking my body after that.My legs were cramped and stiff.Sharp pains stretched my ribcage and made me hiss.The bites in my shoulder and chest burned hot with infection and the bite on my scalp was itching.I coughed, brought up thick phlegm, and winced.I turned my head to the side and spit.
There were the sounds of footsteps in the outer office, the sound of the van’s engine somewhere outside.I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, noticed the paint was peeling up there.Somebody called my name.
I tried to call out but all I could do was whisper.“I’m in here.”
They tried again.“Aaron!Are you in here?”More footsteps.Getting closer.
I hacked, spit again, and rolled over on to my side.Dale appeared in the doorway, blood seeping through the bandages on her head and legs.She leaned in, straddling the dead yellow-eye and looked at me.I smiled.
“Oh God.” she said.
I nodded.Drawing my leg up, I tried to roll to my stomach and get it under me so I could stand.All I managed was to rock a little.Dale came through the door, in no too good of shape herself, and knelt down beside me.
“Aaron, you’re hurt.”
I nodded again, reached for her and gripped her shoulder.My arm shook.I tried to lever myself up, raised a little bit off the floor and then collapsed backward. She leaned over and put her hands on either side of my face.
“Don’t move.I’ll go get Slim and we’ll get you out of here.”
All I could do was nod.She stood up and limped her way out of the building and I closed my eyes again.I was thinking about fire and I didn’t know why.Just that one word kept floating up and I would imagine flames.Bright red flames burning…somewhere…I didn’t know.
Dale came back with Slim.It didn’t take long.He stood in the doorway for a moment, his face going from me to the yellow-eye back to me.He wore a look of approval, a grim satisfaction over my small victory.After he was over his initial awe, he bent and dragged the yellow-eye out of the doorway.Dale came into the room and knelt down again.
“We have to move you.Are you going to be able to handle that?”
I reached up and felt her cheek, smiled at her, and nodded.Slim came back in and stood over me, probably trying to decide how they were going to move me with doing the least amount of damage possible.I ran my tongue over my lips and closed my eyes again.
They rolled me onto my back and sat me up.After I was in that position, Dale was assigned to hold my upper body erect.I could feel her struggling against my weight and felt sorry for her, felt sorry for them and wished I wasn’t such a waste right then.Slim grabbed me around the waist and they stood me to my feet.
Before I could topple backwards over Dale, Slim bent and reached behind my knees and let my upper body fall over his shoulder.The pain was already extreme and I can’t say that I experienced any new or heightened sense of it.Only I was aware of the popping and stretching in my back and ribs.
Picking his way carefully, breathing heavy, Slim carried me from the office.Outside the sun was bright and I shut my eyes against its glare.It had been dark in the office, dark where I was afterwards.
I was placed in the middle seat of the van and Dale climbed in and seated herself so my head was resting on her lap.I heard the door close, then the driver’s door closed and then the van made a little more noise and we were moving.My stomach churned with the motion and I felt my gorge rising.I tried to roll on my side, tried to warn Dale, but I threw up in her lap.
She took it like a champ.There was nothing she could really do about it and even though it stunk, nobody voiced any complaint.We were just beating feet, getting the hell out of Dodge.I tried to breathe as deep as I could and didn’t feel like I was getting enough air.I felt starved for more.I started to breathe quicker.
“What the hell’s wrong with him?”I heard Slim ask from the front seat.
“I don’t know.” Dale replied.“He’s awful hot to touch.I think he has a fever.”
“He’s probably got an infection in those bites he took a few days back.” Slim offered.
They fell silent after that.The van moved forward, we rocked up and down over the uneven roads but we moved forward.I didn’t know where Slim was headed, wanted to be awake and helping him but couldn’t.Dale stroked my head, wiped at my face with something and remained silent.
I looked up and watched her as we moved along her eyes fixed straight ahead, the corners of her mouth drawn tight.We would bounce and her hair would fly out in tangled clumps, her face would twitch.Her eyes.God.They were so old.I remembered in the farmhouse, her eyes large and frightened, pleading, hoping.But then they had still been so…young.
Young and naive, the kind of eyes that look up into her lover’s own with stars in them.I thought of a woman I used to know from a bar I went to when I was younger and how she had come out of an abusive relationship, married a man that carried on an affair for three years before she found out and left him.How she had thrown herself into the arms and onto the dick of so many men until she would look at you when you walked in, smile and slip into the seat next to you…and look at you the way grandpa had looked at grandma’s casket being lowered into the earth.
God Dale.
And it had to happen sooner or later.Didn’t it?You can only hold it off for so long, cringe beneath the cover of survival all you want, but survival is flesh and blood and piss and vinegar.Piss and vinegar fill you up.They fill you up and its all you have then when it comes and God you just want something else in your soul when you have to face it down, but its all you have because you threw everything else away, lightened the load to run faster.
You can survive.But you aren’t always running, you aren’t always watching.There comes a time when your conscious fails you, and you haven’t allowed the unconscious their leash in so long and now it’s straining against that leash.And it’s rested and eager and boy does it have a run for you.
Oh God Dale.
Close your eyes.The piss is gone the vinegar is evaporating on the sunlit patch on the counter.Here comes the load you threw off and left behind but you can’t leave it behind because it’s a part of you and it needs brought up.It needs picked up and carried far and fast and when you close your eyes, you have a lot of ground to cover.
So I watched Dale and the way her face twitched and her eyes, for burying a lifelong lover, and watched the blood spread in dark patches beneath the wrap on her head.And I said her name to myself and it was her name for a few times and then it wasn’t.


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