Meet Jared Fadule - J.FADULE 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
First part of a big idea. NYPD cop ends up against his own, is the basic plot and follows him on his own in further editions.

Submitted: October 06, 2015

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Submitted: October 06, 2015





Inspector Lawerence shifted sharply into fourth increasing his speed down the constricted one way country lane. Clutched in his right hand was a sandwich, while he casualy operated the wheel of an FBI car with the over."Their ain’t no one out here, were wasting our time!"he mumbled as he took another considerable bite out of his sandwich.


"Could you maybe stop eating when you speak!" his partner, Rachel irritably suggested."It looks so-" she searched for the word "unprofessional."

"Well I don't know about yocu but I've been out here 8 hours now, driving round the same 5 mile loop!" he exclaimed, gazing at the cars clock which displayed 3;00 am"Is it alright if I have a little 'lunch break'!".

"Welcome to the world of investigating" Rachel smirked as she went back to gazing out of the window. Her phone buzzed, showcasing a new message, from Headquarters."Updated!" she said happily, after lying on a vague lead "were looking for a late thirties black haired male, going by the name of 'Jared Fadule'."

"Picture?" Lawrence inquired

She held up her phone to show a dated passport photo, of a smartly dressed 25 year old.

Lawrence nearly crashed as he stared in disbelief "NO!"

"What?" Rachel said in unmistakeable confusion.

"I know him, he trained as a recruit when I was still in the NYPD, but one day just disappeared off the face of the earth!" he blurted edging back from the 10 inch display "Everyone thought he had left because his mother died and decided to go back to his home country."

Rachel smiled happily "headquarters we have new information"


In the second the headlights broke the darkness, Jared was on top of the situation. Almost immediately he retreated back into the feeble cover of an old and worn bush. Cursing he hit the useless branch, as his breath smugly danced around his bare face. Fumbling for his old trusty revolver, the familiar black paint of an unmarked FBI car entered his vision around half a mile from him. His heart started pumping. Even at a great distance away its lights mocked him. They traced the ground not far from Fadule's worn timberland boots and in a moment of slow motion he caught a glimpse inside. He vaguely recognised the driver and stared in bewilderment. The thick fog and the dark night air partially hindered his vision. No he said to himself as the car approached nearer. It can't be him. After running a quick deduction he realised the person greedilymunching on a sandwich was his old NYPD partner Lawerence. Not moving his gaze, memories started flooding in.


Jared jumped into a standing cop car, Lawerence followed close behind, arranging the cases paperwork.

"Jared you sleep alright last night?" Lawrence asked as he fitted his seatbelt.

"Not bad considering!" Jared laughed, breaking into a coughing fit, as he pulled out the station.

"Hey, you should get that checked  out" Lawerence said with a concerned face, gripping the door as they swerved onto 87th street. 

"No it's just January's late Christmas present" he joked as they both burst out laughing.

The rest of the half an hour journey highlighted with a few coughs.

The car slowly approached the uneven stone drive of a 17th century house.

"What are the chances of having to drive on this!" Jared exclaimed, fighting the sport suspension as his bounced on his chair.

Lawerence oblivious to him as he filtered through the mound of paperwork and folders, finally resting his eyes on a page.

"Here" Lawerence said satisfied, as held up a worn A4 piece of paper, with a coffe mark on the side.

"Hows that gonna help?" Jared questioned.

"It will allow us to search the property, top to bottom" Lawerence corrected, with a content smile.

"What I mean" Carl said irritated "is how coparetive do you think this posh old man's going to be" he protested. Catching his breath he raised his tone "I've come to this area before and I just get straight up rudeness" He played with the wheel contemplating on crashing into the house.

"Evidence suggests he committed murder, Jared" Lawerence stated  "He better 'cooperate', otherwise his ass will sit in a jail cell for the rest his life" 

Jared shrugged slowing his speed as he pulled up against the west wall.

The door opened to show a man who looked well into his eighties, with a walking stick supporting his fading posture. Sporting a back to front New york Giants cap, designer cream jumper, tailored black trousers and striking blue trainers, you had to take a second look. His face was strong of experience, which had a distinctive scar which started at his forehead and trailed to his neck. However he wasn't the wise old grandad to tell you his war stories. No. More to tell you which gangs he worked for, in his youth.

"What do you want?" Snapped the man.

Lawerence took lead,"I'm Cheif Lawerence sir and we have evidence to suggest your linked to a serious crime"

They both held up their badges.

"GET lost!" He shouted.

Jared spotted the man fumbling with his pocket. Suspecting the worst he gave Lawerence a warning push. Lawerence, unarmed took cover behind nearby plantpot, searching for backup on his mobile. The man was still loading his gun when Jared, levelled his revolver,with a face of nice try old man. Backup arrived and took the suspect for some serious questioning.


Jared pinched himself, your never goanna get out of this mess dreaming around like Alice in wonderland. As the car was nearly on top of him, he clutched his revolver and aimed at the moving windshield. He broke into tears, as he saw the similarities to his NYPD days. He muttered under his breath"I didn't want it to come to this" feeling the tired leather of the gun he used to save Lawerences life. His fingers trembled. Swear dripped down his face. Slowly he pressed down on the trigger. Feeling the mechanics groan. The bullet vibrated the barrel. He'd shot.

The bullet sheered throught the open 'bulletproof window',and Lawerence screamed out in agony. He started losing grip of the steering wheel the car swerved off road, rolling over three times, smashed windows clean and eventually landing flipside in the surrounding suberry.

Avoiding the chance of a bloody shoot out Jared launched into a full paced run, avoiding the road and heading for the thick countryside, this mess just got a whole lot bigger, he thought to himself.



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