And In Death They Did Not Part

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Introducing my central character, a member of a secret scientific testing unit where an experiminent goes horribly wrong and the consequences are undoubtedly disastrous.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



It all happened so fast, it was impossible to contain it. The emergency protocols were just not enough to handle it when it got bad and the evacuation was nothing short of a complete fuck up. There were no decontaminations, no lock downs, just a frantic attempt for as many people to get out as possible. Some got outunharmed, a few with some minor flesh wounds but there were some who were critical. We tried to control it, but we pushed too far. We pushed beyond what we knew and understood about the experiment. Interaction between the four test subjects should never have been allowed to occur especially outside of the Acid Extermination Bay. It was installed incase we couldn't handle it. Incase it got out of hand. It was designed to stop exactly what happened. Everyone wanted to see what would happen, would they communicate or fight or avoid each other? Would they speak or love or try to eat each other? Even though we avoided the use of the A.E.B we could have and should have controlled the situation better. But it just erupted far too fast. One of my team wanted a closer look so entered the Experimantation Bay accompanied with six guards. Thats when they reacted. It was horrific. I'll never forget those screams, not now, not ever. Every rule in the book was broken as we all tried to frantically escape the interacting test subjects. Doors that were left open should have been shut, no-body was decontaminated and the experiment was not contained. Eventually a more prominent force was called in to deal with the test subjects. The experiment was deamed to dangerous to contain and let continue so the test subjects were erradicated. All serious casualties were taken to a local hospital but those less serious were bandaged up and treated on sight. The failure of the experiment and evacuation of the secret Testing Unit of Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards was reported to the President and the matter was not broadcasted outside of the highest members of the countries governing body. The public were not alerted nor was the hospital where the casualties were transported to. It took just under a day before the shit really hit the fan.

I can't even begin to describe what it was like. The horrific nature of the incident is beyond my comprehention. Each and every person who had been injured by the experiment died. No matter how small the wound was. All of them. Dead. At the same time. No warning. The heart just stopped and the brain shut down. Thirty-two people. Dead. They were all transported back to the T.U.B.C.P.H and we were conducted to carry out a post mortem examination of each case. I was given a man called Jacob. He had suffered what seemed at the time a deep scratch on his left thigh. At the time of the incident I would have estimated the scratch to be no wider than half a centimeter. What I saw when I examined him was repulsive. It had spread wider and had been clearly infected. It was black and seemed to be filled with a puss-like substance. I couldn't understand how this had happened. It was sterillised and bandaged. I began to examine his eyes. Thats when I heard the screams. I left Jacob and rushed towards the screams. I didn't know what to expect, but it wasn't this. Three bodies of the deceased were up and walking. They were exhibiting the exact same behaviour as the previous test subjects. Thats when I called another evacuation. It was too late though. As I turned around to leave facility Jacob stood blocking my path, then another one of the patients, and another, and another. They were moving slower than the original test subjects, but slowly speeding up. I hit the alarms and everyone began to try and evacuate. Some ran passed me and into the masses blocking our exit. I took this chance and ran. Once more I didn't decontaminate, once more I didn't shut doors, once more I didn't try to contain the situation. I left the centre as once more two armed guards raced down towards the thirty two reanimated blood thirsty corpses devouring my colleagues and pursuing me. A few shots were fired, then there were a few more screams. So I ran. Right out of the building, into my company issued car and left the complex. I drove faster and faster away from the unit and out of the city. I collected all the food and water and fuel I could carry and drove off into the distance leaving behind an impending dissaster.


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