The Setup

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/Editor's notes/
/I know about the shortage of names, and it can get pretty confusing with no names, but they will be introduced later, I tried my best to make it make sence. And also sorry for my grammar, Im sure most things I write will sound dumb, so just put what I got wrong on acomment and I will change it/

Now the actual summary:
How would you feel if you woke up in a truck, with no memory of who you were, only a odd dream? How would you feel if that truck them had a accident and you found yourself in the middle of the desert with a bunch of lunatics? I dont know about you, but this is how it how it happened to me.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Setup

Submitted: July 26, 2014

Reads: 52

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Submitted: July 26, 2014



Its dark, my birthday is tomorrow, huh? I hear a bang downstairs, no point in investigating, probably the wind. CRASH!
Wow, maybe a plate, seems like my parents didn't wake up, then ill go clean it, who would want to step on the broken plate? It would definitely hurt. Better grab my trusty flashlight, it would be ironic for me to step on the plate, wouldn't like to miss my tenth birthday. I go through the hallway of the tiny apartment to find the light in the kitchen still on. Whats that behind the table, blood? I hear a creak behind me, I turn around, there is a man holding a baseball bat, wait, is that my baseball bat? And is that dad?
"Happy birthday!" He says as he swings the bat at me.

I wake up, I can hear the roar of a engine, were are am I? I turn and I see a girl sleeping on the ground next to me, probably a teen as me. I look around, five people counting me, interesting, I am tied down, more perplexing still, who am I? It seems we are on a truck of some sort... The girl next to me wakes up, drooling, at least she had a pleasant dream it seems.

"Where am I?" She asks, with a sleepy voice. She doesn't know as well, interesting, probably we were drugged or something? Have to get some info from her, smoothly though.

"Do you remember something, anything?" Damn, why did I say that? If she finds out... I got to try to get her on the situation calmly, or something, it would be a madhouse if she freaked out, waking up the others that way would be fatal.

"Um... No..." She says not moving, good, if I can keep her sleepy then I can ease her on this scenario, come to think of it, how am I not affected by this? Meh, must be adrenaline, but I don't feel it, weird. She is wearing a black bodysuit, come to think of it, I am wearing that also, how did they put this on us? That thought sent a chill down my spine, better to not think about it. What do I say to her? Anything I say would make her notice her loss of memory.

"So, how are you feeling?" Hope I don't screw this up.

"Um... Sleepy? Kinda, um..." What, she went back to sleep? Well that was weird, good now that she is back asleep, but weird. What a carefree girl.
What was that? What is happening? The place is starting to turn violently! If I wasn't tied up I would try to grab something, dammit what do I do!? At this rate Ill end unconscious...

Huh? I blacked out, the engine stopped, probably the truck stopped too, I am still tied up, what are my ropes made of?! My head hurts, maybe its bleeding, but I cant look or touch my head, my hands are tied behind my back, unlucky. Is one of the walls opening? Its a door, I knew this was a truck. Where is that girl I met before? I scouted the back of the truck, covered with blood, seems this accident was bigger than expected, there she is on the corner. She looks like she is waking up, finally.

"Hey, where are we now?" She said again, is she unaffected by all this, well I cant rebut her, Im unaffected too.

"No clue" Better not give details until I know I can trust her.

"What happened?" She said as she looked around, wait, is she licking the blood around her mouth? Probably my imagination, the doors are still not open, maybe they are heavy, what kind of truck is this? The people opening the doors are using the same bodysuit as ours, there are three people, two males, and a female, the man with blond hair and pale green eyes has a blade, he must be in charge, better get some information.

"Where are we?" I ask.

"Some desert it seems" He answered as he cuts of my ropes, I touched my wrists, how long have I been with them tied? Felt like a eternity. The guy seems to trust me, I wouldn't act like them, I would interrogate myself first, cant determine if he is smart or a moron.
"So how many are alive?" He asked, I looked around, it was almost astounding the mess of a place this was, blood and bodies covered the walls in almost an artistic mix.

"Apart from that girl and me, no clue if anyone else is alive" I looked at the girl, she got up after they cut her free she started stretching, the people searching the bodies didn't even flinch at the sight of this horrible accident, what kind of people are this?
"So how many are still with us?" I asked after it looked like they had finished scanning the area.

"By the looks of it, only you two, with the rest of the survivors on the other trucks, it sums nine of us" So there were more trucks, interesting.

"How many trucks were there?"

"Four trucks, if I remember correctly, with five passengers in each truck" So the casualties are around half of us, no point in staying here, unless one of the dead has some item, but that is unlikely, probably those people would have taken it by now.

"So any plan?" I asked before heading outside the truck, the blinding light stunned me momentarily, and the heat of the blazing sun made clear its presence, the guy was right, I cant see anything but plain desert everywhere I look, except a rather weird looking dome in the distance, have the others noticed this? There were actually four trucks, one had exploded, probably the sound I heard before, the other trucks seem to had crashed in a giant mess, the blood and the metal were almost one, dripping from almost everywhere you looked.

"Nothing pretty solid, still checking all the bodies, burying them and such. Oh! I almost forgot, have you lost your memory too?" So they too, then all of us have been brainwashed, or something of the sort. Everyone is wearing those black bodysuits, taking out the bodies from the trucks and searching them, personally I think that is a waste of time, but the blond guy has a knife so, maybe its worth it.

"It seems so" Still don't know if I can trust them, as I started to ponder this, his head exploded and a gunshot ringed in the air, did I just see the blond man die?! I feel on my back shocked, I looked at the man, he was definitely dead, a pool of blood forming around his mess of a head. I looked at the shooter, a girl with a black bodysuit, on of us.

"What the hell lady?!" One man screamed, he was bald and had lots of tattoos, almost looks like a sketched stereotype, this is going to get interesting, I looked at the girl from my truck, she was close to the guy with tattoos, she looked at me, I don't know how, but we coordinated a escape, the most logical place to go would be that dome, its our only shot, but we have to wait until we are clear to go. The gunman looked at the guy with tattoos, pointing the gun at him, a crowd had gathered around here, probably everyone that survived is out here, I can count eight, where is the ninth one?

"Don't you dare move, you listen to me! We are all screwed, sooner or later we will die, Im here to make the process faster, to cleanse you from your sins, that is why we are a gathered here by the way" So that is why... "Im supposed to be here to monitor the process, and check it goes as planned, but I cant continue doing this madness. So, I killed the truck's drivers and created this massive wreck. And so, everyone will die, now" As soon as she finished her sentence she shot the guy with tattoos right through the eyes. "Who will come next?" She is definitely crazy, but apparently so are we.

"To bad I have to kill you, you were a good shot" Who is that? Suddenly a man appeared behind the gunman and stabbed her, with what? I turned to see where the blond's knife went, probably that man took it, how did he do it so fast? The man kicked the gunman and she fell to the ground, the man had short green hair which contrasted significantly with the blood covering him, and a pair of glasses.

"Welcome to hell" Was that, the gunman? The man looked at the gunman's hand, and turns at the rest.

"You never run out of tricks do you? Everybody, she has just activated a explosive, it takes some time to explode, but when it does, it will do the trick, what are you people waiting for. Run" A general chaos starts between the survivors, and everyone is running into every direction, some are just stationary, like the girl from my truck. The man with green hair looks at me and points at the girl. "Grab her and follow me" I usually don't like being told what to do, but in this scenario, he seems to have more experience, so I will accept this for now.

"Hey lets go!" I say to the girl. She sits there motionless, but after two seconds she stands as if nothing had ever happened. "Okey!" We follow the man, he is heading towards the dome, so he truly is a smart one, no one appears to be following us, they are probably dead, considering the situation, what a bunch of idiots.

The explosion was just as the green haired guy described, we managed to get far away from the blast radius, I can see no one else. I am still wrapping my head around the idea that the gunman was actually here to supervise, while acting like one of us, how can I know if my party has no other intruder, although I recall some sort of special interaction between the green haired guy and the gunman, I have to keep an eye on him. Damn, what is happening?

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