A Piece of Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 14 (v.1) - Chapter XIV

Submitted: April 02, 2011

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Submitted: April 02, 2011



You’re Candice Richardson. You love your grandma more than you love your own father. Candice, I have no amnesia. I didn’t forget my promise and I didn’t forget you even if I tried. For nearly three years of trying to forget you and there I... found myself facing you now, telling you that I lied. We left Allentown for a year and we came back, but I promised to myself that I won’t go near to you again. So, I found Abigail and tried to love her but I couldn’t. When that day came I couldn’t stop myself but to follow you, until I had the guts to talk to you and act I had amnesia. My mom prohibited me to talk to you, but I insisted. It was her plan and she was expecting that you’ll surrender but you didn’t. We even get closer.”
“Why Adam? Why did you do this to me? Why now? Why you let the day passed?”
“I don’t want to lose you; it’s the only way I can go near to you. I didn’t expect you’re still waiting.”

“Why?” I stuttered in pain.

“Father…father was not in jail. He’s dead. He was killed by someone after we left Allentown. Still, I didn’t break my promise right?”

“Go out. GO OUT!”

Adam stepped back and left me. The piece that I waited for years betrayed my trust. Adam lied. Adam has no amnesia. He remembered everything and I seemed like a fool, a foolish woman who believed in his shenanigans. I sunk my face into my cold hands and weep.

Job was the richest man of the East.

Satan was the most wicked of all wicked.

And, God was the forgiving Father and the source of everything.

One cold day, God was facing into a bonfire during His visitation in the world he created, and then the wicked Satan came out from the tongues of flame with a wide grin in his face. God stayed calm, unsurprised and stolid.

“Seems no one believes you know,” Satan sneered, trying to annoy the Almighty Father..

“Why you said that? Well in fact there’s still one man who is faithful than anyone else. He’s still with me.”

“Really? Soon he won’t believe in you if he suffers just like what others are experiencing! They’ll stop praying and believing when they’ll start to struggle and lost their hope.”

“I can assure you that his faith is unwavering. Job is faithful to me. Go and test his faith, but you should not kill him. You can do everything you want to do, except killing Job.”

Satan vanished and the fire turned into smoke. God smiled for he knew Job’s faith is immeasurable. The demon started to make Job struggle to test his faith. He made a famine in Job’s land and killed every animal he had for living, but still Job prayed to God. Next, his three children died and Job’s wife left him for she thinks he’s going crazy. Still, his faith to God remained. Satan took out his wealth and his friends who were there for him left him knowing they can no longer get something from Job. Job’s faith shimmered like a star in the night. Satan didn’t surrender until he gave Job an incurable disease, leprosy. So he was avoided and his flesh was slowly eaten by the worms.

“I still believe in you dear God,” Job said, and the worm fell out from his filthy dying skin. He took it back and placed it to his skin for he believed his flash was the only way that those worms can survived.

Satan surrendered and Job proved his faith to God. The Almighty Father was so proud and so he healed Job’s illness and slowly Job saw the light beyond the dark trial. He was tested and he didn’t fail.

His faith stood above everything.

Faith was his only piece that remained in him and it never brought him down.

My eyes shed its painful tears, tears that turned into shard little rocks. There was pain in every beating of my heart, and I was frozen. I wondered what should I do, I felt lifeless, helpless and hopeless. I wanted to slap his face before he left but I couldn’t move. I wondered why I can’t do it. I wondered why I just stood and gaze at the closed door.

He has no amnesia.

Everything about him became imperfect in my wet eyes. I felt I was lost in the midst of the journey, in the middle of the forest, in some place where there was no light to see.

My phone rang, vibrating in my pocket. I slowly took it with my trembling hand.

“Jon,” I go.

“I just met Adam in the street, crying. I’m coming; just stay put and stop crying.”

“I’m okay.”

“I feel that there’s something wrong Candice,” he said and there was a long silence, “now open the door.”

There was a knock. I walked to open it.

“I said I’m okay, I’m fine.” But then, I hugged him.

“Hush…its okay and you looked terrible like you paintings.”

I blew my nose using my hanky, and smiled at him/her.

Before I came into my senses and collect myself. I and Jon were lying together in my bed, my head on his chest while he gracefully combed my hair using his fingers. He smelled like honey from Victoria’s Secret and I smelled lamentation from Adam’s Perfume.

“Higher expectation leads to painful failures,” he said.

“Says from the experienced expert,” I replied.

“Sarcastic, failure, broken-hearted girl, don’t think that you can handle such situations as this. Adam lied to you and that’s it. He lied, he cheated and I guess you’re wondering what to do now.”

Silence came, and I felt the warmth of his chest.

“Give your life a space, a wide space. Sorry if we’ll be leaving you, but don’t worry I’ll bring a guy from London just for you.”

“Thanks for your concern, but I want to be alone for now. No more love life.”

“I’ll just call to check if you’re okay. Uncle Georgina might get worried.”

I nodded.

I was right about everything will go: my artworks, my work, and above all is the person I loved.



Jon left me, but he left me something I’ll treasure and that his love. Though we fought, he showed me a brotherly/motherly love from a sisterly heart of Jon.

A real man will always opposed to woman.

He lives in clutters while I live in organized room…

He likes to keep quiet when I wanted to fight…

He rather go left when I told him to go right…

He rather goes wrong than right…

He rather makes noise when I wanted to behave…

But still I wonder why opposites attract?

© Copyright 2020 Joseph Dazo. All rights reserved.


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